My Vampire System Chapter 181

180 Tricking Bone

The room was full with students minding their own business practising their elemental abilities. Most of them in the room where Earth users, as that was the most common ability distributed throughout the world.

It was also the easiest to raise up a few levels ability-wise, but if you wanted to reach the peak of the earth ability. You were required to join the military and move up.

In one of the corners of the room, Peter had been taken by Bones, a tall skinny student who also had two other students by his side. They each formed a triangle like position, with Bones in front of Peter while the other two stood behind him.

Vorden had his own fair share fo fighting experiences, and just from looking at this, he knew what they were planning to do. He quickly needed to think of a plan and started to look round the room. Otherwise, they were going to get found out.

They couldn't risk Peter getting taken away now, not while he was still a ghoul, a single day without flesh would make him go crazy. And although Quinn believed Peter would remain silent Vorden did not.

"Alright, Peter, it's time to see what you got." Bones said.

However, Peter was far too nervous to hear Bones properly and was thinking about what to do to get out of this mess.

'Why did these guys have to come and get me now?' Peter thought. 'Is the watch not proof enough. These guys are they still trying to ruin my life, well, if I'm going to get caught anyway. I should just kill them."

Just then, Peter managed to catch Vorden walking up from behind them and then walking to the side.

"Come on, Peter, are you ready or what!" Bones shouted, as he was starting to get agitated.

Vorden had now stopped off not too far next to them. He started to perform certain moves, and earth pillars and walls were created as he performed these moves. It was clear that Vorden had copied quite a high-level earth ability, but Peter was just wondering what did that have to do with him?

Then he noticed that Vorden was repeating the same set of moves and then pointing to himself afterwards.

'Does he want me to copy him?' Peter thought, but just as he was thinking that. He felt a blunt object hit him in the stomach. When he looked down at what had hit him, he noticed it was an earth pillar.

"I don't have all day you little twirp!" Bones shouted.

Peter was surprised at how little the attack had hurt. It was as if someone had given him a small nudge, but knowing the others would expect a reaction, he held his hands around his stomach and started to hurl forward.

While continuing to look over at Vorden. Peter then looked at Bones and started to copy each action Vorden was doing. First was a step on the ground, an earth wall was then lifted from the floor. Vorden made sure to create a small one, trying to mimic a level two user.

It was only because he had stolen a level four earth users ability that he was able to still create earth skills at such a distance. And thankfully, the others were all distracted, looking at Peter. To the outside, it just looked like Vorden was practising some form of martial arts.

Peter then threw out his palm imitating Vorden and the earth wall formed a worm like shape, still attached to the wall.

"Is that enough for you?" Peter asked.

Bones then walked up to the wall and placed his hand on it, lowering the wall down. He continued to walk forward until he was directly in front of Peter's face.

An earth pole was formed into Bone's hand, and he whacked Peter right across the face, leaving a large red mark. The taste of metal started to fill peters mouth as blood formed.

At that point and time, he had to do everything to stop himself from just jumping on top of bones and ripping at his neck.

"That's for wasting my time, if you did that in the first place we could have gone home already." Bones said as he started to walk off away from the others. "Peter, make sure you reach level four in time or else."

As the three were leaving, Peter could do nothing but watch them go, he hated the fact that even though he now had the chance to fight them, he had to hide that fact.

However, when Peter looked at the three people just about to leave the training room, he noticed Vorden was standing in front of them blocking their path.

"Hey guys, it seems like I have no partner in training today, do you mind helping me out?" Vorden asked.

"What the hell, scram out of here!" Bones said.

"Oh! You're happy to practice with me right here and now!" Vorden shouted, making sure everyone could hear.

A few seconds later, and Vorden was already casting his earth spells aiming it at all three of them. The sudden attacks and Vordens versatile use of the Earth abilities didn't allow Bones and his men to last long, as Vorden managed to give each of them a thorough beating without getting a hit a single time back.


Once classes were over for the day. Vorden and Peter met up together in the library. They each used a book to cover their faces as they talked to each other using the silencing orb. The orb meant that as long as no one was at the table, none of the others around them could hear.

"Okay, so do you remember the plan?" Vorden asked. "Tonight, I want to try to get all three of those regenerative ability users. There are three places most likely we can get them. Dinner time after the canteen, we can follow them, just outside their dorm room, or before they return to their homeroom classes. All we have to do is convince each student and lead them to Fex's room to deal with the rest.

"Now this is important Peter, cause each of us are going to have our own person we're going to follow. Me, you, and Quinn will each have one person, so don't mess this up okay?"

Although Peter was no longer weak like before, Vorden still couldn't rely on him.

"What about the two other people?" Peter asked. "If I don't, if I'm not satisfied after these, then does that mean we're going to have to kill more?"

When Peter asked this, Vorden looked at him carefully. Usually, a person would be quite worried, but Peter actually said those last words so casually.

'Did he change after killing Earl?' Vorden thought. 'He's getting more dangerous."

"Stop being such a hypocrite," Raten said.

Vorden chose to ignore Raten's words for now. Technically he wasn't being a hypocrite himself because he had never done such things.

"We will leave that to Quinn, I'm sure he will think of something in that time frame," Vorden replied

With that, the two of them had their targets that they would follow for the day. However, unknown to both of them, when they thought their conversation was protected and being kept secret by the sound orb it actually wasn't.

Because Logan had heard everything.


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