The Ultimate Blue Seal Chapter 2 2

Chapter 2: General Hu Pk Supreme Emperor Part 2

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As soon as he opened the door, Tu Tutu threw himself into Su Qing's arms. Even though he was more than ten years old, Su Qing could still throw him up without much effort: "Have you troubled Grandpa?"

"How could it be?" Tu Tutu said shyly, "I am the most knowledgeable."

Was slapped on the butt.

Su Chengde was surprised to find that Su Qing also brought a person back. When Hu Bugui came in with large bags and small bags, and greeted politely, he nodded slightly disappointed, seeing that there was no image. Su Qing, who was fighting around with Tu Tutu, thought to herself, when can this little **** bring a girl back?

Why is it that the **** guys get it back every time?

Su Qing knew what his father was entangled with when he glanced at his eyes. With a dry cough, he stood up and his brother hooked Hu Bugui's shoulders and introduced, "That old man is my dad, dad, this is our boss."

Hu Bugui said, "Hello, uncle, my name is Hu Bugui."

"Oh!" The boss? The boss was okay, and Su Chengde immediately smiled, "Team Hu, I've heard of it. Don't be polite, sit down and sit down."

Hu Bugui sat down straight, and Su Qing said with a hippie smile: "The snow outside is too big, my car didn't come back, so I asked Team Hu to take it off. If the headquarters is too far away, let him come and stay overnight. "

Su Chengde quickly expressed a warm welcome.

Tu Tutu followed up with fun: "Grandpa, Hu is a hero."

He even blushed from the motionless Hu team.

"That's that." Su Qing said, "Dad, we can open the door to sleep tonight. He is there to ward off evil spirits."

"Fuck you! Can talk people or not? I can't say shut up!" Su Chengde scolded his son for never giving a good face, and then when he turned to Hu Bugui, a stern Yasha face immediately smiled again. Chrysanthemum, "Team Hu, don't be cautious, just treat this as your own home. Our **** are always causing you trouble outside, right?"

"Su Qing is pretty good," Hu Bugui said, then he glanced at Su Qing and added, "It's just that sometimes he doesn't follow discipline."

"What? Disobedience?!" Su Chengde furiously slapped Su Qing on the back of his head and scolded him, "How can you not be disciplined when you are a soldier? Obeying orders is a bounden duty, do you understand a bounden duty?"

Su Qing pursed his mouth, saying that he was silent.

Su Chengde sat face to face with Hu Bugui, Su Qing occupied a corner of the sofa, lowered his head to play with his mobile phone, Tu Tutu looked at this and then looked at that, thinking that General Hu and Grandpa Su successfully played a "student naughty" Trick or treat, the teachers home visits to complain". For the first time, I saw the regent, a bully so aggrieved, and I was so exasperated that I almost forgot what my last name was.

Then he finally got his wish and heard the most classic sentence. Su Chengde boldly said to Hu Bugui: "My son, he was busy when he was a child, and he didnt have time to take care of him by himself, so the nanny knew he was used to it. Up to now, its very unremarkable. If he is not honest, you can teach him directly, and its okay to slap and kick both feet."

Hu Bugui glanced at Su Qing with a weird expression. Su Qing seemed to have a sharp heart. He pulled his head out of the hot sliced fruit, grinned and made a grimace. Hu Bugui then smiled lightly. .

Su Chengde felt that he was a little nervous. He suddenly felt that his prodigal son and Captain Hu were a bit... eyebrows, so he frightened.

Su Chengde's suspicion, coupled with Su Qing's previous conviction, made Su Chengde heed, and the more he looked at it, the more he felt something was wrong.

For example, he found that although the verbal communication between Hu Bugui and Su Qing was not much, they had a special tacit understanding. Basically, a look in the eyes and a very small gesture that no one else could notice could be regarded as a conversation between the two of them. Of course, its okay. Su Chengde comforted himself that they were comrades in arms, and they were carrying guns together for their lives. How could it be possible without a little understanding?

But why are you talking so close? Su Qing, what do you have to say that can't be honest? The mouth is stuck to the ears, OK! Still laugh! Still laughed so ambiguously!

Then when the two of them entered the kitchen to help serve dishes, Su Chengde clearly saw that Su Qings fingers were accidentally stained with the vegetable soup that was tilted out, Hu Bugui helped him wipe it... This comrade-in-arms relationship is good, but If you want to wipe it, just wipe it well. There are so many hand towels and napkins in the kitchen and dining room. He actually licked it with his tongue!

Su Chengde saw Su Qing raising his head with some guilty conscience and glanced here, and immediately pretended that he hadn't seen several bowls of chopsticks. He only felt that his head had become a big teapot, and puffed white smoke from the top of his head.

His son is no longer extravagant, no waste, no more grains of rice when he eats, no more ignorance, and now he looks back like a prodigal son, appearing before him in a reborn image, Su Chengde originally felt that the world is no longer in the world. There is nothing more complete than this.

But his problems, both large and small, have been corrected, but this is the only thing left... the most unacceptable thing for Su Chengde has not changed!

So the atmosphere of "home visits to naughty students" began to trot all the way towards a certain awkward situation. Until the evening, Su Chengde appeared absent-minded, pretending to be a very qualified host, but his eyes could not help being secretly in Su. Turning back and forth between Qing and Hu Bugui, when others didn't see it, the expression on his face would become tangled and relieved, as if a sine function fluctuates and tends to be endless.

