I Have A Million Beasts Chapter 1542

Chapter 1542: Shackles

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"I have a million new monsters ( to find the latest chapter!

Who can suppress the remnants of the king's thoughts and completely fan them, or some immortals can do so. But using the same fill-in to achieve this step, but only with the same level of existence, only in this way can we be called the supreme king of the universe!

He, unexpectedly, is the blood of the King of God.

The two invincible giants looked at each other, but there was nothing. They no longer have any wish, but just project more power.

A long time later, these two invincible existences, once again. But this time, it was completely plucking the stars and falling on the moon, which completely destroyed everything!

I can feel it clearly. In such a terrible confrontation, any power sown is enough to destroy a leader of a million miles! In their hands, even the simplest wave of hands contains unimaginable endless immortal movement!

I do not understand. He knew that his royal land was too low. Even if it opened Xianfan and had an incomprehensible ability to understand, in front of this level of fairy, even the highest level of the universe would appear at the end of Xianmi, and he still couldn't see it.

But even so, I still have crazy memories. He knows that these are endless precious treasures for him! One day, all of this, he will understand and be able to unite!

In the darkness, the two invincible giants have reached their limit. In the end, the blood giant could no longer support it. This figure began to slowly, and everything was slowly waning. Looking at this Yinjin giant, the shock in my heart did not abate.

He can see clearly. From the beginning to the end, the fairy king Huangquan had never fought a war in front of his ancestor, the fairy king!

He has always been, completely suppressed!

Gradually, the endless darkness and the remaining thoughts projected by the Emperor Huangquan disappeared and began to become transparent. And the yellow and gold are first, and the land king on the land seems to have reached the limit.

Then he started to disperse completely. But unlike the fairy king Huangquan, the ancestor king of the fairy has become countless bright and endless runes. They danced like flying, surging, and walked into my soul one by one along a mysterious and gorgeous track.

Perversion, endless perversion.

At this time, I feel that the earth-shaking changes that have taken place have been completely broken. There is no power in the true sense, and the power without surging blood is blooming, although a lot of power has been used to support the power of bronze. But soon, these terrible blood will clot again.

They have completely broken through layers of obstacles from the endless seal, and they will be in my own blood forever. The blood of gold has become my blood! It has become a terrible way of relying on his future peak!

This change is complete. This completely changed the soul!

After a while, he saw light again from the endless darkness.

Before us is the flash of an ancient door, endless depression and panic seems to be able to swallow everything, just like the ultimate black hole of the universe.

It lay quietly in front of me. But in the face of these, I have never moved. He just stood motionless.

At this time, what he cares most about is his own change, the success of his own transformation.

Close my eyes a little and open them slowly after a long time. At this time, my eyes are a kind of endless joy. Compared with the "Primitive Sutra" and "The Real Body of the Great Devil", this surprise is not much worse than the "Primitive Sutra" and "The Real Body of the Great Evil Seat".

Intermediate soldiers, even such an immediate breakthrough.

"The first state of the true body of the great devil, the king's land of the great devil with the copper body!

Blood is gone, I feel that my qualifications and strength seem to be promoted by terror, this kind of transformation is beyond any kind of transformation!

In the dark space, the power of those runes, let my god, unlock the power several times! With this development, my understanding and soul manipulation ability have been improved by more than ten times!"

Is all this true?

"Who does my blood come from?

Now I finally remembered the blood in my father's mouth during the conversation with my father during the holiday. At that time, my father was ecstatic because he had become a teacher. He once said he would tell himself everything when he came back. Now, I am looking forward to it more and more.

"The power of my blood is almost infinite. It is also a state of projection. It can strongly suppress the great ancient land king in the universe? The land king of the fairy of Huangquan.

So, is Jin the ancestor of this blood? Who are my ancestors?"

He pondered for a while, thinking of all the kings of God in history. In the blink of an eye, now seems to remember.

At this moment, his body was hard, and it looked like an incredible feeling.

Will I be his blood?

Is this possible

I took a deep breath. Except for him, I can't remember anyone else. Bi Jing, there are strong and weak points between the kings of God, but when facing the fairy king Huangquan, who is already on the endless peak, it is easy to suppress the absolute king of God. He is the only king in history. One of them.

I really don't believe it's his blood

After repeated thinking, I finally confirmed that he should be the offspring of a great existence.

I didn't expect that I would also be from Xiansheng. It is also the pinnacle of the existence of Xiansheng. I once thought that I was just a camper. But who would think that my blood is so respectable.

"Destiny, I really like to joke.

The language of the eyes was a kind of helplessness, but at the last moment, when I raised my head, it was full of a strange firmness.

Today, there is no fighting, no conflict. But at this moment, my eyes shined brightly! How similar it is to the previous battle!

At a glance, the edges are infinite.

In a student, madness is endless.

No one can arrange my destiny. Never, never.

My life, my lord

Transformation, everything is too sudden. Suddenly, I felt like I had changed again. Only at this time can you change, only your own heart, is a belief. Or in the past, his greatest ideal was to become a strong person, to be the admiration of all people, so that their so-called family ~wuxiaworld.online~ makes those who once looked down on themselves regret it.

But now, I suddenly feel that these are all illusory.

Once everything is just a few simple obstacles on his own path, for him today, he can completely pass by lifting his feet a little bit. Only the highest bondage, only the bewildered creature, who is free from all final destiny, is the biggest seal. It is his me who finally broke through the existence of the tree lock!

The perseverance in the eyes is unprecedented. I know that the biggest gain this time is not the awakening of blood, but that he has found the way and found his true path in the future.

Only this way can make him climb to the top of the mountain and surpass any highest pole!

So, let me see what is the final legacy of the great ancient civilization!

The moment I just sinked into Fu, I started to beat violently again.

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