Douluos Royal Knight Chapter 195

Chapter 195: : Life In Hell

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"Trouble you, register for me. I want to participate in the next game." Yang Yi said to the black yarn girl.

At this time, the black yarn girl no longer thought that the young man in front of her was an idiot, and Yang Yi's strength made her involuntarily give birth to a trace of fear. Nodded without hesitation, and went with the identification card that Yang Yi handed over.

For the killing capital, Yang Yi's only feeling was nausea. Therefore, he is unwilling to delay here for even one day. After a hundred victories, win the championship, and then challenge the road to hell, you can leave here. He has decided that the battle will begin today and now. From a distance, he felt a beam of attention cast on him, turned his head to look, and saw that the person looking at him was Hu Liena.

The journey of killing began on this day. In this gloomy world, in this **** and corrupt world. Not only does he have to win one victory after another, he also has to go out alive.

Three days after entering the killing capital, Yang Yi had already killed more than three digits. And he participated in only two games. After three days, Yang Yi understood that in this place, it was not the enemies in the **** killing fields that were truly terrifying. It's the constant sneak attack that you have to face when you are weakest after the game.

No wonder Hu Liena only played 16 games in a year. Since then, Yang Yi has learned to be cautious, careful and more forbearing.

One month later, Yang Yi's number of wins in the Hell Killing Fields has increased to nine. Now there are fewer and fewer people who dare to attack him. But it is also getting stronger. As the number of wins increased, he learned another rule. That is, in each new game, the opponents you face cannot participate in the **** killing field game less than five times. Unless everyone is less than himself and exceeds this number.

one year later.

The cold breath was suffocating, and a total of ten people walked slowly into the **** killing field. Yang Yi walked in the third place among the ten people. But he was the focus of attention of the other nine people.

Sixty-eight times in the competition, naturally sixty-eight wins, this is Yang Yi's current results. In the entire **** killing field, only two people had better results than him. One of them is Hu Liena, who has won 72 victories.

Everyone who comes here to participate, apart from the power to continue to survive in the killing capital, is most looking forward to a hundred victories. With the title of a hundred champions, you can permanently become a resident of the killing capital. In addition to not being able to leave here, I have a very high authority here. He can even become the guest of the Killing King.

Although it was the 68th battle, the lives of Yang Yi had already exceeded 1,000. However, in the past two months, even after the game, no one has dared to attack him.

It's not that Yang Yi didn't want to end a hundred battles quickly, but because when he won more matches? Fewer and fewer people dared to fight when he participated in the killing game. It takes a few days to get ten people together. And it's the case that the Killing Fields of Hell didn't reveal the specific time of his participation in advance.

In the past year? Yang Yi and Hu Liena have become stars in the killing fields of hell. Especially Yang Yi, achieved such a result in only one year? He has been able to rank in the top ten since the establishment of the City of Killing.

Compared with when he first came here? Yang Yi's expression had an extra layer of coldness, and even a faint **** breath was released on his body. Cold, bloodthirsty, cruel? Has become synonymous with him.

It's not that strong spirit power can defeat opponents, in Yang Yi's hands? Several opponents with spirit power over 80 have already died. A soul master without a trace? It's like a tiger without minions. What's more, Yang Yi himself was even more terrifying like a killing machine.

The most dangerous time was when Yang Yi, who had just destroyed two opponents with a spirit power of over 80, walked out of the killing fields of **** weakly? He was immediately besieged by hundreds of people. The knife wound on him is unknown. But the final outcome? But all the hundred people died. And there is no bones left. And Yang Yi just like that, with black air all over his body, his muscles rolled and crawled out of the dead pile.

Three days later, he walked into the killing fields of **** again as if nothing had happened. That day, no one dared to fight. Within 24 hours of the killing fields of hell? No battle.

He has physical and mental powers that ordinary spirit masters do not have, and he has been trained in the Star Dou Forest since he was a child? He has also been trained by Emperor Tian and the others for eight months in the Slaughter City, as well as a powerful Garu Lu Pao and Tyrannosaurus Sword are used as weapons.

