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Remnant Blood Player summary:

In the endless corridor, the dead regenerate, and money is exchanged for life.Unlimited game scripts, steam machines collide with martial arts, magic hunters switch to professional thieves, warlocks advanced monster hunters, and any combination of strange things is not limited.Li Nuo, who was resurrected here, his panel attributes are somewhat different from ordinary people.The lack of blood lost at the starting line, but it brought another unique ability.In short, I have stubborn blood, but also become stronger.And all this started because of a bowl of instant noodles…- Description from MTL

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Remnant Blood Player Chapters

Time uploaded
: Push A Bookone year ago
Chapter 458:one year ago
Chapter 394: Npcsone year ago
Chapter 368: Lineone year ago
Chapter 317: Duelone year ago
Chapter 296: Giftone year ago
Chapter 260: Askone year ago
Chapter 199: Joinone year ago
: Summaryone year ago
Chapter 167: Meetone year ago
Chapter 156: Edgeone year ago
: Unbreakableone year ago
Chapter 143: Godone year ago
Chapter 98: Annaone year ago
Chapter 83:one year ago
Chapter 75: Thiefone year ago
Chapter 68: Thiefone year ago
Chapter 60: Drinkone year ago
Chapter 58: Deadone year ago
Chapter 57: Killone year ago
Chapter 27: Chipone year ago
Chapter 17: Emirone year ago
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