The Ultimate Blue Seal Chapter 1 1

Chapter 1: Team Hu Vs. Daddy Su Part 1

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The sky is gloomy and snowy. The northwest wind is like a wounded beast, sobbing.

The corners of the eyes of those standing in the wind were blushing. Over 70% of the countries in the world lowered their flags on this day, and the death knell seemed to resound over the entire world, wafting endlessly.

This is also... the first snow this winter.

The truth of utopia has been "selectively" revealed. The list of victims who died in this war has been broadcast by major TV stations. The matter is over. It is meaningless to pursue the truth. For most people, they just need to remember. Just live in the names of those heroes and continue to love life and love Lafang with the power of grief and anger.

The news was broadcast live on this extremely high-spec funeral. Su Chengde was sitting on the sofa holding Tu Tutu. The heating in the living room was very good. Snow flakes hit the window lattice, blocking the wind and snow outside. The warm people were about to fall asleep. Up.

Tu Tutu became abnormally silent. Su Chengde put a hand on his back and patted it like smoothing a small animal.

Tu Tutu clung to Su Chengdes arm, rubbed it with his small head, and said like a little adult: "Oh my god, I can rest assured this time-yes, grandpa, the emperor calls in the morning Said to come back for dinner in the evening."

Su Chengde asked, "What can you worry about?"

Tu Tutu said, "You dont need to hide away. I will be asked later. What about your child and your parents? I can tell him seriously that they are dedicated to the cause of anti-terrorism. If you ask me something, I dont have to hide. It's tucked."

The place where the chip tower exploded was very close to Su Qing and the others. Everyone was more or less affected and sent to the hospital for observation for a period of time. Su Qing didn't know how to write the word "obedient", and moved in the day before. , I slipped out and returned home that night, and Su Chengde let go of his hanging heart.

The days of blockade, emergency announcements, and the news that was rolled afterwards made the old man very uneasy. He vaguely felt that there was no news of Su Qing's disappearance. It was related to these people and these things, but Su Qing returned last time. Home, before I had time to say a few words, I was found home by a group of military doctors and taken away.

Later, several people came back with him in a hurry. They only put aside some things he used frequently. They said that they would go home and spend time with them on weekends, but the tea was not cold yet, and they were called away by a call who didnt know where it came from. Up.

Two days ago, another group of people came over and put down a bunch of commendations, condolences to the family of the heroes, and followed reporters.

Su Chengde was surprised to find that he did not know when he became a "hero family".

So Su Chengde asked calmly, "That's...what's going on?"

Su Chengde tried to use this little devil's words many times, but he discovered that this little bunny, who had not yet entered junior high school, was really a monkey spirit, and he was tricked by him every time. Su Chengde only raised one child, Su Qing. He always thought that the normal intelligence of a child should be the same as when his second son was a child. In comparison, he was surprised to find that Tu Tutus IQ was indeed higher than the average age. .

Tu Tutu sat cross-legged on the sofa, and began to talk about the gray house, about the parents who suddenly disappeared somehow, about the strange uncle who hung himself up like a field mouse, and about himself. How were they entrusted to Su Qing, how did they run out of that big tall building, how did they meet Grandpa Ji, how did they change their names one by one and wander around.

Su Chengde thought he had crossed. He stared at the little boy with a round head and round brain in amazement. He suddenly realized that his son had been lost for so many years... he almost couldn't find it.

At this time, Tu Tutu suddenly pulled Su Chengde: "Grandpa, grandpa, look, it's the emperor and the others!"

The camera on the TV turned, and then the crowd became commotion. The reporters leaned forward like a swarm. Several shots flashed back and forth, and an off-road vehicle was slowly stopped not far away.

Tu Tutu said happily: "I know that car. Where have I been."

Before he recovered, Su Chengde looked at the screen with Tu Tutu and saw the car door opened, and five men and a woman jumped out of it. The hosts excited voice rang. Su Chengde felt that he hadnt heard a word clearly. He just watched them get out of the car. The crowd made way for them. Someone saluted, and Su Qing was wrapped in He was wearing a pair of big sunglasses in a well-fitting coat, but Su Chengde still recognized him effortlessly.

