I Have A Million Beasts Chapter 1543

Chapter 1543: Background

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"I have a million new monsters ( to find the latest chapter!

The ancient civilization was a powerful civilization before mankind became the pinnacle of the universe. Its splendor is unparalleled. According to the Federation, in the heyday of ancient civilization, although it was not as good as the peak races of the universe, there would not be much difference. Later, the ancient civilization was completely ruined by the powerful civilization. Presumably, that civilization should be one of the top races in the universe at that time.

After all, if you want to destroy that terrible civilization or race or civilization, it must have reached the top of the universe, race or civilization!

It goes without saying that certain things can make the peak civilization of a universe so crazy, even at the same time as the sub-peak civilization.

I know that besides God's land king, he is the first person to enter here.

According to legend, the few land kings who entered here did not take anything from here. So, if there is something that drives the top peser crazy, it must be, and it is still here!

Unfortunately, apart from me and God's land king, I am afraid this world has no idea where the real gate is. I am afraid they will spend countless years, they will only put all their attention on the door, and do everything they can to open the door. "

Thinking of this, a trace of knowledge was revealed on my face. Bi Jing, he already knows the origin of the ancient square star and the existence of this floating Jufu pagoda

If you want to use violence to open this place, you must fight this endless ancient square star! If you can do it, I am afraid this is not the king of God, it is impossible to do it.

Looking at the seal behind me, it's heavy!. The new sealing force appeared, I couldn't resist. He has a feeling that if he wants to leave here, he doesn't have to experience such terrible life and death.

You can leave here if you want. But if you want to come in, you are in trouble.

Therefore, I really don't want to give up such an opportunity to exchange life for life, even if he knows that there may be danger ahead. Now, I still wont, dont want to, cant give up! "Then, lets move on!

Finally, a foot enters it.

Compared with the outside world, this huge butcher pagoda has too much space. It is so big that you can't believe it is what the outside world sees.

It is worthy of ancient civilization, second only to the powerful existence of ethnic civilization at the peak of the universe. There must be a supremacy among them. Otherwise, how do you build such a big world?

What is left behind is that when the world moves towards perfection, the world has been completely broken. Otherwise, in ancient civilizations, there must be a powerful king of the universe, so that ancient civilizations can enter the ranks of ethnic civilizations at the top of the universe.

This is the world. It is an invincible existence and evolutionary personal world. He put his world here so that he can preserve the true heritage of the ancients.

Move around. But in the next moment, my face suddenly changed and it was extremely ugly.

Yes. If this is the case, then this time, I am not here for nothing.

On the face, there is a trace of reluctance and a trace of helplessness.

I should have been thinking about this for a long time. I worry about the existence of people who can become the dominant race or civilization in the universe, or who were once the kings of the earth. And here is a quasi-supreme existence, which is still completely destroyed. Then, there must be a king of God in this race that has clashed with ancient civilizations

Now the King of God has done this. Is there anything else here?

The steps stopped. I don't know whether he should keep going. Bi Jing, if it is what you think. So, after experiencing a lot of hemp, and experiencing life and death to enter here, what is the point?

After thinking for a while, this tight face began to relax a little.

But the benefits I got this time are unimaginable. It awakens the blood of the ancestors of the fairy king, which is no less than the wealth of Tongtianduer.

In that case, what if you can't find anything? Go here already!

After all, I am the first fairy king to see everything.

With this in mind, the sound of my footsteps finally came down again and walked deeper.

It must be said that the construction of world hegemony is not perfect, but it is also close to extremes.

Except for the world's ability to fully develop various principles and laws, there is no difference in size.

The perfect world of the king of God, the king of power, the most helpful, the perfect world of their evolution is unlimited. It will not be more basic than the super life planet.

Of course, I can also feel that the area of this place is not much smaller than the stars in the ancient square under his feet. But even so, he walked in. It's not that I have a brain problem, but he has seen it.

He saw it. In the distance, that terrible, seemingly flat is a huge cave chasing the sky

When I came in, he discovered the existence of the cave. Although it is very large and far from here, I can calculate according to my own speed, and I can arrive in a day at most.

Before Li Tianlai had time to speak, another person next to him said, "Oh, my god, your disciple is really good." Now it should be the peak of intermediate teachers. I am afraid that soon we will be able to break through and become a senior graduate teacher. If you become a senior teacher, you are eligible to enter our ordinary courts through special recruitment.

In Honglanxing, as long as they are qualified to be a teacher, they can enter the Federal Honglanxing University through special recruitment. However, in a general hospital, only if you become a senior graduate teacher can you pass the exam and enter the general hospital as a general specialist. A person can only become a junior graduate teacher, while for another, the lowest threshold is a senior graduate teacher. The gap between the general hospital and the hospital department is clear at a glance.

Look at these brothers! In the words on the side, Li Tianlaijing did not show any irritable expression. He just looked at these people a little cunning, and finally everyone looked at him, Li Tianlai said slowly: "He called me, he is a student of our Honglanxing branch school.

Hearing this ~wuxiaworld.online~ everyone nodded gently. But Li Tianlai's next sentence surprised them a bit.

But I am not my student, and I am not qualified to accept him as a student.

These people frowned slightly, and finally Li Qingfeng, who had the best relationship with Li Tianlai, asked: This is not your student. "Half Immortal has almost stepped into a double realm. Will your soul be immortalized? Does he have a big background?

People can't remember anything except this. Bi, Li Tianlai, who is almost half immortal and dual, is a big figure in the administrative star of the entire capital. He said that his disqualification is puzzling.

If you see these people talking directly here, regardless of themselves, you might feel a little angry if it was me in the past. Bi Jue, no one wants to be talked about so unscrupulously. But now I will not. Because he knew this was the privilege of the strong, and in their eyes, there was only the extreme state of the strong, and the rest was nothing at all. Even federal laws are not subject to these laws.

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