The Ultimate Blue Seal Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Small Gray

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Just after Su Qing was carried away by two kidnappers who didnt know which planet came from, the door of his house, which was originally unclosed, was pushed open again by unknown elements. The one who pushed the door was a vigorous young man. Wearing a jacket with the zipper open, revealing the looming outline of two guns on his waist.

Behind the young man was a girl who was very tall with a ponytail.

The door was originally open, and it opened automatically with a single tap. There was no one inside. The young man took out the gun and gestured to the girl. The two walked in one after the other and searched around. people.

The young man frowned and said to the watch on his wrist: "Team Hu, Qin and I have arrived. There is no one, the door is open."

After a while, Hu Bugui's voice came from the "watch": "Received."

The two retired again in silence.

Su Qing woke up again, his eyes were pale again when he opened his eyes, he was stunned for a moment, and suddenly bounced - remembering, this was kidnapped. The kidnapper threw him into a small room with no windows, did not tie him, and lowered his head again. There were a lot of clothes on him, and the thirty-two yuan and fifty cents of change in his trouser pocket were still there.

Su Qing sniffed--still really caught a cold, got up, swallowed saliva, and began to count sheep in her heart in a desperate manner, as if this trick was not only about hypnosis, but also calming down.

Not to mention, it's really useful. When he counted to thirty-eight, Su Qing's brain, which hadn't worked for a long time, finally picked up his job with difficulty. He played exceptionally in a difficult situation, resisted fear, and began to look around and ponder. According to their own situation.

Suddenly, there was a little movement above his head. Su Qing looked up and saw a monitor in the corner of the wall. As he walked around in the small room, he swayed left and right like a shadow, like a pair hidden in the dark. eye.

Su Qing cleared his throat, stood facing the monitor, squeezed a smile behind his hands, and said sincerely: "Big buddy, I'm just an unemployed young man, no family or career, no crimes, no tax evasion. Tax evasion, even fighting was three or four years ago...Of course, it has nothing to do with the majority of police officers..."

He thought, regardless of the person who kidnapped him, the relationship between the two sides should be cleared up. This is a little clever. When Su Qing is nervous, he talks a lot, as if talking non-stop can relieve the symptoms of calf cramps. , Continue to verbalize: "Then...look, is there any misunderstanding here? I promise, whether it's the big brother who knocked me out or the big brother wearing sunglasses, I didn't see clearly what he looked like. Even if you see clearly, you wont talk around, look at my sincere eyes!"

As he spoke, he moved closer to the monitor. The monitor had no sound reinforcement function, but just stared at him coldly.

Su Qing scratched his hair, racked his brains and thought for a while, and suddenly realized: "Oh...its not because of my dad? Oh, you are so wrong about that. How many stinks does my dad have? Money, but it has nothing to do with me. The old man and I have severed the relationship between father and son for two years. His old man has already let out a word, saying that even if I kick my legs and die, he will not cry for me. You kidnapped me and asked him. The ransom is useless, he would like someone to clean the door for himah, of course, I didnt mean to let you..."

Su Qing's nonsense came to an abrupt end, because the door of the small cell opened and two men walked in one after another.

The one in front was a middle-aged man in a suit with a square face and triangular eyes. He looked fiercely when looking at people, and behind him was a gentle man with glasses on the bridge of his nose.

Su Qing was stunned and reacted, knowing that these two were the robber brothers.

I watched a lot of Hong Kong and Taiwan police movies, and my mind immediately reflected a sentenceit's over, they didn't blindfold me. Generally, there is only one unlucky end who saw what the kidnapper looks like. The ticket was torn.

Then Su Qing made a subconscious movement. He covered his eyes and turned his head away: "I didn't see anything. Haha, I have a problem with my eyes. I shed tears when I see the bright light. Ouch, I burst into tears. , I never saw what you look like."

