I Pick Up Attributes In The End Times Chapter 893

Chapter 893: A Friend

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Patriarch Fang felt unbelievable and unbelievable about this. He stared at the two men and asked angrily: "Then Lin Fan is only a student from the Outer Academy of Nanluo College, and he doesn't even have the cultivation realm in the initial stage of the Huangdan Realm. How could it be possible to deal with our Fang family?"

"Say! Tell me clearly! What is going on!"

Patriarch Fang can be said to be quite angry.

Because he can tell from the expressions of these two people that they are not lying.

What's more, in front of him, he also believed that these two men had no guts to lie.

If he was found to be a lie, then the fate of these two men would undoubtedly be quite miserable.

Those two people can naturally feel the anger of Patriarch Fang. They took a deep breath, and the person on the left said: "Patriarch Fang, Lin Fan's own cultivation level is indeed only in the late stage of the Heavenly Desolate Realm, and has not yet reached the wasteland. At the early stage of the Dan realm."

"But the key is that he not only has the cultivation realm of the late Heavenly Desolate Realm, but he also has the soul power of a third-rank alchemist."

When they said this, there was a burst of heated discussion around them.

"What? It's impossible, right? Lin Fan actually has the soul power of a third-rank alchemist when he looks so young?"

"If this is the case, it would be terrible!"

"But the problem is that the soul power of a third-rank alchemist must be divided into specific levels!"

"Think about it, the big elders of the Fang family and the second elders of the Fang family have the cultivation level of the middle stage of the wild pill realm. Although the third elders of the Fang family and the fourth elder of the Fang family only have the cultivation realm of the initial stage of the wild pill realm, they add up. Anyway, it can almost be compared with a person in the middle cultivation level of the Desolate Pill Realm."

"This means that the four of them are equivalent to three mid-level cultivation realms in the wild pill realm."

"With such a lineup, people who have just stepped into the level of the soul power of a third-rank alchemist can't handle it, right?"

"Yes, at least you have to step into the talent line of the third rank alchemist's soul power for a period of time."

"However, I am very curious. Lin Fan already possesses the soul power of a third-rank alchemist, do you think he is already a third-rank alchemist?"

"This... unlikely!"

"Is such a young third-rank alchemist too shocking?"

"That's right! Such a young third-rank alchemist, that is definitely going against the sky!"

"Anyway, I feel that this young man Lin Fan has unlimited talent and potential."

Everyone began to discuss it one after another, and their tone and direction of this meeting had already fallen to Lin Fan's side.

Think Lin Fan is the real genius.

The words of these people fell in the ears of the two people, and they knew that Patriarch Fang would definitely ask them about the specific situation.

Therefore, before Patriarch Fang could ask them, they started to say: "Patriarch Fang, Lin Fan has a lot of methods in his hands, and all he has displayed is the middle-rank martial arts of heavenly rank, and he also has a method that can be used for short. Within time, he raised his strength to the perfect cultivation realm of the Desolate Pill Realm."

"The most important thing is that he still has a heavenly spirit treasure on him, that is the mountain and river fan that appeared at the auction."


Hearing this, everyone was in an uproar.

"Tian-level middle-grade martial arts! Heaven-level Lingbao!"

"Mountain and river fan? Didn't it be bought by Tang Xiaoxiao from Nanluo College? Why did it fall into Lin Fan's hands again?"

"Yeah, what the **** is going on?"

"Furthermore, from what they said, Lin Fan's methods are too powerful! He has even mastered the middle-rank martial arts!"

"If this is what they said, then it wouldn't be surprising that the four elders of the Fang family were defeated!"

"Yes, this kind of strength can indeed defeat the four elders of the Fang family."

"I have to say, then Lin Fan is really amazing!"

Everyone sighed again, their admiration for Lin Fan could not help but increase a lot.

No way, everything that Lin Fan showed completely exceeded their expectations.

They really didn't expect Lin Fan to be so powerful.


"Tian-level Lingbao mountain river fan? Heaven-level middle-grade martial arts?"

Patriarch Fang was stunned. You know, he doesn't have a heaven-level spirit treasure now, nor has he practiced a middle-level heaven-level martial arts.

Both of these appeared in Lin Fan's body, but Lin Fan was just a person who had not even reached the realm of the cultivation of the Desolate Pill Realm.

This not only made him angry with Lin Fan for killing Fang Qianjun and others, but also made him feel jealous towards Lin Fan in his heart.

"Patriarch Fang, we have told you everything we know, and I hope you will let us go!"

The two people hurriedly begged for forgiveness to the Fang Patriarch.

They didn't know the temper of Patriarch Fang, they only knew that Patriarch Fang would be in an extremely angry mood after hearing the news.

If the Wanfang family mainly uses the two of them to vent their anger, then the two of them can't stop it.

