My Vampire System Chapter 162

159 Too Hungry

"Will you calm the heck down!" Raten shouted.

Vorden was continuously pacing up and down as he saw Sil take control of the seat in the black room. It was a rare occurrence. Sil usually came out in times of danger and even then, once the danger was over, he would return back to his dark place. Yet for some reason, Sil seemed to be slightly changing ever since Vorden had first met Quinn.

Vorden liked the change and thought Quinn would eventually be a good influence on him. But now was not the time. They were in a tense situation and Quinn had enough on his mind. Vorden could do nothing but stand there. He was afraid if he was to approach Sil, he might freak out and remain in control for the whole period of time.

"Vorden, are you okay?" Quinn whispered back.

Sill quickly shook his head rapidly. "I told you, my name is Sil. I have been waiting to meet you, Quinn."

Quinn did not know how to react to this. He calmed down and started to think. How did Vorden manage to escape the interrogation with the girl? Was it something to do with his power? Or something entirely different? Right now, Vorden was claiming to be a different person. If the person before him didn't look exactly like Vorden, he would have believed him.

"Maybe it is an ability he copied before coming here?" Quinn thought. "A mind swap ability which allowed Vorden to fool the girl. Vorden, you are a genius."

"Nice to meet you Sil." Quinn smiled back. "Thanks for helping us back there, we really owe you one."

"No problem at all," Sil said. He lifted his hand and started rubbing Quinn's curly hair as if he was a cute dog. Quinn was starting to feel odd about everything. If it was just the two of them in a room, he would have pulled away or even pushed Vorden back. But they were still under watch and he didn't want to cause a scene. "If you ever need any help, you can always call me."

Inside the black room, Sil left the chair and walked away. As he crossed Vorden he said, "Thank you, it looks like he won't become another Caser."

Hearing that name brought back bad memories for Vorden and even Raten, but now was not the time to think about it. Vorden quickly rushed over to the chair and took control. To Vorden's side was Quinn, however, his hand was still on top of Quinn's hair. His face went bright red as he pulled his hand back.

"Sorry about that...that was... that was.." Vorden started to stumble on his words.

"That wasn't you, I could tell," Quinn replied. "Good thinking on the mind swap thing. For now, as long as none of us were seen that day, we have nothing to worry about."

As the words left Quinn, he felt something fade away from his body. He was losing an important part of himself, the connection with something was being lost and he knew what it was.

"What's wrong?" asked Vorden.

Grabbing his chest, Quinn replied, "I think it's Peter. He is hungry. I can't control him for much time. I'm losing the connection."

"But it was only yesterday that he had his fill," said Vorden, making sure to keep his voice down.

"I know. Guess we are just unlucky. At this rate, if he doesn't get it every day, he will continue to starve. And I'm afraid I can't control him as I did earlier."

When Vorden heard Quinn's words, his mind went back to the time before he came to Nathan's office. When he entered the room, he remembered seeing Layla pointing an arrow at Peter.

"Did it start from back then?"

They had been in the interrogation room for nearly two hours now. As they looked outside, the sun had already set and was replaced with the dark night sky.

"Quinn, we have to get out of here!" Vorden said, grabbing him by the hand. "I think Layla's in trouble."

A beep was heard in the room as the door slid open and in came Nathan, followed by Fay and Hayley.

"Looks like we are in luck and someone found something," Nathan said with a smile.

Just behind them, another student entered the room.


Inside the dorm room, Peter had eaten every single bit of Raw meat he could find in the fridge but it didn't help his hunger. And the pains were starting to get worse.

"Peter, please! You are really starting to scare me." Layla said

He was now hunched over the floor, grabbing his stomach. "Layla, just leave!" Peter shouted.

"I can't! What if you go kill someone again? Come on, you can fight it. I have been on diets ten times worse than this. Once I only drank juice with no food. Would you believe that?" Layla continued her rambling, hoping to calm not just Peter's nerves but her own as well.

"I would rather it be someone who deserved it than you," Peter said as he looked up at her from the ground. "You were the one who taught me how much of a scum I was, but I'm different now."

At that moment, he felt as if someone was reaching down the stomach with their hand and were trying to pull the food he just ate up and onto the floor.

A few seconds later, everything that Peter ate came back up along with a green liquid.

"Peter, are you okay?!"

As Peter raised his head, his eyes were glowing a bright red. His two front fangs grew larger. They were over his lip now. He slowly got up from the ground and made his way towards Layla.

"Peter, I'm sorry," said Layla as Peter edged closer. She let go of the drawn arrow, aiming for Peter's knee.

The arrow hit the mark. It made no difference as Peter didn't even try to dodge the arrow. He pulled the arrow out from his knee and broke it with a snap. The mark left by the arrow healed instantly.

This was it. She tried her best to control him but it was clear that Peter was no longer present. It was just another monster. She reached for the door and tried opening it but a loud crash was heard from behind as if someone had just broken glass made her pause.

Turning around, she saw the bedroom window was broken. Glass shards all over the floor. She rushed to the window, avoiding the broken glass. As she looked outside, there was no sign of Peter. They were currently in a three-storied building. If a human was to jump from here without any support, they would break their legs. But Peter was no longer human.

Peter limped in the darkness towards the forest. The fall broke his legs but even as he walked, they continued to heal. "I won't hurt any of you guys. I promise." Peter said. "But I have to do something to get rid of this hunger."


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