My Vampire System Chapter 533

527 Striking A Deal

Quinn had thought this was a possibility when making his suggestion. What he wanted to do right now was try and think of something that would satisfy them, but also help him in his situation.

He had gotten this far on his own. Now he didn't have Arthur or Vincent to help him with suggestions, it was all down to him and he was at the last hurdle.

"If one of his vampire knights remains at the castle, that should be enough, should it not? Edward perked up. "This was what was done before when such an important task was given to a family."

That was right, in Vincent's past memory he used to be given the task of gathering blood from the humans. It was his job as a leader. Back then they allowed for a leader to interact with the humans along with a vampire knight.

"Please." Prima chimed in. "You barely know the kid, even your precious tenth leader that cared for you had abandoned you all, and for what, who knows? If you were left here, nothing would change. If we wanted it to be more fair, then it would need to be someone from the group he came with. Someone close to him."

"I think this is good," Muka added. "We all saw how much he went through just to save Fex. Someone who was unrelated to his own family. If we were to have someone as close as that to him. I don't think he would ever abandon them."

Hearing this from Muka, they were all reminded why Quinn had even come here in the first place. To save the life of a single vampire. One that wasn't in a high position of power, but simply a friend. They couldn't deny that this was a good bargaining tool.

Bryce, who was listening to everything, could see the opinion on everyone's face changing. He knew it was going their way.

"Okay," Quinn said. "Then on top of Edward being left here. I chose to leave my other knight, Leo. I wish to look after the tenth people and not completely abandon them. You all saw Leo's strength on the battlefield. He is one of my best men and in doing so I believe this will be far."

What Quinn had said was true, but the main reason for picking Leo was because the others didn't know something that he had. A special skill that was related to the system only, a skill called 'call'. This skill would allow him to call Leo at any point and time to his position if he was ever in trouble.

He didn't want to use it, but it would be a good safety net.

"I think the suggestion that has been made is a good one." Dwight said. "I believe that it is important to monitor what is happening on earth for our own future as well. For those who wish to go forward with the tenth's suggestion, please raise your hand."

Hearing this, Quinn was filled with excitement. He had done it; he had managed to convince them to go through with it after all, but then this all changed when he saw the number of hands that had been raised. It was four in total.

"It looks like there are some that are unconvinced," Edward mumbled.

"We don't have any viable options on the table at the moment, and no other leaders seem to be willing to go," Dwight said, shaking his head. "I have to ask, is there anything that will convince the other leaders to allow this suggestion to go forward."

"I have one," Jill said, raising her hand. She was one of the vampire leaders who had heavily injured Layla, and Quinn remembered he had hurt her with his bloodshot. If she was the one that had a suggestion, he didn't like the way this was going.

"I would be inclined to agree if he is to leave one of the girls in his group behind, which one, is up to him to choose." She said with a smile.

If Quinn could, he would have liked to take them all, but in the end, it was not possible. "Very well, I shall leave behind Erin. She is a newly turned."

Jill was happy with this, she didn't care which one, but she wanted to pay back all three of the girls for the trouble they had caused her back then.

As for Quinn's reasoning. It was because Erin couldn't really return back to the military base in the first place. Trudream was still after her, and they had made the video announcing that Pure had captured her.

Her hair color and appearance were slightly altered now, but she still looked like Erin. On top of this, according to the system description, if she was to return and be surrounded by humans, her appearance would change back to what it once was.

He knew Leo and Erin were a good match. They had stayed together for a while before, and he was sure Erin would most likely be fine with this and understand his decision.

The problem was, even though Jill had changed her mind, still only five people had agreed there was still more that needed to be convinced to make it a majority.

The room was in silence for a bit, and Quinn had run out of ideas for trying to convince them, then a sudden unexpected voice had chimed in, coming from Jin, who was one of the vampires that had already given Quinn his vote.

"I think this will sway some people over," Jin said. "How about from the group we send, we send one of our own vampires to go with them? To make it even fairer, I would suggest sending someone from the other side who hasn't cast their vote. We could even send someone from the first family."

"It's up to you who you chose, you could send one of your knights if you really wished."

Finally, it looked like the vampires could agree on it, seeing that as many of them were now nodding their heads.

Seeing that the vote would soon change, Bryce raised his hand first changing his vote. "Then I will agree to this as long as it's one from the first family being sent over."

Another leader also raised their hand after hearing this, finally giving the majority vote to Quinn.

The strange feeling Quinn had in his stomach was finally starting to settle down, he no longer felt like he was going to spill his guts at any second.

'I did it..butI can't just be satisfied with this.' He thought.

"It seems we have all come to a decision." The king said. "The human known as Paul shall be blooded by the tenth leader. Then a small group of the tenths people shall be sent to earth along with one of the vampires from the first family. The finer details will be sorted soon, but I wish for this to be done as soon as possible. So I wish for Quinn to gather his people. Before that, I promised you a reward for achieving your task so well, is there anything you wish to be rewarded with?"

Clenching his fist, Quinn had to do it, the one thing he wanted to request this whole time.

"If you can grant me anything, then I wish for the two remaining humans that I brought with me to not have their memories wiped." Quinn requested. "They are very close to me, so close that they chose out of their own free will to come to this place to save another. They weren't forced by a command of blood, but by a different type of bond."

"I hear what you are saying." The king replied. "But humans are not allowed to know of this place. Even if I want to grant you this, I can't. Is there anything else you want to ask for?"

He had failed. Quinn felt like he had let his friends down. After they did everything, they could to help him, their memories were going to be wiped and they were going to forget everything they had gone through.

No! He had to try again.

"If you can't grant me this request now, then I ask, at least you delay it. They will be important in helping me complete my task. When I brought them here, it was because of their powers I could get so far. You can confirm with your men, we were sneaked into your system unknown. You saw how they dealt with the other vampires on the battlefield."

"Even with them not being vampires, they were still able to go toe to toe with your best. So all I want is for you to keep their memories until the mission is over.."

There was a pause and silence in the room. The king was actually waiting to see if someone heavily objected to this matter, but it seemed like none of the vampires actually cared about this.

"Okay, very well." The king replied. "But, they are your responsibility, please remember that whatever they do will affect you greatly now as well, and remember the people who you have chosen to leave behind. There are still a few things to go over, head back to your castle now and choose those who you wish to take with you. One of my royal knights will come by later to give you the rest of the details."

"The meeting is dismissed."

Finally, a heavy weight was lifted off from Quinn's shoulders. He had done it, they were able to go back to earth, go back home.

However, it wasn't permanent, and for how long he did not know, but it was the first step.


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