The man with glasses laughed as if he couldn't help but laughed. He didn't look like a bad person anymore. He was gentle, handsome and looked like a young university teacher, but the square-faced man next to him gave a cold snort and opened his mouth: "Honestly, ask you what to say, then **** will kill you."

Su Qing nodded like garlic: "Yes, you have the final say."

"What is your relationship with the Jackal, and what is the relationship with the gang of dog **** in the Zero Team?"

Su Qing didn't dare to let go of the hand covering his face, she was silly when she heard: "Big brother, brother, who are you talking about? What team?"

The man wearing glasses gently pushed his glasses and asked patiently: "Who is the man who left the hotel with you this morning and opened the door for you?"

Su Qing blurted out: "Let me go, don't bring such a one-night stand in a bar, can you have an accident? I, I have nothing to do with that, that thing, really, look at my sincere eyes !"

When he got excited, he forgot to cover his eyes, put his hands down, and saw that the person wearing the glasses looked like a smile but not a smile. He felt cold, and immediately raised his hands again: "My eyes are more than a thousand degrees, forget If you wear glasses, you still have a little glaucoma, it doesn't work, you three don't worry."

In order to win the trust of others, he deliberately said a wrong number...

The square-faced man frowned: "Hu Bugui?"

"Nine out of ten are pseudonyms." The man wearing glasses said, as if looking up and down Su Qing with great interest.

The square-faced man asked in a low voice, "Is he true that nonsense?"

"Really big brother, it's more real than the tip of a needle!" Su Qing screamed.

The man with glasses glanced at him, and slowly judged: "It should be true, at least from his emotions, I can't feel any signs of lying.

The square-faced man seemed to be in a very bad mood, and he cursed in a low voice: "My mother, finally he was adorned with a jackal alone, and he found out again. Tell the man named Gui, next time he dares to attack the snake, Lao Tzu He chopped it to feed the dog."

The person wearing the glasses did not answer, Su Qing listened tremblingly on the side, not daring to make a sound, lest the eldest brother chop himself up to feed the dog, both legs are almost soft into noodles, barely supporting Regarding his weight, the square-faced man cursed for a while, pointed at Su Qing and said to the man wearing glasses, "This is useless, let's deal with it."

Su Qing was so scared that her heart stopped beating, but she heard the man wearing glasses smile slightly, walked over, pinched Su Qing's chin, and looked at him closely, her eyes seemed to be looking at the dog market. The puppy, looking critically at the quality of the breed, said: "Don't, since it's caught, don't waste it. It just so happens that Jiang Lan and I are short of'Little Gray', let's try it with him. "

The square-faced man snorted coldly, as if murmured something like "dead gay" in his mouth, and then he pressed a sentence: "Whatever you want." He turned and went out.

Su Qing said tremblingly: "Big Brother Da, if you let me go, I, I, I promise to go back and beg my dad, let him thank you, thank you, my dad is Su..."

The man with glasses stepped back, let go of him, and watched Su Qing sliding down the root of the wall with a look of confusion, tremblingly hugged himself into a ball, and interrupted him: "In the crowd, there are five points. One of the people can become a "little gray", if you become a "little gray", there is half the possibility of being able to match me... or a model of one of my companions, that is to say, you have ten The possible performance of one survives-what do you think?"

Not to mention what it means to "become a little gray", Su Qing had played gambling, but they were all for money, and had never played a life. He opened his eyes in horror and looked at the smiling man in front of him, like a dumb man. I cant say a word.

The man with glasses said slowly: "Of course, the decision is yours. I never persecute others. If you don't want to, I can kill you right now. It won't be very painful."

This democracy is too tolerant, Su Qing thought to herself, is it possible to achieve such a heroic achievement today?

Seeing him, the man still said nothing, so he stretched out a cold hand on his neck, tightened it slowly, and asked again: "What do you think?"

