I Have A Million Beasts Chapter 1544

Chapter 1544: Opponent

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"I have a million new monsters ( to find the latest chapter!

With the smile in the corner of Li Tianlai's eyes, the smiles became more and more obvious when the two brothers in Zhoudi raised their eyebrows slightly. He squeezed it lightly, and then said, "In fact, this time I took him to see a person, that person" is the one who really wants to treat him as a disciple.

At this time, the interests of many people were felt. Li Tianlai and I looked at them one by one. Li Tianlai also knew what to say.

He opened his mouth and said, "I, he is now my student, but soon he will become my brother, my youngest brother.

In this way, he did not look at the teacher and the brothers. Li Tianlai stared at me and walked straight to the ladder in the middle of the hall. And I didn't hesitate to leave here after Li Tianlai.

Everyone was a little shocked, and it took a long time to reflect. He watched Li Tianlai and I leave, and took a deep breath.

His eyes are shocking.

Oh my goodness, I am his youngest brother. ! Is it the principal who wants to treat him as the first son? Although everyone is unwilling to admit it, everyone knows this is true. At this time, someone sighed and said, "This time, we can't see it straight away." Unexpectedly, he was valued by the principal and Jing himself accepted as a disciple! What a terrible talent it takes.

Li Tianlai's human development level is !. level, which belongs to the super sky at the federal level.

However, he was revered as a disciple not only because of his talent development, but also because of Li Tianlai's opportunity.

However, the young man was directly called a disciple just now, so his talents will definitely exceed Li Tianlai!

The next moment, the great body stands between heaven and earth. That is, at this moment, the biggest existence of those immortals, those who are truly called fairy magic, the existence of nothing, even like those immortals, are completely shattered. They, Kuan Ran has become a bone and an invincible body in the world!

"Endless fairies make bones.

This is, if the endless fairy demon, turned into flesh and blood!

Hundreds of millions of fairies, endless fairies and evil are like bones.

Between heaven and earth, nothingness reappears. It has evolved countless times and experienced countless civilizations. The appearance of creatures, their proliferation and work, they become the existence of wisdom.

They pray for the great incomparable body. They waited quietly, waiting for the great body to come.

Gradually, heaven saw the collapse of time and space, the disappearance of hundreds of millions of time and space. But they, like the dead fairies and fairies, became power, and they all merged into the body. It's just that these powers are decorated on the face of the body. The worship of that countless creatures seems to have produced infinite faith. These forces also appear on the body.

The truth of time and space look into the eyes

With that countless time and space, along with the formation of the true meaning of heaven and earth, the enlightenment of all people, the eternal law of chaotic evolution, has become the body's biggest eye!

The world is changing. Everything is intertwined. Destiny appeared, eternal birth

Destiny and eternity become the ultimate one. They do not exist, but now they sing the praises of heaven, but they can truly feel their presence.

This may be a sight, just one trillion years. Time, space, and destiny seem to be the projection of eternity in the entire universe. Finally, they fall into the body in this way.

At this time, the eyes were condensed by the truth of time and space and opened for the first time.

In the world of death, when you look at the creation, the universe, everything, and the universe are all under the control of your eyes.

I don't know what it is. He can feel that his body does not need to act, just open and close his eyes, and the universe can collapse and time and space can be destroyed!

Endless fairies make bones.

The truth of time and space stares like an eye

The eternal soul of destiny"

When the ancient eulogy disappears, the great existence will be su. Singing to the heavens, I often see the corpses of hundreds of millions of creatures rising and sinking, quietly under the feet of eternal greatness. Countless creatures were chanted, and they prayed and prayed around like eternal greatness. The truth of time and space appeared, hovering and swaying around the eternal great body.

This kind of scene appeared, controlling hundreds of millions of galaxies, succumbing to the endless space and time of the universe.

He did not speak, but quietly looked at one direction, an unknown direction.

At this moment, the heaven of the singer can no longer stand. He has been unable to resist this level of pressure, and finally the dignified will in his heart is completely gone. In his world, in the land where he created the world and the fairy of creation. In order to praise the sky, he went down.

In that one, Dao Zong Tiansheng felt the collapse of his world and completely disappeared. But they did not appear in the sky outside. At this moment, they are in a hazy galaxy. Zhou Yi, hundreds of millions of stars twinkle, and the laws of truth are constantly intertwined!

This is like a miniature of the entire universe, a model of everything!

That eternal greatness remains the same as before. The fairy secret on his face has never disappeared. This is a kind of immortal movement that transcends fate and eternity, and is a truth that will never be seen in the world.

Finally, after waiting for a long time, the man raised his arm for the first time.

The universe is a dark place in the far west.

I, like an emperor facing the nine courtyards and four schools, look down on sentient beings. His will is the will of the earth king, the emperor's majesty, and the emperor's glory! His words cannot be questioned or denied. If not, its the emperors anger

When the Son of God is angry, he will travel for miles. When the emperor is angry, all the places are finished!

Feeling my unparalleled will, everyone was shocked by the unprecedented shock and political fear. At this time, even the three perfect land kings hiding in their private rooms were shocked. This is their biggest shock so far, it is a kind of fear that can be described! At present, they are also suppressed!

Tianxing, UU reading www.uukanshu.com you are wrong.

He is unlikely to be our opponent, but in the future, he will definitely become my obstacle!

Regardless of whether he has other cards, as long as he performs today, he will definitely become the king of murder! Once he has other cards, he is very likely to exist the king of the series, the highest emperor!

No one denies Damon's words, because they feel the same.

The thirty sons killed in the sky are incomparable and sour in their respective areas. They are the supreme words. They think or admit that they have belonged to the day of killing. If it wasn't for their own reasons that they couldn't solve the journey, they would now challenge the path of killing immortals on the road.

Therefore, their self-esteem cannot be compared with anyone. But at this moment, after hearing my two words, these people felt an inner obedience, but they had an impulse to worship! This is an unreasonable shame for them.

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