My Vampire System Chapter 320

317 Octopuncher..six

The other matches seemed to be ending faster than expected as the participants continued to be announced as winners. This was half expected form the first group, as they were all composed of first-year students. The event was set up this way, so the stronger first-year students would proceed and have a better chance of fighting against the second-year students in the later rounds.

Between the first-year students, there was quite an immense power and skill gap. This gap would mostly be the case on the first day as the weaker students were thinned out.

This way, the fights that were to be shown later on through the week wouldn't be so quick to end. The fighting event seemed to be drawing to a close, as there were only three platforms with fights still going on, with one of these being Peter's.

'So this is your grand plan, a setup?' Peter thought. The tournament had to be rigged from the beginning. The judge not replying was an indicator he was working for Jack, and his job was to make it so Peter was unable to surrender or forfeit no matter what.

'Is the student working for Jack as well?'

It was now hard for Peter to tell who was working for Jack and who wasn't. If he was able to set it up so, all of these things fell in place. There was a good chance the student, the Ref and the solder below who was meant to catch him, were in on the whole plan as well.

'There is another way?' Peter said as he looked at the edge of the arena, but if his suspicions were correct and the man below also worked for Jack, there was no way the man would try to catch him. From this height, his leg's would shatter and would have to be regenerated on the spot. Revealing his powers.

If his powers were going to be revealed one way or another, he would have rather done it fighting instead.

Larry was tired of waiting and finally decided to charge in. As he rushed forward, he made a loud war cry and banged his two gauntlets fists together.

If he could, Peter would have liked to win this fight without showing his regeneration abilities. He needed to be careful and figure out just what his opponent's ability was, especially since he was a level 6 ability user.

Making sure not to stay too close to the edge, Peter decided to also come forward. Larry had beast gear on that was also enhancing his speed, while Peter wore nothing. Still, he managed to match his speed, and the two of them met dead straight in the centre.

A fist was thrown, and Peter moved his head out of the way, avoiding it by a few inches as the strike went past his face. The attack was powerful, and the air around it had caused his hair to move. From Larry's other hand a wide swing was thrown, this time Peter responded by duking underneath it.

"You're friends good at dodging at least," Sam said, from his experience all though those blows looked wild, they still came out at a good speed and with full commitment. It was clear with the first few punches that Larry was not the Blood Evolver. There was no finesse in the punches, just raw power. Still, if the blows connected, it was also clear they would do quite a bit of damage.

Fex continued to watch the fight nervously. If he was right in guessing that Peter was actually created by Quinn and Peter was a Wight, it meant Peter in terms of stats, was just as good as Quinn.

The longer the fight went on, the more chances of Silver finding out, if she didn't know already.

After dodging a few more punches, Peter was still wondering just when Larry was going to use his ability. He didn't want to make the first move until he had uncovered this secret. Another two swings from the side came one after another, but then suddenly, Peter felt something grab him around the waist, and then something else held him tightly around the legs.

When looking down, he could see what had latched onto him. A set of arms had grabbed him by the legs, and another set by his biceps, while the other two were where they should have been in the usual place.

Right now, all the other fights had finished as it took a while before Peter's officially got going. Which meant all screens were on him and everyone could see him being lifted in the air by four arms.

"Haha, this is perfect," Jack said. "What perfect timing for everyone to see what is about to happen."

The others in the room thought Jack was a little too happy watching the students fight. Apart from Oscar, the others never really got on well with Jack in the first place.

Looking down at the arms, Peter remained calm as usual. He no longer feared death, maybe this was because he was already dead. He then started to look at the arms closely and started to count. "1..2..3.4..5..6." Suddenly, Peter began to chuckle to himself.

"What's so funny?" Larry said annoyed, and also a little concerned when he felt like he had his opponent trapped. Most of the beast gear that he had on, had a unique trait to enhance one's strength. This was perfect for Larry, with his ability to grow extra limbs it meant he had more power than an average person in each of his arms.

"I never knew I was fighting with an idiot. Was your name, Octopuncher? Shouldn't you have eight arms and not six?" Peter asked.

For a moment, Larry stood there still, and soon he began to realise his mistake. His cheeks started to turn bright red, and his face felt hot. He didn't have a stage name before coming today, and when they had asked him, he thought of the best thing he could come up with at the time.

"Arghh!" He screamed. "I'll kill you."

Continuing to hold Peter in place with his other arms, He pulled back both his fist and punched Peter directly in the ribs. A cracking sound was heard, and it the bones moving, and fracturing could be felt in Larry's knuckles. Peter's body reacted to the attack, and the expression on his face changed as the air was punched out of him, but no screams were heard, as no pain was felt.

However, Larry was too angry to even realise this and continued to punch Peter repeatedly. After breaking his ribs, he went on to move his body around and hit his forearms and lifted him up to beat his legs.

The whole audience was able to see the one sided match on the screen.

"Thisis not the Blood Evolver," Nate said disappointed as he clicked his tongue and looked away from the screen. The man he was watching was nothing more than a wild beast.

The others continued to watch and were wondering why the referee hadn't stopped the match yet. They could see him standing there clearly watching such a one sided fight, but did nothing to interfere.

Some of the other referees had decided to stop fights before it had even gotten to this stage. In the end, it was up to the Ref in the ring to determine when to stop the fight. They had information the others didn't know such as, student abilities, just in case it was all part of the plan.

"Don't you think the match should be stopped soon?" Layla asked.

"If you were to ask me, I think that Ref is a little dirty," Vorden replied.

Finally, the punching rampage had stopped, and he allowed Peter to fall to the ground, retracting his arms back into his body. When Peter fell, the bones in his shins were now shattered. There was no attempt to lift himself as he couldn't even stand up. He just laid there having fallen to the ground.

At this point, Larry was already walking away.

"This match is over," Larry said to the Ref.

Although many in the arena thought the match was over, including the ones in the booth. The opinions of many of the students were different, including Sam.

"WellIf he's the real ZombieP. Then the match has only just begun." Said Sam.

It had only been a short time, less than a minute had passed, and Peter's legs had already healed. He stood up from the floor slowly as his arms and ribs were still under repair. His body was twisting and turning in positions impossible if ones bones weren't broken. And everything slowly started coming back into place. Finally, Peter was once again back to his usual self.

"Well, it turns out one person didn't disappoint me." Said Nate. "You really are the real ZombieP."

Peter moved his neck side to side, making sure everything worked as normal.

"Well, now my ability was revealed to everyone anyway," Peter said.

If Peter was to allow himself to take another beating like that, then after regenerating once more, there was a high chance he would need to eat human flesh again. Although they knew this secret of his, they didn't know the whole part, and the eating flesh was a bigger problem then the first one.

Now his secret was out he had no choice, he needed to fight back to not give out any other information up to them.

"I like it better this way." He said with a smile.


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