My Vampire System Chapter 334

331 The New Guy


Before leaving Quinn on his own, Vorden had a few last words to say to him. Hearing these words, he now knew what to do and was confident.

Right after Vorden had left, he was on his own in his room. His heart, although beating slowly, was beating loud and strong. New rising energy was felt surging through his whole body.

'I wonder why I'm so excited?'

While being left on his own, he had time to reflect on everything and everyone that he had met so far. After finding that book and coming to the military school, he had a crazy journey he had never expected. More than anything, he didn't think there would be others who would join him along the way.

'A genius hacker, a terrorist or double agent, a vampire and an undead. Then you have the ice queen, and finally, the only one who I thought was normal, turns out to have a split personality.' Quinn thought. 'I guess these were the only friends I could make. What they say is true, crazy people attract other crazy people."

Yesterday night, while on his walk, Quinn had regained all of his health points. As long as he wasn't hungry and needed blood, his body would naturally regenerate on its own. But if it did, it would make it also so he was hungrier sooner. This made it hard for him to tell how practical the single session of restraining himself was.

From the way Fex described it, as long as he wasn't drinking blood daily as he did before, then it shouldn't cause much change. He didn't know how much he managed to wean off the blood addiction, but from now on, he knew he had to be careful.

With no blood flask, it would be a while until he could start consuming the blood of students again. Then suddenly a thought came to his head. He quickly opened up the systems shop and continued to scroll through the options.

"That's it, there it is?" Quinn said. The flask had been in the shop all along. At the time he never thought such a thing would have been useful since he had the blood bank, and Layla, but now it seemed like a handy item indeed.

Then when looking at the ingredients needed, he was quickly disappointed. They were two intermediate level beasts as well as an advanced tier one. For such a little item it needed quite a few things. The problem was, they weren't items commonly found in the marketplace. Quinn would either have to hunt for it himself, which was near impossible or hire someone else to get the item for him.

However, now that he knew it was possible to make one of his own. He would keep it in mind. Maybe when he earnt enough credits in the future, he would be able to start making items from the shop.

*Knock, knock, knock.*

Once again, a knock was heard on his door. It was still early morning, but he had been expecting this. Not knowing who the smell was coming from meant it was them. After opening the door, three soldiers dressed in the slick black uniform stood there tall and strong.

"Quinn Talen, correct?"

"Yes, sir."

"An emergency matter involving Peter Chuk has caused him to drop out of the tournament. Due to this, the substitute of Del's class, Quinn Talen must participate. Please follow us."

After a quick elevator ride down, they had finally arrived at the underground area. Unlike above, the students here were already awake and were practising for the events. Still, many of them had nerves as it was only the second day. Before being able to join them, Quinn was further taken to a separate area where thier was a desk and what looked like a small office area had been set up.

Behind the desk, equipment was there for participants to be used as well as other things such as snacks and beverages. There were also many soldiers standing on guard, keeping an eye on everyone.

The tension was high between the participants, and this often caused things to heat up between them. The soldiers didn't mind a bit of back and forth between students, but the second there was fighting they would stop it.

Fights were to be displayed in the arena not down below where nobody would see. The reason for bringing Quinn to the desk was because he needed to be registered. They handed him over a tablet where he was to input his fighting name.

'Oh, crap, I didn't think of this. I can't use my gamer ID, as Peter did. Even if I'm using my shadow powers, I won't be using my blood powers. Struggling to come up with a name, finally managed to put one down.'

The man at the desk looked at the tablet and chuckled, before handing it over to one of the other soldiers.

"You're free to use the training area as you wish, you will be called later on in the day, and your room number, if you want to rest, is 23, or if you manage to make it through.." The man then paused for a second, he looked at Quinn's wristwatch and realized that it said the level one. He shook his head in disbelief, not understanding what this class was thinking.

Sure, the last student was a level one, but they were clearly a special case, and the others could even see that due to the guards always being around them.

