Cultivating 1000000 Years Chapter 3889

Chapter 2075: Ancient Bell

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"Hahaha. I admit that I am no longer your opponent. But for one thing, you may never know the truth because of your victory in this battle.

In other words, the day when the truth comes to light will be the day when you will completely fall, and it will also be the day when a new era of the entire main continent arrives. I believe that at that time, you will understand your countless years of practice, but it will become the biggest joke. "

The Supreme God's will began to laugh wildly, and then before Xu Yang took the shot himself, this guy actually started to burn his soul power, obviously he did not have any expectations for defeating Xu Yang.

But what he said made Xu Yang frowned instinctively and fell into new thinking. I always felt that there was a vital clue that suddenly missed a link.

Xu Yang did not take action to stop the other partys soul from burning because it was too late. He just carried his hands and looked calmly in front of him. The supreme meaning in front of him was to spend a little bit of ashes until all the soul aura belonging to the other party was completely extinguished. A bolder guess.

The entire dark power discipleship plan may not be the layout directed by the will of the supreme **** who has just gone to extinction. In other words, the real ruler of the dark forces behind the scenes is someone else!

It is worth mentioning that after watching the will of the supreme **** in front of him completely walked to the ground, the little mushroom next to Xu Yang that temporarily seized the essence of blue vitality suddenly went crazy and roared, and then the whole body turned directly. As a streamer, it disappeared in an instant.

Since this guy currently has a perfect body, it can definitely be regarded as the most powerful and perfect human life form bred in the entire main continent. She has agility attributes that Xu Yang has no way to compare.

Fortunately, Xu Yang is no stranger to the soul breath of Little Mushroom, as long as he is willing to spend time, he can still find its place again.

However, Xu Yang did not expect that just before he was ready to retreat from this immortal tide, the boundless waves burst into a crashing loud noise, and the impact generated by this force, even Xu Yang Also afraid of it!

Soon, Xu Yang showed an incredible expression above the void.

"Is this the breath of the Supreme God?"

For an instant, the kind of jealousy that hadn't been seen for many years suddenly came to his mind, and Xu Yang just stared at the scene in front of him with his eyes.

Soon all the waves were completely evaporated in an instant, and all the water attribute power of the mighty immortal tide disappeared completely, replaced by an extremely large golden clock, slowly born from the bottom of the Xuanyuan Dynasty formation. , And the one who opened this huge golden clock turned out to be the Soul of the Supreme God's Will that had fallen before Xu Yang before.

When Xu Yang faced this truly powerful supreme artifact, he was completely stunned, because he really didnt know when the main continent actually had a second supreme artifact, because he felt confused and wanted to know this clock. When he shot, the old dragon soul turned out again, and immediately stopped Xu Yang's desire like this.

"Master, wait a minute! This is the only supreme artifact in the Primordial Era. The ancient bell! According to legend, when the main continent was just born, the initial opportunity for the formation of the law of the heavens and the world came from this supreme artifact in front of me, I It was also unexpected that this totem-like existence that affected the fate of the main continent was actually sealed in the immortal tide!

I once heard my last master, Kunlun Emperor, said that every time this supreme artifact appeared, it meant that a real catastrophe on the mainland was about to come.

This thing is actually a guard in the era of civilization on the mainland. He has never belonged to any one person's will. You can treat it as a witness and a bystander of the civilization inheritance of the entire main continent. When the ancient clock is opened every time, the entire main continent will face an epic catastrophe in which all civilizations are ruined. "

Hearing this old dragon soul said, Xu Yang's expression became more solemn.

Because this time spanning hundreds of thousands of years of time and space, he came to the current civilization system of the main continent, and he had to rely on his own power to free the entire main continent from the quagmire and haze, and let it On the right track, but now the appearance of this supreme artifact, the ancient clock, completely disrupted Xu Yang's original plan.

But Xu Yang also realized that the final battle that belonged to the fate of the main continent was about to come early. Rumble! The golden eternal clock began to make its first shocking echo.

At the same time, along with this incomparably vast sound of bells, a golden halo of power spread out, starting from the immortal tide, quickly covering any corner of the main continent.

Although this power is immense, Xu Yang was surprised to find that it itself did not cause any physical harm to all living beings. Even if the sound of incomparable moving power reaches every ordinary persons mind, it is It's so soft and crisp. And with the appearance of the vast bell, it seems that all the noisy sounds of the whole world are gradually dissipated because of its arrival.

After receiving the guidance of the old dragon soul, Xu Yang suddenly saw endless colors in his soul world, and he was not unfamiliar with this scene.

Because in the continental civilization where he was born hundreds of thousands of years ago, he had awakened all the colors in the soul world for the first time, and there was still a black silence in the souls of all the partners around him at that time.

Until this earth-shattering sound came again, the long-lost brilliant light in Xu Yang's soul world burst again, and he suddenly had an urge to come to this ancient bell and listen to the guidance of the avenue.

At first, relying on the strength of Xu Yang alone, he found that he had no way to reach the top of the dome, within the halo surrounded by the vast golden light of the ancient clock. Naturally, there is no way to listen to the guidance of this ancient supreme artifact at close range.

However, the very urgent desire to approach the supreme artifact in Xu Yang's soul world reminded Xu Yang time and time again that he must not just give up, and must find a way to enter the incomparably bright golden halo.

At this critical juncture, after the old dragon soul suddenly burst out with a terrifying roar, he actually began to burn the origin of his soul. Xu Yang never thought of this kind of action.

"What are you doing?"

The old dragon soul laughed loudly.

"It's just doing what I should do, creating an opportunity for you to listen to the sound of the world, and you will be the only human race in the world to receive this honor.

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