After all, the strength of the two of them compared with Patriarch Fang is really far behind.

Therefore, in this case, they felt that they should ask the Fang Patriarch for mercy first, maybe there is still a chance.

"Die to me!"

However, at the moment when their voices fell, the Fang Family Master spit out three words that made their hearts feel ashamed.

boom! boom!

Before they could react, Patriarch Fang clenched his fists and slammed their chests fiercely. With the spread of two dull noises, their bodies flew backwards and hit the wall heavily. Above, all the bones in the body broke apart, and there was no breath at all.

In any case, the Fang Patriarch is the cultivation realm in the early stage of the Formation Realm. Even if he did not use any martial arts, he did not use his full strength, but the power of these two punches is not the same as those in the initial cultivation realm of the Desolate Realm. The existence that has survived.

"Lin Fan! Lin Fan! I must kill you!"

After getting rid of these two people, Patriarch Fang still clenched his fists together and roared frantically.

Everyone around can feel the anger in his tone.

So, they all pushed a little toward the rear at this time.

In fact, according to the original plan, at this time, they should have left here.

But they all know that there must be some good scenes happening here. If they leave now, they might miss some wonderful scenes.

Therefore, they decided to stay and wait for Lin Fan to appear.

There is no doubt that after Lin Fan appeared, Patriarch Fang would definitely take action against Lin Fan.


Lin Fan is still practicing in the cave, they are walking out.

At this time, Yueshan would merge with them.

However, Lin Fan did not speak to Yue Shan, nor did Yue Shan speak to Lin Fan.

Before that, Yue Shan hadn't put Lin Fan in his eyes at all, and even wanted to find a chance to get rid of Lin Fan.

But now, he didn't dare to despise Lin Fan anymore.

After all, Lin Fan has a strength comparable to a mid-level puppet in the mid-stage cultivation realm of the Forming Realm.

Such a medium puppet is not something he can deal with.

Therefore, he wouldn't provoke Lin Fan until his own strength surpassed that medium puppet.

Of course, Lin Fan himself didn't have any thoughts of talking to Yue Shan.

"By the way, Senior Sister Tang, after we go out, we have to go back to Baiyuan City?" Lin Fan looked at Tang Xiaoxiao and asked with a smile.

When Lin Fan said so, Yue Shan, Guo Yuanjie and Qiu Chengzhi frowned slightly.

This time they came out of Nanluo College for two things.

First, participate in the auction of Baiyuan City.

Second, come and explore in this cultivation cave.

They have already participated in this first thing.

Now the second thing is over.

Shouldn't they return to Nanluo College directly from here? Why go to Baiyuan City?

Thinking of this, Yue Shan couldn't help asking: "What else do you want to go to Baiyuan City?"

Lin Fan didn't answer Yue Shan's words, but only heard Tang Xiaoxiao say a little: "We are going to Baiyuan City to pick up a friend, you just go back first."

"A friend?" Yue Shan was stunned.


Tang Xiaoxiao said impatiently, "This has nothing to do with you, you just need to go back first."

In the palace in the deepest part of the cultivation cave, Yue Shan saw Lin Fan clash with other people and didn't even stand with them. This made Tang Xiaoxiao feel very upset.

If it wasn't for the fact that they were still a college student, then she wouldn't even want to say a word to Yue Shan.

From Tang Xiaoxiao's tone, Yue Shan already felt the anger. He still given all this to Lin Fan, and secretly wrote down the new hatred.

"When I can defeat your middle puppet, I will let you know what despair is!" Yue Shan thought to himself.

Lin Fan didn't know what Yue Shan was thinking, even if he knew it, he wouldn't care about it.

His eyes were still on Tang Xiaoxiao's body, and he was very satisfied with Tang Xiaoxiao's actions against Yueshan.

And Tang Xiaoxiao was also very clear. Lin Fan said that they were going back to Baiyuan City, so naturally they went to pick up Xiao Wenxiu.

I had already said that I would take Xiao Wenxiu back to Nanluo College to be a student, so this thing must be done.

Soon, they came to the gate of the cultivation cave, and as long as they walked out of the gate, they even left the cultivation cave.

But when they were still inside the gate, they could clearly hear that there were a lot of noisy sounds outside, which surprised them all.

It stands to reason that the people who come out of the cultivation cave can be ignored if they have no harvest, shouldnt those who have harvested leave quickly? How can you stay here to waste time? Are you afraid of being shot for something?

With such doubts, Lin Fan and Tang Xiaoxiao looked at each other, quickened their pace, and they walked out of the cultivation cave together.

And the moment they walked out of the cultivation cave, everyone's eyes were focused on them.

Among them, another person yelled: "Look, Lin Fan is out!"

It was this person's voice that pushed the atmosphere here to its peak.

All eyes converged on Lin Fan.

"Lin Fan!"

At the same time, an angry voice followed.

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