Cultivating 1000000 Years Chapter 3890

Chapter 2076: The Guide Of The Avenue

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Xu Yang didn't realize until now that the old dragon soul who was following him turned out to be the only existence in the ancient true dragon clan who had ever reached the level of the dragon emperor.

While the old dragon soul burned the origin of his soul, he also entered Xu Yang's soul world in the form of spiritual imprints of his past experiences and past memories, and shared everything he had once with him.

Xu Yang realized that the old dragon had experienced the destruction of the main continent civilization last time, and that was already a million years ago. The old dragon soul was the only survivor in that catastrophe, because he was the last brave in the catastrophe, and eventually he lost the body of his dragon emperor. But this soul was left behind.

He didn't stay there until he met the Emperor of Kunlun in the new era, and found the most suitable place for him to live in that feng shui treasure place.

After understanding all this, Xu Yang finally understood why this old dragon soul could help him open a door into the ancient bell to listen to the legends handed down.

"If you do this, does that mean your soul will be completely annihilated?"

The dragon soul laughed loudly.

"I don't need to answer you this question first. Because when you have listened to the handed down mantras and felt the guidance passed to you in the process, you will be able to understand."

Xu Yang took a deep look at the old dragon soul. He really did not expect that he would receive the greatest help from the dragon servants around him in the final battle to save the mainland civilization. On the surface, he was a servant, but he did not know that he was once. This world stands at the top of the powerhouse.

The dazzling golden light of the dragon soul has been imagining nine starry sky dragons around Xu Yang, making him set off at this moment like the ninety-five supreme, slowly coming to the surface of the halo in the calcaneus of the supreme artifact surrounded by golden light. .

One after another, the dragon souls kept hitting the same position in front of Xu Yang, finally opening a way for him to enter the halo area.

A dawn finally knocked on the door of Xu Yang's soul world at a certain moment, more like the supreme artifact in the endless golden halo area in front of him, and produced the same frequency of soul resonance.

As the old dragon soul described before, this huge ancient supreme artifact does not appear in the form of a substantive soul, only the endless information of the laws of heaven, and the imprints of every law of heaven can be in front of this golden halo. I can feel it inside.

Seeing the ancient clock Xu Yang in front of him, he understood that the human race was insignificant in front of the heavens and the realms, and the so-called being able to control the power of the realms was nothing more than the brand of the power to control those realms. The real Dadao of Heaven and Earth can kill all lives in the world in an instant.

Until Xu Yang's soul world entered this area, he felt extremely clear guidance, and new voices began to appear in his mind. It was the strong guidance that this ancient clock gave him.

"You finally appeared the proud son of the human race, and you are also the only terminator of this era of the century. The entire continent civilization will have a real catastrophe every million years. The saviors born in each era are completely different.

For example, the savior of the previous generation is the dragon soul who has been guarding you. He also had the opportunity to stand at the true apex of the main continent's civilization, but unfortunately he was only one step away in the end.

He failed, so his body was completely obliterated, leaving only the soul as the inheritor of my eternal belief to help me find and protect the next existence that may reach the highest realm of the human race.

You should be thankful, because at least for now, the best candidate is you. But can he break through this unprecedented difficulty and move towards the highest realm of the human emperor? It depends on your own efforts and good luck.

You don't need to have any psychological burden, because when you enter this halo area, you can hear some guidance about me, which proves that your soul has begun to merge with the real heavens.

Your soul will be protected by things like the heavens of the mainland. Of course, this is definitely a gathering of all the power of faith you have previously harvested.

All your previous contributions to the sentient beings on the main continent, and the power of belief from all ages and sentient beings, will be compensated in this golden halo, and will further strengthen your soul power and eventually reach the eternal ladder. "

The avenue guidance sound of the ancient clock suddenly stopped at this moment, and then Xu Yang clearly saw that a huge space-time pendulum slowly appeared in the middle of the supreme artifact of the ancient clock. And on this pendulum, there are some special Archaic characters that even Xu Yang can't understand. That is a special calculation method that measures time in years.

"From now on, there is still a full three hundred years before the catastrophe really arrives, and within the aura of the Great Avenue of the Heavens, the time to replenish the power of your soul is one hundred years.

Once a hundred years arrive, your soul strength will finally freeze. Whether you can achieve true eternity ahead of schedule depends on your own destiny and hard work, so this hundred years is of vital importance to you. Once successful, this will be the basic condition for your future impact on Human Emperor Supreme. "

Xu Yang nodded solemnly.

"Thanks to Dadao for the guidance, I know what to do."

"In addition, there is a more important point. After the one-hundred-year time limit is reached, it means that the final countdown of the main continent's destruction of the world is coming, and the sky will be reduced to blood red.

And in these two hundred years, you must develop your own most powerful exercise power as much as possible. Let yourself polish to the top in all aspects and fields.

At the same time, you also need to gather enough power of faith, so that those friends who have been by your side will all be gathered together by your appeal to help you fight against the coming of the world.

Because once disaster strikes, any area of the entire main continent will be eroded by the most powerful dark force, and you alone cannot save all beings on the continent.

Of course, the ultimate power of the catastrophe can only be defeated by you alone. The success or failure of the final battle will not only determine your fate.

If you fail in the end, you will be the only survivor under the civilization of the era of the main continent, and everyone else will go to eternal death.

If you obtain the ultimate breakthrough of Human Emperor Supreme to achieve true eternal immortality, and defeat the strongest opponent of the mainland catastrophe, then you will become the true master of the Great Avenue of the Ancient Bells. "

Xu Yang understood the true meaning of the Great Dao of Heavens. As long as he could complete the victory in the final battle, then his partners and the sentient beings on the main continent bred during this era could all continue to survive.

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