"Don't worry about it and just do what you want until we call you." The man said as he wafted his hand, suggesting for Quinn to go away.

'Was my name really that bad, is that why he was laughing?' Quinn thought.

Looking around, there really wasn't much for him to do. Since the first round of fights had already been completed, the others knew what powers they had. This meant that the training hall was full of people using their powers, they would still keep moves hidden, but they were able to practice a lot better than before.

But for Quinn, he still wanted to keep his powers hidden until the fight." Instead of fighting himself, he decided to lean up against the wall and keep an eye out on all the others. One of these in the room he would be fighting.

He had been there for a good five minutes, and when leaning up against the wall, another person games to join him. One that was quite wide and large and had a square-looking head.

The two said nothing to each other as they looked at all the participants. The person who was also up against the wall was Nate. The whole night, Sam had been excited after finding out that ZombieP would be in the fighting event. It was a shame that the Blood evolver didn't turn out to be Larry, but this had at least am up for it.

However, as soon as he had entered the room, he looked and looked but couldn't see Peter anywhere. He stood out more than the others, and he wasn't the only one that had noticed this. Peter was now well known to everyone, he was the kid who always had two guards beside him, and it also turns out he had an amazing regenerative ability.

For him to suddenly disappear, they all could tell straight away. Noticing this, Nate knew that there had to be a replacement. Wanting to get a better look at everyone, he decided to look from the wall and look at all the participants taking part. From the first day, he had kept an eye on everyone as he went about looking for Larry. There were far fewer people today, but still, he couldn't see anyone new practising.

'Where's the replacement.'

Suddenly, a large slash of air came out through. It was hard to see, but one could feel it if their senses were sharp enough. Nate, noticing this turned to his side as he moved, at the same moment, he saw another student that had been on the wall with him the whole time.

"Hey, move!" Nate shouted.

But, Quinn didn't listen, he too could sense the wind and instead decided to stay still. Knowing that the attack wasn't going to hit him. The attack slammed into the wall making a small bang as it hit like the end of the whip. However, there was no marking on the walls for it was made of glathrium.

"Oh sorry, that almost hit you, are you too okay." A student said, running over.

"Be careful next time!" Nate shouted back. "How stupid and bad could you be. This rooms massive and you manage to make a stray attack come over here." He was clearly annoyed.

The student continued to apologize, but a few others behind him were also looking over.

"It was no accident," Quinn mumbled as he finally left the wall and started to walk over towards the student. He had overheard the students speaking the whole time. They could see that Nate and Quinn were just standing there by the wall and wanted to give them a little scare.

When the attack came towards Quinn, he knew that they had aimed precisely in the middle of the two of them and there was no need for him to move. All they wanted to do was scare them. After all, if he or Nate were hurt, the students would have gotten in trouble.

When looking over in the student's direction from where the attack had come from, he could also see a bunch of girls off to the side. There and then something clicked in his head.

'It wasn't an accident. If I know thirsty boys, those guys were trying to impress those girls.' Why did Nate this? It was because he would have perhaps tried something similar in his own youth.

As Nate saw the curly-haired student walk towards the boy, he was wondering just what was going to happen.

'Wait, is that the new guy? It has to be. I don't remember seeing him down here.'

Looking at his wristwatch, he could see the level 1, but something else had worried him even more. He could see the student clenching his fist, ready for a punch.

Back on the top platform, the students were starting to gather in front of the screens for the first events to start. The others had left the Hotel together and were now peacefully sitting in front of screen two. Just then, Sam had arrived from his own Hotel, as he had agreed to meet up with them yesterday.

"Hey, where's Quinn?" Sam asked, noticing he wasn't sitting down with them.

"Well," Vorden replied. "He's taking part in the fighting tournament."

The drink that was held in Sam's hand nearly dropped to the floor, but he quickly tightened his grip and then a small smile appeared on his face. "Oh, really."

'I don't know why Fate has decided to put you on the battlefield, all I know is, everyone might be in for one hell of a surprise.' Sam thought.


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