Douluos Royal Knight Chapter 194

Chapter 194: : Rules Of Hell

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The inner city of the Slaughter City can indeed be said to be a luxury city, or a depravity. Just as the black yarn girl said, with her by her side, although a lot of unkind eyes fell on Yang Yi, no one came forward to harass him.

Here, Yang Yi felt his heart shrinking constantly, and in his eyes, he saw too many things that he had never seen before.

Although there was no food in his belly, Yang Yi almost vomited several times. The disgust for this world is increasing exponentially.

He suddenly discovered that in this killing city, there is no need to deliberately control it, and the killing intent will continue to surge up. It seems that only through killing can the hostility accumulated in his heart be released.

As he was walking, suddenly, there was some commotion ahead. At least dozens of people surrounded there, and screams continued to be heard among them.

A stream of blood suddenly emerged from the inside, and the onlookers stepped aside on their own, and a figure slowly walked out of it.

Seeing this man, Yang Yi stopped unconsciously, and his eyes showed unconcealed surprise. He couldn't imagine that he saw acquaintances in this sinful city and the city of slaughter.

Walking out of the crowd was a young girl. He was all dressed in black, with long hair neatly combed behind his back, tied with a rope. Holding a short sword with a length of more than a ruler and a cold light.

A pair of beautiful eyes full of magical charm twinkled. Compared with the glamorous women I saw on the street before, she was like a Qinglian white couple out of mud but not stained.

The almost perfect figure, and the cold temperament different from before, are all eye-catching.

On the smooth, mirror-like dagger in her hand, a drop of blood was slipping quietly. Those onlookers looked at her with a look of fear in their eyes.

That's right, Yang Yi had already known this person before. Eight months ago, he had fought with this woman, who had fallen in front of him.

It was one of the mainstays of the Wuhun Palace Academy team at the time, and the only female in the Golden Generation of Wuhun Palace, Hu Liena, the demon fox.

Before, Yang Yi knew that if he went to the Slaughter City, he might meet Tang San and Hu Liena in the Slaughter City? But Yang Yi didnt want to have anything to do with them at that time? So Yang Yi arrived nearly a year earlier. Slaughter City, but did not expect to meet Hu Liena.

It seems that Hu Liena has come to the killing capital ahead of time? Some changes have begun in the course of history.

Yang Yi subconsciously cast his gaze on Hu Liena.

Maybe it was because Yang Yi's eyes were too dazzling? It could also be that he was out of place in this world, and Hu Liena, who was holding a short sword, saw him at a glance.

Four eyes met? Hu Liena was stunned for a moment, and Yang Yi was also a little surprised.

Hu Liena naturally couldn't recognize Yang Yi.

To prevent Yang Yi from being discovered by Eos and Dark Death beasts outside, Ditian gave Yang Yi a kaleidoscopic ice sheet before leaving.

Is that a mask made of nine different fantasy plants combined and changed together? Wearing him can completely change his appearance and temperament, and even people who are familiar with it will not be able to recognize the original appearance.

At this moment, the thought that came up in her mind Hu Liena was that there is still a normal person in this nasty place?

But Yang Yis surprise came from the awe-inspiring murderous aura on Hu Liena at this time. Like him, the aura on Hu Liena was obviously different from the fallen ones in the Slaughter City. Kind.

Even the once charm in his eyes has disappeared.

At this moment? Yang Yi suddenly felt a chill from the diagonal stab rushing toward him, and Hu Liena in front of him suddenly moved, holding a short sword, and quickly rushed toward him.

Yang Yi knew that Hu Liena's spirit power should still be higher than her own. With the careful cultivation of the Martial Soul Palace, her physical attributes would not be as different as her own.

The attack strength of the cold air coming from the diagonal thorn is not weak.

Being enemies on both sides showed Yang Yi's resilience. Taking a step back quickly? The body turned halfway, and a silent sword aura had quietly shot to the side.

There was a crisp ding sound? What surprised Yang Yi was that Hu Liena's sword didn't stab him? It blocked the side of his previous position, just blocking a cold-lighted machete.

