My Vampire System Chapter 608

602 Vampire Soul

The Blood ritual had been done by Quinn many times now that he knew all the steps without needing the system to guide him through it. When looking at one of his quests, he was to blood ten people. So far, he had [7/10] Showing as complete.

Peter was the first to be blooded, then soon after an accident had occurred turning Leo. Then the three girls had also wanted to change. Paul joined along the way in hopes to save the lives of many humans, and in return, Quinn gained a powerful ally who was someone knowledgeable. Then finally, he had turned Linda, the co-founder of the Crow's faction.

Now it was Sam's turn making him the eighth person. After activating the ritual via the system, Quinn started to pour blood from his hand into Sam's mouth. Only when the ritual was activated would it turn someone. If Quin's blood accidentally went into someone's mouth, or he had left a glass of his blood around. Not sure why he would, but it wouldn't turn the person if they were to drink it.

Like each one of them before, the process was painful, but standing by his side and holding him down on the floor, ready was both Kazz and Paul. With the newfound strength, it was relatively easy to hold Sam down, even when using all his might to break free.

"If he turns into something bad, I'm killing him, you know." Kazz said.

At this point, Quinn had enough of her taunts, and he had snapped back at that moment.

"I would chop off your legs before you could even reach him."

The tension was high, and Fex had come in between the two of them.

"Come on guys, let's remember we're on the same side, besides I have no reason to believe that Sam will turn into anything bad."

Fex didn't know why, but lately, after Freddy had died, it changed Quinn a little. He was always a caring person, but now he seemed obsessed with the idea of not letting anyone get hurt. Especially those he considered his friends.

'What am I thinking, Quinn was always this crazy, he came to the vampire world just to save me after all?' Fex said, his face a little red.

"Are you blushing?" Quinn asked. "Did I turn on my charm skill by accident?"

"No, no, don't worry," Fex now was unable to even look at Quinn remembering what happened last time.

The sound of moans and shouting had stopped, which meant the process was complete, and Quinn using his inspect skill was happy with the results. It looked like a confrontation wouldn't be happening in the first place.

[Congratulations! The blood ritual was a success]

[You have successfully created a Halfling]

It was one of the weakest things someone could turn into off the bat, but at the same time, it had the most potential to grow. In a way with him now having lost his ability, Sam would probably be weaker. But at one point, even Quinn was a halfling, and he had grown tremendously.

Getting up from the ground, just like those before him, he could feel it, he could feel a difference. His body's slightly stronger than before, but it didn't feel like a significant change.

Quinn went on to explain to Sam what he was. At first, Sam was a little disappointed, after all, Paul had skipped the halfling step and went straight to vampire, but when Quinn explained that he too was a halfling, it changed Sam's mood completely. All this meant was that he had a different starting point, but he now had what he wanted, the room to grow and increase his potential.

A sun ring was given along with a flask full of blood. The first thing they would do was get Sam used to the smell, then he would take a taste of it there and then. He would continue to do this every so often. Starting the weaning process immediately.

There was a chance that War would start soon, and they couldn't be turning on their own allies, especially with Kazz still around.

"Have you thought about what ability you wanted to get?" Fex asked. "I handed you that list before."

When Sam knew he was going to turn, Fex had made a list of compatible abilities that he knew of, but the one Sam wanted wasn't on there, and now he had turned to look at Quinn.

"Quinn, I want to ask a favour, and it's fine if you say no, but I was thinking. Is it okay if I learn the shadow ability?" Sam asked. "From what I have seen so far it's very versatile, and one would have to have a creative mind to use it, I think it would be really great in the hands of someone like me."

Quinn thought about it for a while, with his shadow abilities now known to the world and vampire world, there wasn't really a reason to hide it like Quinn first had done. The only problem was, Quinn wasn't able to teach the shadow ability. He hadn't learned it the regular way and cheated through the system.

He knew none of the techniques of how to cultivate the ability, but there was one person who might know. Someone who had lived with the Shadow ability for thousands of years.

"It's not that it's impossible, but it's impossible for me to teach," Quinn replied. "But there is one person who can teach it to you. We can't meet with him now, and I can't guarantee he will say yes, but it will be up to him in the end. If you are fine with waiting. Then I see no problem with not learning anything for now."

"Thank you, Quinn," Sam said, bowing down. He could feel that his life would change from this moment onwards.

Once again, things were starting to calm down a little at the base. The training between people continued, and Quinn was trying to figure out the best way to use his soul ability. Because right now, there was a major downside to it. According to Nate, this wasn't usually the case with Soul weapons.

Usually, one's MC points would be used greatly when using a Soul weapon, so it was important to decide when the right time was to use it. Using it at the beginning wasn't always the best choice. It would be like a boxer swinging wild punches at the start of the match. If they all missed, the person would be gassed out, too tired to continue and at their most vulnerable point. That's why most would fight at a steady pace, and when their knockout punch, or when the opponent was weak is when they would use their soul weapon.

But Quinn's was a bit different to this.

While Quinn was trying to figure out how to best use his, Fex had decided to go ahead and use the Soul weapon training machine. He was very curious about why or if vampires could have soul weapons. It might be a changing factor for the vampires in the future.

With him to keep him company and make sure the machine was working, was Sam. Fex was kind of being Sam's teacher in being a vampire. Any question he had, he would answer, and he was already doing the same for Linda, so it was no bother doing the same for Sam as well.

When strapped into the machine, Fex started the process. For someone like him, who found it hard to focus, the machine was perfect. With the magnetic pulses on the seat calming his mind, he could finally see it, something inside his chest.

He had asked Sam what he should have seen. According to Sam, it would be a yellow flame, and when he got close to it, it would start taking a better shape, either covering his entire body, for an enhancement type, or a shape of an item for the item type.

He had also asked Quinn what he had seen, and it seemed like what Sam had said was quite accurate, only Quinn had three flames.

Fex was able to see something inside of him, but it was no flame. It was red and hard in colour. Pointed and jagged in areas. This was something that Fex had only seen in textbooks while at his school and one time with Quinn.

What he was looking at right now was his blood crystal. An item that was dropped upon death from vampires. That could then be used to turn into blood weapons. However, there weren't many that had them today, as obtaining blood crystals was considered illegal. Only the old vampires contained one.

Exiting from the machine, Fex was a bit disappointed, and Sam could see this on his face.

"No luck?" Sam asked. He really wanted to help him because Fex had been so helpful to Sam.

Fex explained everything he had seen in the machine, how there was no flame, and also explained a little about Blood crystals. It gave Sam a little time to think.

"Maybe the yellow aura is for humans, and the red aura is for vampires, which is why Quinn obtained both. You had your ability from the beginning, so it had already mixed in with your aura, unlike Quinn.

"I mean vampires and humans aren't exactly the same after all, but it's making me wonder, maybe they're not so different. What if the crystal inside you is just the hardened form you see. Perhaps there is a way to break down the crystal while inside you, to form the weapon. The blood weapon that vampires use, is a soul weapon that humans use. But the vampires never learned how to make it come out naturally." Sam was just mumbling thoughts along because honestly he really didn't understand it himself. He was the type of person who was good at theories but definitely didn't have the tools to do anything about it.

"If I understand you correctly, you mean maybe I can bring out my own blood weapon, just how humans bring out their soul weapon. I don't need to die or Kill anyone." Fex whispered the last part.

'That's exactly what I'm trying to say, but honestly, I have no clue." Sam said, which left Fex disappointed again.

Just then, Nate came into the room.

"Everyone is to come to the meeting room immediately!" Nate shouted. "The Sunshields, there here."


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