It is said that when people are about to die, they can recall the things of a lifetime. The man's hand is pinched and tightened. Su Qing slowly begins to feel a suffocation, but his mind is still blank, only a few of his dads are poking. The scenes where he cursed his forehead, guarded him fondly behind him, or the scenes where he was messing around with a bunch of friends, friends and Guo Julin carelessly, all seemed to be thin. Like a silhouette, it disappeared in a flash.

He thought that in his whole life, he had lived so thinly.

Su Qing suddenly felt unwilling. He raised his hand laboriously, and clasped the man's hand that was pinching his neck. With a dumb voice, he desperately uttered three words: "I...I answer... Should...cough cough cough cough!"

The corner of the man's mouth was raised, and he happily let go of him, watching Su Qing shrinking to the ground, coughing violently, and then patted his shoulder: "Then get up and follow me."

Su Qing staggered to get up, and behind the man, the spectacle-wearing man seemed to be not worried at all. He turned his back to Su Qing, put his hands in the pockets of his coat, and walked in a chic and relaxed manner. Su Qings throat hurts fiercely. He stared at the mans back, and for a moment, suddenly evil grew to the guts, thinking in his heart, if I suddenly jumped on now, I would follow the back of his head...

Who knows that at this moment, the man walking in front suddenly said without looking back: "Don't think about it, I just let you kill you without moving, you don't necessarily do anything to me."

Su Qing was startled, and the cold sweat broke down immediately. Thinking of the supernatural process when she was kidnapped, Xin said this was a mind reading technique? This group... or are they not people?

The man with glasses turned his head and smiled at him: "It is a good state of mind to keep people who are stronger than you in fear-if you can survive, you can tell me your name."

When he finished speaking, Su Qing suddenly felt a chill behind his back, and suddenly turned his head. He didn't know when to follow a woman behind him. A woman who looked good, but her eyes were like poisonous snakes. Look at him.

Su Qing's neck stiffened into a piece of wood, and her legs could not help but follow the man wearing glasses forward, but her neck remained in a ridiculous posture, twisted in a daze, staring at her back. The older sister who walks silently.

Mother...Is this the earth?

The woman asked: "This is the new'Little Gray'?"

The man wearing glasses said, "I don't know if it can be done yet."

The woman curled her lips and said a little dissatisfied: "I don't want this. At first glance, it looks like a white face smaller than a rabbit. The quality is too bad.

The person wearing glasses comforted and said, "You can do it, the puppies of the zero team are too active recently. The time for the next'feast' will come soon. You can't miss the'little gray' by your side. Don't be too picky. , I heard that one of your'Xiao Hui' had just died the day before yesterday. Now there is only one left in his hand?"

The woman snorted and said nothing.

Su Qing felt that the sentence just now was a bit like "I'm going to go hunting in the mountains soon. You can't miss the hounds by your side. Don't be too picky. One just died the day before yesterday. Now there is not one left."

Suddenly I felt the goose bumps jumped out.

The man with glasses stopped at the door of a room, grabbed Su Qing by the back of his neck, and pushed him in: "It's up to him to decide whether you can live or not."

Su Qing raised his head. There were several cold-faced white lab coats standing in the room. There was a hideous-looking instrument in the middle. A white lab coat put on a mask, looked at Su Qing, pointed to the middle of the instrument and said: You? Lie down."

Su Qing swallowed her saliva, moved her feet, and nudged it step by step. Looking at the cold instrument and raising her head blankly again, the woman was impatient, she didn't know what kind of evildoer she was, she "brushed" it and turned into a afterimage. She was just at the door, and she didn't have enough time in the blink of an eye. Standing in front of Su Qing, one hand picked him up and threw it onto the instrument.

Su Qing only felt that the world was spinning, and the back of his head banged and hit the hard metal pillow. There was a buzzing sound in his ears, his hands and feet were cold, and he didn't know what would happen to him.

Then there was a tingling sensation under his feet. Before Su Qing had time to realize what it was, there was a sharp pain in his whole body like being shocked, and he screamed.

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