The one who attacked Yang Yi from the side was a short man dressed in black. At this time, his whole body was completely still there. At the center of the eyebrow, a drop of blood slowly slipped off.

It felt like this man was killed by Yang Yi and Hu Liena. As a bystander, the black gauze girl saw the whole process.

The murderous aura on Hu Liena's body locked the man holding the machete, and the opponent's body shook with a sword shock, and the sword aura from Yang Yi's left hand ended his life.

It turned out that Yang Yi had been more than ten meters away from the black yarn girl because he saw Hu Liena stop.

The assailant fell to the ground, and Hu Liena turned to look at Yang Yi, with a hint of splendor in her eyes.

"Thank you." Yang Yi nodded to Hu Liena.

Hu Liena looked at the black gauze girl walking next to Yang Yi with a smile on her face. I have to say that her appearance is very beautiful, not inferior to Zihan, Xingyue, and Lan Siying. More mature and charming than they don't have.

"Are you new here?"

Yang Yi nodded.

Hu Liena's eyes moved slightly, "It's better to be careful here at every crisis. It doesn't seem like you look like a fallen one." After saying this, she took a deep look at Yang Yi. Walked into the darkness at the other end of the street.

"If you want to live, you'd better not get close to this woman." The black yarn girl's voice sounded in Yang Yi's ear, and her words clearly contained a bit of hostility towards Hu Liena.


The black yarn girl said: "This woman has been in the Slaughter City for almost six months. Within six months, the Hell Slaughter Field had 13 victories and 13 victories. All her opponents were tortured and killed by her. In the Slaughter City, she is now The results have been ranked in the hundred."

"Thirteen wins can be ranked in the 100?" Yang Yi said curiously.

The black gauze girl glanced at Yang Yi, as if she was looking at an idiot, "Mr. 9527, you dont look like an idiot. You think the battle in the killing field of **** and the battlefield of the outside world Is it the same? Here, every battle is divided into birth and death. Even the winner is likely to be attacked after the game. It is quite scary to be able to maintain a record of 14 victories. To be precise, in No one here will be your friend. Everyone may be murderous towards you.

"FK U."

"Let's go, the Hell Killing Field is in front. The core of the Killing City lies."

Under the leadership of the black yarn girl, Yang Yi saw a special building. The building is circular, or more accurately, a non-standard cone. The area underneath is the largest, and it narrows as it moves upward.

At a height of almost 30 meters above the ground, it kept the same diameter and extended upwards until it reached fifty meters.

The area of this **** killing field is indeed not small, which is similar to the Soto Great Arena of Souls that Yang Yi has visited, and it is smaller than the Great Arena of Souls in Heaven Dou City.

The black building gave people a very depressing feeling. The black yarn girl introduced to Yang Yi that the location of this **** killing site was the center of the entire killing capital. It shows how important it is in the killing capital.

"Are there no rules for fighting here?" Yang Yi asked.

The black yarn girl said: "It's very simple. After entering, use your own ID card to sign up. Then wait for the game to start. During the waiting period, no hands are allowed. Each group of people enters the killing field. No matter what you use. The method, as long as you can come out alive in the end. There is only one person in each group who can come out alive."

Ten saves one, it really deserves to be the capital of killing. Yang Yi continued to ask: "Then how can we win the so-called championship?"

The black yarn girl looked at Yang Yi in surprise, "As long as you can participate in a hundred games, you are the champion. However, the number one player in the Hell Killing Field now only participated in 67 games. In the game, your identity card will have one more victory. You can live here for another year and enjoy the inner city at will. Of course, you have to make sure that you can live after having fun."

"I want to go in and take a look."

The black yarn girl said: "The qualification to watch the game is to contribute a cup of Bloody Mary. It can be yours or someone else's. As long as you don't feel tired, you can keep watching after you enter. The competition is ongoing. As long as someone signs up, With ten people, you can start a game."

Yang Yi frowned. Although he probably knew why the Slaughter City had any effect on blood, it was still a bit indescribable.