Did Yang Yi not even use the spirit ability of the soul bone in this year? That also became one of Yang Yi's hole cards.

At that time, Yang Yi became famous in the first battle? His nickname in the City of Slaughter is: Hell Knight.

At this time, the nine people who entered the field with Yang Yi? Of course, it is impossible to win only five games with him? Because now Yang Yi has won too many games. I don't know whether it was Hu Liena deliberately avoiding it or the arrangement of the killing fields in hell. From beginning to end, Yang Yi never met her. Therefore, both of them are still alive. Here, Hu Liena also has a nickname, her nickname is the messenger of hell.

At this moment, of the nine people who walked into the killing fields of **** with Yang Yi, three of them were already shaking all over, and the remaining six were all stubborn. After nine people were locked into the venue. Yang Yi surrounded the center almost immediately. Because they knew that if they didn't kill Yang Yi, they said they couldn't live.

There was a touch of blood red in the dark blue pupils. The cold, bloodthirsty murderous aura spread from Yang Yi almost instantly. Closing his eyes, he seemed to enjoy the trembling of the fallen people around him.

This year, Yang Yi's spirit power improved very little, now it is only fifty-five, only two levels higher. But he believes that he can defeat the three selves a year ago at the same time. Only by constantly struggling on the edge of life and death can we understand the true meaning of actual combat.

Roaring and hissing, nine voices sounded from nine directions beside Yang Yi almost simultaneously. The nine opponents pounced on Yang Yi at the same time.

Opening his eyes violently, Yang Yi was not looking at the opponent in front of him. It was Hu Liena who stood there in the dark corner of the audience at the Killing Fields of Hell.

For a year, Hu Liena has watched almost every game with Yang Yi.

But she found that she couldn't see through this man. From this man, she even felt unprecedented fear.

It's not because of Yang Yi's endless methods of killing. But because of this man's perseverance.

Anyone who comes to the killing capital and struggles with death every day will fall with it. Especially men. Because under this huge pressure, everyone needs a way to ease. But Yang Yi did not. After the battle, he always went to a hut to practice. Out of the hut, his only place to go was the killing fields of hell.

I don't know how many glamorous girls want to embrace this **** knight, but Yang Yi's cold murderous aura is the only one who greets them.

As early as when Yang Yi had won 20 games, Hu Liena was sure that this man had the same purpose as himself. To exercise yourself.

In the past, she always felt that her brother was the most outstanding man among the men she had seen. After the Continent Advanced Soul Master Academy Elite Competition ended, although she did not want to admit that, Zihan and their Northern Knight Academy still had Cang Hui. The seven people in the academy are above her. In order to catch up with them, Hu Liena will come to this killing city to experience.

And the man in front of him was the seventeenth.

Just when Hu Liena was thinking about it, Yang Yi's battle on the field was over. At this time, the Tyrannosaurus Sword in Yang Yi's left hand was stained with red blood.

Not knowing if it was an illusion, Yang Yi saw that some of the digital inscriptions on his Tyrannosaurus sword were stained with blood.

In this battle, Yang Yi was not hurt at all.

However, when the battle was over, Yang Yi was not in a hurry to leave. He slowly walked in front of each of his previous opponents and stomped.

The skull was like a broken egg under his feet. And the white light radiating from his feet made the splash of dirt not dripping on his body.

The previous battle told Yang Yi that as long as the opponent's head was not broken, he could not give up his vigilance. In order to understand this truth, Zeng made him pay the price of three broken ribs.

Sixty-nine wins, this is the current result of Yang Yi. He was close to Hu Liena.

The killing capital, dark and wide room.

It was an exceptionally huge chair with blue and purple crystals inlaid on the chair. These crystals are outlined in a drum-shaped form. Except for this chair, everything here is dark red.

"Hell Knight has won another game." The cold female voice sounded in the darkness.