The good days of Tu Tutu unfortunately disappeared after the regent's glorious return. The Supreme Emperor can usually be used as a target. But now, although the Supreme Emperor is tuned like that, he is too busy with his son. Discussing the child's education, so his majesty was rushed back to the house to do his homework.

The TV in the living room was on wow wow wow. After the news, the TV series started. The three people sitting on the sofa had one mind, and no one watched it. Suddenly, Hu Bugui softly said, "It happens that Su Qing is back today. Home, his personal information and family background still need to be improved. Uncle Su can help him in some places, fill it in by the way, and save trouble later."

Su Chengde returned to his senses, nodded, and drew out a pen from under the coffee table.

Su Qing didn't know what Hu Bugui's idea was, but saw that Hu Bugui took out a large number of documents from one side of the bag, a thick dozen, and said that he was asked to fill out a form, but a table was set up. He didnt find the watch either. Hu Bugui didnt know how many things he had clipped with a clip. Su Qing couldnt help but tidy it up for him. He thought he was a neat and attentive person, how could he get this thing away. Is it so messy?

Hu Bugui avoided his hand: "It's okay. Recently, a lot of things have been rebuilt. It's a bit messy. It will be fine after a while."

When he hid like this, the clip was not properly clamped, and a few sheets of paper floated out, just under the feet of Su Chengde.

Su Chengde naturally bent down to help him pick it up. At first glance, it was not a person's thing that was dropped. There were written forms, unfilled forms, and photos posted. Then he turned to the last piece of paper. , I was stunned.

It is a suicide note, handwritten, signed by Su Qing.

Su Qing caught a glimpse, and immediately felt that it was wrong, and quickly picked it up again, picked it up hastily, glared at Hu Bugui, and vaguely knew what the boring **** was doing.

Su Chengde was hit so hard that he exploded his hair before he could react. He immediately raised his eyebrows and raised his eyes: "What are you grabbing? Bring it over and show me!"

"Don't, this thing looks unlucky. I said, Dad, don't take it seriously. It's common practice to have a manpower in the headquarters. It doesn't make sense, right? Hu's team?" Su Qing touched Hu Bugui with his knee. Now, this sentence is actually true.

Hu Bugui also nodded in agreement, but when he nodded, he didn't look up at the people. He clearly looked like "It's hard to tell the truth in front of the family, and just fool around to save others from worrying." Su Qing stomped on him vigorously under the table, thinking that no one taught this, and Shi Bie couldn't understand it after three days of admiration.

Hu Bugui accepted this kick expressionlessly, then turned out the part that needed Su Chengde's help to fill in, and at a speed of wind and wind, he cleaned up all the mess on the table, as if he...really Not intentionally the same.

Su Chengde was even more dazed. Hu Bugui was allowed to live in the guest room at night. He washed and lay on the bed, but couldn't sleep. When he closed his eyes, he seemed to be able to see Su Qing's line a little scribbled. "If there is any misfortune, please take care of my father. It is not easy to have such an unfilial son in my life, thank you very much.

Xu was getting old, and Su Chengde had long lost the ability to chill his heart when he was young, and his heart was sour that he almost cried with discomfort.

He sat up, turned on the lamp, picked up the picture frame from the bedside table, and looked at the family of three on it. At that time, Su Qing was still a little kid who didn't know the height of the sky. Su Chengde crouched on the edge of the bed, crying. It really fell on the photo frame, hitting the face of the smiling woman.

"Bijun, I tell you, my son is back." While talking to himself, he carefully wiped away the tears from the frame with his fingers, feeling the forever young woman's gaze through the transparent frame, shooting She was sitting next to him as it was in his heart, like she did many years ago, with few words, but she knew everything and understood everything.

"What should I do? My child, what do you think I should do?"

Su Chengde sat under the dim light of the bedside lamp for an unknown period of time, then wiped his face, stood up, went to the bathroom attached to the bedroom to look in the mirror, straightened his waist, and gave himself a serious expression. , And then quietly walked out of the room and knocked on the door of the room.

The next day Su Qing came together in the morning, and she keenly felt that something was wrongSu Chengde looked at his expression even more tangled, and he thought with a little fright, it might not be what Lao Hu said to him last night. ? Su Qing started to regret the decision to make Hu not return home for a while, feeling that it was really a bad idea.

Just when they had breakfast and were about to leave, at the gate of Su's house, Hu Bugui blatantly pulled the scarf on the coat rack, under the old man's eyelids, carefully tied him around his neck, and gathered him. Coat. Su Qing was taken aback, and hurriedly took a big step back, turning his head to look at Su Chengde like the Dongchuang incident, only to find that the old man's face was dark, so he sent them out casually.

Until she got in the car, Su Qing still couldn't react, and couldn't help asking: "This...old man is..."

"Oh," Hu Bugui said very lightly, "you slept last night, and I chatted with him."

The face of Su Qing, who was not afraid of the sky, fully told Hu Bugui that he was frightened.

"What did you... tell him?"

Hu Bugui glanced at him in the mirror, looked at his expression, and suddenly felt a strange sense of accomplishment in his heart.

"Nothing, he is your dad, everything else is imaginary. If you are good, it is his greatest wish." Hu Bugui said, "I just made him believe that I am a more reliable person, and I can barely meet the requirements. To satisfy his greatest wish."

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