My Vampire System Chapter 159

156 Its Starting

After testing out his new suit, Quinn tried using his shadow abilities and blood abilities to check if they worked as normal as possible. Everything seemed to be just as good and strong as he was usually. On top of that, it didn't seem to slow down his movements at all as the material was very flexible.

He was very with the suit and result and couldn't thank Logan enough for making it. He put it back away in his shadow void and decided to start heading towards the hospital.

Luckily for him, he was able to enter the hospital with no problems. He could walk around as if he was a normal citizen heading to the certain room, but as he did walk around there was something that Quinn noticed that the hospital had that the school didn't.

In nearly every corner of the room, there was a round object with a blinking red light. They were cameras. The school's weren't allowed to install cameras due to the originals fearing that their ability might get copied or their techniques stolen.

However, that wasn't the same for around the city. The student wouldn't be practising their skills in the hospital so there wasn't any reason why cameras couldn't be installed there. This was a major problem. If Quinn or the others were to try to take anything, they would be caught on camera.

And he couldn't use the suit otherwise when he revealed himself, everyone would know it was him. There was the option of using shadow cloak. Although that made him invisible, the same couldn't be said for objects, he or others were touching.

The camera would pick up a floating figure and then report it, which would lead to another investigation. Still, it was an option but right now it looked like Vorden's plan was looking like the best one.

With nothing else to see, Quinn decided to head back, although while doing so he couldn't help but notice all the blood bags around him. 'Imagine finding that room, it would be an instant power increase.' Although for now, he couldn't think about it.

Maybe if there was ever an emergency that required him to get stronger, regardless if he was caught or not, he would come back here.

Just as Quinn was leaving the hospital a voice message seemed to appear on his watch, there wasn't even an option for him to listen to it or not, as it immediately started to play.

"Quinn Talen you are to report to General Nathan's office immediately. If you are not here in the next 30 minutes then we shall have guards come and escort you here immediately."

The message ended and Quinn couldn't help but feel nervous. Had they found out about him being a vampire? Or maybe Peter had been found and he had been ratted?!

Although he had all these thoughts, at the end of the day he had no choice but to comply, it was impossible to escape from the military base.

Doing his best to make it back to the school as quick as he could, Quinn had finally made it in time. He stood in front of Nathan's office and gave a knock before entering.

"Come in," Nathan said.

As Quinn entered through the door he could see Nathen standing there with Hayley and Fay in the room. But that wasn't what worried him.

The person that worried him the most, was the female who sat at the desk in front, for he had seen her once before a while ago. It was a person whose abilities could tell if one was lying or not.

"Please Quinn, take a seat," Nathan said.


While Quinn was at Nathan's office. The other three were still in the room together.

"I'm going to head out for a bit, there's something I need to do, just in case we can't come up with anything," Vorden said.

"Do you mind telling me what this backup plan is?" Layla asked.

"Trust me, even if you did know, it wouldn't be possible for you and I don't think you would want to do it?"

"Why don't you try me?" She said with a smug look on her face.

Vorden then walked towards the door to leave the room where Layla was standing and as he walked past he whispered the plan into her ear.

After hearing Vorden's plans her eyes opened wide and her face dropped to the floor. At that moment her whole opinion of Vorden had changed, in fact, what he said was true. If it was her in his situation she was unsure if she could do the same thing.

With Vorden gone to make sure his backup plan was ready if all else failed, this left Peter and Layla alone in the room together. The two of them weren't exactly the closest but the problem was with what had happened last time when the two of them had talked.

Layla had told Peter off and even called him disappointing, but she saw him in a different light ever since he had sacrificed himself for Quinn.

As the two of them sat there awkwardly in silence Layla was starting to miss the crazy boy a bit. At least he was a conversation starter.

Some time had passed and the two of them started doing the things they would usually do, Layla brought out a book and started reading while Peter laid there thinking about how much he changed.

All the pain he had suffered from Earl had gone just like that, in an instant, Peter was able to get rid of him, and Peter didn't feel bad for killing him but instead felt like he had done something good. IF Quinn had this power all along why didn't he do anything?

'It's wasted on him.' Peter thought.

As they continued to do their own thing, a rumbling sound was heard. It immediately made Layla jump from the bed she was on, and look for the door. "Peter..." She eyed him warily, " You're not getting hungry are you?"

Peter wanted to lie, he wanted to tell her it was okay that nothing was happening. But the force of Quinn's blood ran deep into his veins and he felt compelled to keep his word to Quinn about telling them if he was feeling a certain hunger.

"I think it's starting," Peter admitted.


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