"I know." A tall figure sat down on the giant chair. In the darkness, he couldn't see his appearance clearly, and he could only vaguely see that this man was thin and long.

"Great King. Should we start contacting him? The Slaughter City, it has been a long time since no real strong have joined."

"Do you think he is really strong?" asked the tall man sitting in the chair.

"At least technically, he is. The Hell Knight was born to kill the capital. His spirit power is not particularly strong, but his skills are terrifying, and his physique is also very powerful. Even if Title Douluo is in the Slaughter City, it is impossible to kill him without a spirit ability. I can be sure that there is at least one spirit bone in King Shura."

The Slaughter King was silent for a moment, "Then do you think he can complete a hundred games and challenge the road to hell?"

"It's a matter of time to complete a hundred games. But he might not be able to walk the road to hell."

The Slaughter King said coldly: "You don't need to touch him."

"Why? Great King, don't you want our City of Killing to become stronger? Although we had an agreement with the Wuhun Temple thousands of years ago. Who knows when they will tear up the agreement?"

The Slaughter King said coldly: "Wuhundian has no time to take care of us now. One month ago, a guest came. Do you remember?"

"The guests?"

"Yes. It is one of the only two killing gods in the world."

"Could it be that the **** knight has something to do with that killer god?" The cold female voice trembled a little.

The Slaughter King said indifferently: "No, the Hell Knight has nothing to do with the Slaughter God. In this world, if it can truly threaten the Slaughter Capital, it is definitely not the Spirit Hall. It is these two Slaughter Gods. .I cant offend them either. You should know that those who pass through the road to **** can still use spirit skills within the killing city. Although the **** knight has nothing to do with the killing god, the **** messenger and the killing **** are still It matters. The messenger of **** was sent in by one of the two killing gods. Let everything take its course."

"The great king of killing is afraid that he will bring unpredictable results to the killing capital. After all, every appearance of the killing **** will be accompanied by a crisis for the killing capital. In our killing capital Isnt there such an instruction on the wall of the fable? The killing **** is coming, **** disaster. In the past few times, every time the killing **** appeared, it caused the killing capital to be seriously damaged. If this time it really comes again, I am afraid... "

The Slaughter King said solemnly: "I also thought of this question. Although the Hell Knight did not support the Killing God, I cannot break the rules of the Slaughter City. The Hell Messenger still has a Killing God to support him."

"Great King, how about this? We arrange the **** angels to face the **** knights, if they are..."

Before the words fell, two blood-red rays of light had been spit out from the eyes of the King of Slaughter. The surrounding air had obviously become sticky, and the thick **** smell scattered everywhere, and the cold female voice suddenly made a sharp and miserable sound that was not like a human. Called, in the corner, a raised body trembled violently.

"Don't think I can talk nonsense if I love you. After passing through the road of hell, the **** of death can return to the killing capital at any time. The rule of the killing field of **** is that the fallen who have more than fifty victories will not be in the same game. Encounter. If the killing **** knows such a situation, it is truly a devastating disaster for the capital of hell. In their killing **** domain, any spirit master can restore the use of spirit skills. And you see too After the battle of the **** knights, do you think the **** messenger has any chance to fight the **** knights? If the murder **** knows what we will face, you should know. Otherwise, why do you think I should compromise with them?"

With blood-red eyes floating in the air, the Slaughter King muttered to himself: "I just hope that under normal circumstances, they can't hold on to a hundred games, let alone pass through the road of hell. Otherwise, two killers will appear at the same time. I am afraid that the catastrophe of the killing capital is also coming. And recently another killing **** has come, and that is still the most terrifying existence of the two remaining killing gods. It seems that he came to send someone over. If this is the case, the city of slaughter will really be a disaster for Jinli."

Then the King of Slaughter waved his big hand, and a thick dark red liquid flew out in front of him. In the darkness, in front of him was a huge pool of blood filled with viscous blood.

He opened his mouth and swallowed blood like his belly, and in the dim light, two fangs were vaguely exposed.

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