My Vampire System Chapter 534

528 Leaving Crew

Returning to the castle, Edward followed Quinn back, it was only them two for now. When the Royal knight was to come by later, they would bring Paul along with them and would stay there for the process.

When Edward looked at Quinn, for some reason now when looking at his back, it looked a little bigger. He was able to deal with everything that was thrown his way, and in the end, had gotten a good outcome for himself.

But Edward was a little saddened by what had happened, yes he was happy for Quinn, but he was hoping Quinn would stay so he could help out the people. If he was to leave now so soon, then the tenth's people would be in the same position as they were before, being treated as if they were at the bottom of the barrel.

Edward had seen them endure hardships and trouble for so long, he wanted to change that, and after fighting with them against the humans, he felt like it was the first step in a new direction. Now, they had moved several steps back.

When arriving through the door, the first person that was there to greet him was Leo. He had sensed his presence coming towards the castle and wanted to know what had happened. So he came down to the reception area.

"Is everyone back?" Quinn asked.

"Yes, the girls have returned and the boys are still upstairs resting," Leo replied.

This was good, as it meant he could deliver the news to everyone at once, but while Leo was here Quinn thought it would be best to tell him first.

After explaining everything, Leo didn't look to be troubled too much by the decision.

"I can wait, Quinn," Leo replied. "As I said before, you have given me more time in this world. I do not wish to leave this world before I have accomplished everything. I thought that I was at my peak strength before, with no way to improve." Leo started to think about how he was unable to hurt Paul, nor was he able to hurt the dragon. "But now I think I can. I think I can get stronger here."

Quinn smiled, even though Leo would do as he asked, he didn't want to force something upon him, but he also had something else planned.

"Edward, do you think it's a good idea if we announce to the people the new vampire knight?" Quinn asked. "I was thinking, if we claim that the invasion was stopped mainly due to Leo, it would increase their morale. Besides, it's kinda true. Leo was the one that went up against Paul. It may not be as good as a leader being here, but it will show them things are changing and improving."

Hearing this had made Edward happier than ever. Quinn hadn't completely forgotten about the people after all. He not only thought about his friends, but everything he was leaving behind as well.

"I think we can work something out. I will try to plan an announcement today." Edward said.

Now that he had sorted out what was to happen with his friends and the others, Quinn had time to think about everything else. He couldn't get the image of those people that had attacked him that day. After visiting all their houses and seeing how desperate they were to get out of the family. He wanted to help them.

Even more so, after living in Vincent's memories. Technically Quinn had already experienced the pain of leaving these people once, and he didn't want to do so again, without doing anything.

Everyone was gathered in the dining hall for the last time, and Quinn had informed them all of what had happened. How he had struck a deal with the vampires and soon they would all be returning back to earth.

"I knew you could do it.." Vorden said. "I'm happy we don't have to get rid of our memories."

"That wasn't what you said earlier," Logan replied. "You even had me make a video containing all your experiences so far. That's what we have been doing this whole time.'

All Vorden could do was laugh nervously. "It's fine to have a back-up plan, right?" Vorden said.

On the girl's side though, although they were happy about returning, Layla seemed to be hit the hardest by this. She had only just been reunited with Erin. The two of them were holding hands, and tears were already rolling from her face.

"Erin..we won't see each other again?" Layla asked.

"It won't be forever," Erin replied. "Besides, I actually want to stay here for a bit. There are still things I can learn from Leo, and I haven't selected an ability yet. Time will pass by quicker than you think, and I will be there to help you once again."

The two embraced each other with a large hug, and Cia who was seated behind Layla could see Erin mouthing some words.

"Look after her." Erin mouthed. Cia thought it was sweet until she saw the next set of words mouthed. "If she gets hurt, you're dead."

Even though the words were only mouthed, it had sent a shiver down her spine. Cia was never really close to Erin and had only got to know her a little bit during their time here. In fact, she was jealous of Erin.

Her relationship with Layla looked closer than hers and she was able to stay here. If she was chosen to stay here, she would have been happy as well. She had learned about her abilities from Paul, but she never got the chance to speak to the vampire leader to restore her abilities.

But it was Quinn's decision and order, and she understood why Erin had to be the one left behind.

The ones that would be going to earth with Quinn were as follows: Cia, and Layla from the girls' side. As for the boys, it would be Vorden, Logan, Fex, Peter, and Borden.

Now that they had Paul, he was able to input Fex into the system as a new student again. Peter had the transformation skill and could appear as anyone he wanted to be, so he could do the same. With Borden, Logan insisted it would be best if they brought him with him. He said he would be able to hide him most of the time in his toolbox anyway due to how small he was, so it would all be okay.

Now that they all knew what was happening and where they were going, the girls wanted to say one last goodbye to Amy and the others, and the boys were in the research lab trying to take all that they needed with them.

However, just as the girls were about to leave, Fex had called out to one of them. He had asked Erin to stay.

"Erin," Fex said. "I saw your strength on the battlefield, I want to make a request. Can we fight each other? I might not see you for a long time."

Usually, Fex was playful and joking, never serious, especially when he talked to Erin, but she could tell this time he was serious.

"You two go ahead," Erin said. "I think I'm going to stay with the idiot."

Erin didn't know Amy and Xander well, she hadn't experienced going to school with them. She had only tagged along to protect Layla if any creeps were trying to get their hands on her, but after meeting them she knew they were good people and the two of them would be okay.

Besides, she too wanted to test out her new strength. How did she compare to a vampire-like Fex?

The two of them went off and tried to find a room they could fight in. They eventually ended up in the reception area, the biggest empty space in the castle right next to the entrance.

Quinn was interested in seeing the fight too, so he decided to go along with them, but he was confused by what had caused the sudden interest for Fex.

"I see what he's trying to do," Edward said. "He plans to break through. He wants to evolve during this fight. We could always perform the ritual, but breaking through naturally is always better. Especially for someone like him. As long as his opponent is strong enough, he will be able to finally become a vampire noble."

That was right, Quinn had forgotten, but Fex was only a vampire still. He had yet to evolve but was one of the strongest vampires due to him being a direct descendent.

The two got into position, and the fight was ready to go ahead. Technically Erin had better stats, but she hadn't been a vampire for long so she wouldn't be able to use blood abilities, but she did have the power of Qi on her side.

While Fex was quite skillful in using his blood abilities and also had his string ability. The two of them got in a fighting position, and Edward stood in the middle, trying to make the match as official as possible.


*knock Knock.

Before the fight had started, there were two loud knocks on the door. Pausing the duel for a second. He went to open it to see who it was, and there Dwight the Royal knight could be seen and in his hand was Paul.

"I have brought the human with me to be blooded," Dwight said.


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