At this moment, several people were walking into the killing field from outside, and as expected, as the black yarn girl said, everyone was holding a cup of scarlet blood.

With a move in his heart, Yang Yi already had an idea. Stride towards the last of those who are ready to enter.

It was a brawny bald man with a naked upper body and a woman's face tattooed on his chest. Just because of the criss-crossing scars, the woman's face not only looked unpretty, but was full of evil.

"Thank you, please give me your Bloody Mary." Blocking the way of the bald man, Yang Yi extended his right hand to the opponent.

The bald man was stunned for a moment, and looked at the black gauze girl beside Yang Yi, his eyes flashing fiercely.

The black veil girl sounded anxiously, "Mr. 9527, if you take the initiative to provoke, the protection of the newcomer will not work."

This sentence not only reminded Yang Yi, but also reminded that bald head. In the sound of grinning laughter, I don't know where the bald head conjured a sawtooth machete, and he chopped it down at Yang Yi.

His movements didn't look fast, but there was a feeling of being overwhelming. That is a strong spirit power fluctuation.

At least level fifty. This is Yang Yi's judgment to his opponent.

But the hand he extended did not retract. Turning the right palm up, making a gesture of holding the sky, there was no fluctuation of soul power in the palm, and then directly grabbed the bald man's serrated machete.

The powerful force grasped the machete firmly, and then the big bald man didn't shake Yang Yi a bit. No matter how he pulled the machete in his hand, he still couldn't move half a point in Yang Yi's hand.

Yang Yi raised his other hand at this moment and prepared to attack the bald man.

The bald-headed man reacted very quickly. He released the machete in his hand for the first time, and the cup held in his other hand slammed directly towards Yang Yi's door, while his body flew back, his hands resting on his chest.

After half-turning his body, Yang Yi abruptly removed his forward momentum, shaking his left hand, he had put the cup into his hand, his wrist trembled strangely, and there was no drop of blood spilled from it.

"Thank you." After getting the Bloody Mary, Yang Yi didn't say much, turned around and walked inside.

Although the brawny bald man was not hit, the power that Yang Yi exploded at that moment still surprised him. His face was full of hideous colors, but strangely, he didn't mean to take back his **** Mary. Turn around and leave without stopping.

"Being kind to the enemy is cruel to yourself." Yang Yi murmured as he walked forward. The wrist of the hand holding the sawtooth machete turned over, and the fingertips shook cleverly several times, and the machete had quietly flew out. Such a huge weapon turned out to be silent. At this time, the brawny bald man had turned to the other side of the street, and he could not see him from Yang Yi's position.

However, that saw-tooth machete made a beautiful arc like eyes. Only a scream sounded in the dark. After that, there was no more sound.

"Let's go." Yang Yi said calmly to the somewhat sluggish black gauze girl.

"You..." This is the second time that the black yarn girl has seen Yang Yi do it. Compared with the first time, this time it has brought her even greater shock. She knew the brawny bald man. In the killing fields of hell, the bald head had persisted for seven games. In other words, he was the only survivor from the seventy people.

It seemed that the young man in front of him was not much better than his opponent, but he could kill him, but it was as simple as pinching an ant.

The inside of the killing fields of **** is more primitive than the outside. There is no isolation, and the periphery is a circle of stands extending upward. Below this is a huge empty field with a diameter of hundreds of square meters. At this time, there were not many people watching the game, and only less than 20% of the stadium was occupied. Inside the venue, a scream was constantly sounding, a total of ten people, there are already seven bodies. Only the last three people are fighting for survival.

When entering, the Cup of Bloody Mary Yang Yi was holding was poured into a huge container.

Looking at the Bloody Mary being poured into the container, Yang Yi murmured, "This is the rules of the Slaughter City. It is really interesting. Next, I hope to encounter interesting things, the Slaughter City, Hell Road, and the Killing God Realm. , Tang Chen, God Shura..."

Yang Yi knew that the killings of the capital were much more than everyone had imagined, so this was interesting.

However, Yang Yi always had a bad feeling after entering the inner city.

"Trouble you, register for me. I want to participate in the next game."

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