His back is not bent, and his gestures in return are clean and neat. Very stable, only when he lowered his eyes, a hint of sharpness was faintly revealed.

This is my sonSu Chengde felt a little fuzzy in front of him, so he could not help but secretly wiped a tear from his eyes. Then he glanced at Tu Tutu with embarrassment, and saw that the little guy was still there. Only then did he relax.

"Is this kid promising?" Su Chengde said in a nonchalant tone. However, he was sulking again, thinking that he was still an unfilial thing. If such a big incident happened, even a trace of wind was not given to the family. , I simply don't take him as an old man in his eyes.

Holding a bunch of flowers in Qin Luo's arms, she stepped forward two steps, leaned over and placed in front of the huge monument, and then the zero-return team saluted the brand-new monument.

When leaving the venue, the reporters who had been waiting for a long time rushed in. Su Chengde found that his son, who could not speak much before, naturally stood up and took the bombardment of this group of people. It was like an official speech. Like people, they speak very decently.

"It looks like a dog-it's still not enough." Su Chengde commented disdainfully, and then asked Tu Tutu after a while, "Tutu, is there a rebroadcast of this news at night? Remind grandpa to record it."

Tu Tutu nodded obediently, and when Su Chengde turned around contentedly, he grinned silently.

In fact, Su Qing did not stand up by himself. When the reporters came around, he was pushed out by Lu Qingbai and Fang Xiu without any warning. Then he had to keep his fake appearance. Smiling for more than an hour, during which time he was asked to pose in various poses for taking pictures, he felt that his face was almost frozen into a mummy. When he finally escaped to prepare for the post-autumn settlement, he realized that the gang of **** had already coaxed without pressure. And scattered.

Passing the corner, a car honked the horn. When Su Qing turned around, she found Hu Bugui popping up from the car window and beckoning him. Su Qing hummed up and said, "Even if you still have a conscience. ."

Hu Bugui smoothly rubbed his hair wet by the snow, and carefully drove out of the car: "Will you come to dinner with me tonight?"

"Uh..." Su Qing paused, "I may have to go home."

He glanced at Hu Bugui inexplicably, and was silent for a long time before explaining, "I fell out with my dad because of..., so..."

"I know." Hu Bugui nodded, "Then I will send you there."

Su Qing lowered his head, feeling very sorry for him.

What embarrassed him the most was that Hu Buguian did not drive the car to his door very thoughtfully, but stopped two blocks away: "You can get off here, and you can buy something for the house and go back. , I will go back."

"Back to headquarters?"


The snow outside seemed to be heavier. Su Qing took a look, and almost blocked her sight. There was a layer of white gas on the windows of the car, and the heating in the car was sufficient. Hu Bugui rolled up his sleeves a bit. Su Qing didn't get out of the car, and the side of the bandage underneath was still exposed. Su Qing moved over to pull Hu Bugui's collar and bowed his head and kissed him.

Hu Bugui knows this very well. Although he is not good at talking, he has also learned how to deal with Su Qing. Basically, the more "sensible" he is, the more considerate he is, and the more guilty Su Qing feels, so he enjoys it. Catching Su Qing's pressing body, he dragged his waist with one hand, and put the other on his back, and he was awkward for a while.

Su Qing's slightly pointed nose pressed against his side face and sighed lowly: "I'm sorry, I will go back and talk to him slowly."

Hu Bugui silently patted him on the back: "Okay, let's go back."

Su Qing got up, looked at him with a complicated expression, and Hu Bugui pulled a thicker cotton coat from the back seat and wrapped it around him.

Su Qing buckled his hat and got out of the car, and ran to the supermarket not far away. Just when he was about to walk to the entrance of the supermarket, he turned his head in a ghostly manner and found that Hu Bugui hadnt left yet, and the wiper brush got out of the car A small piece of transparent glass came from the window. Hu Bugui was sitting in the driver's seat with his elbows on one side. He was staring at his back motionlessly. He turned his head and showed a slightly fuzzy smile.

Su Qing paused, and suddenly he took a deep breath, walked back, yanked the car door, and grabbed Hu Bugui's hand: "Go, follow me to the supermarket, don't go back, live at my house today."

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