Cultivating 1000000 Years Chapter 3891

Chapter 2077: Reincarnation

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If it fails, it means that everything will be ruined from scratch. It was at this moment that Xu Yang finally understood why the old dragon soul had a transcendence that saw everything.

Because he had experienced all this before, and failed to make the last step in the final battle, defeating the strongest in the last era of destruction. So he watched with his own eyes that his dragon companions all fell because of his failure. It is conceivable how much pain he ultimately endured with his immortal soul.

This time, for the sake of all his former partners and the civilization and glory of the entire main continent, Xu Yang told himself that he must complete the final breakthrough and defeat the opponents that stood in front of him.

Xu Yang suddenly thought of this vital question, and suddenly opened his mouth to continue asking Dadao.

"I want to clarify one thing, in the so-called tribulation of the world, is the master behind the scenes the complete consciousness of the Supreme God?"

The voice of the avenue came out again.

"The complete body of the Supreme God's will is part of the ultimate opponent you will face. I can also tell you clearly. The other part of that terrifying existence is the assembly of the first man emperor to the seventh man emperor."

Xu Yang was stunned on the spot.

"How is it possible? Could it be that the will of the Supreme God completely swallowed all the remaining Seven Sovereign Sovereigns in front of me?"

Dadao shook his head lightly in response.

"It's not what you think. The so-called seven emperors are actually the incarnation of the first emperor. Except for the first emperor, the remaining five emperors from the second emperor to the sixth emperor are all the first emperor. The phantom of the soul body of the emperor.

Because what the first emperor cultivated was the most powerful reincarnation exercise in the past and present. Once he achieves the Ninth Rank of Heavenly Power, he will replace you as the Supreme Being of Human Emperor.

It's a pity that an extremely powerful evil thought has been gestated in his heart. Moreover, his body as the first emperor was corroded by the product of civilization from outside the territory, that is, the will of the complete supreme god. So he lost his qualifications to be the candidate for your current position.

I can even tell you responsibly that the talent and power of the first man emperor are far more powerful than you now.

If it hadn't been corroded by the will of the Supreme God. I am afraid that he will undoubtedly become the supreme human emperor. It's a pity that Fate made a big joke with him. The Supreme God's Will suddenly broke into the era hundreds of thousands of years ago, and even my Dao consciousness could not be deduced.

Therefore, the first emperor finally endured the misfortune that should have belonged to the sentient beings on the entire continent. It is equivalent to forcibly buckling the biggest tragedy on his head.

What you have to do is to use your strength to completely end all the evil thoughts in your heart and eradicate the will of the Supreme God. And complete the salvation of his soul. "

After hearing the guidance from Dadao, Xu Yang had already made clear the task he was going to accomplish, but he also realized how terrifying the opponent he would face in the end would be.

Xu Yang has just obtained the status of the eighth emperor, beheading and conquering two generations of emperors one after another, and all of them are the last emperors. He knows too well what kind of strength and talent he needs to be a great emperor. That kind of difficulty is simply unimaginable.

If Xu Yang were to live on his own again, he knew that he would never be where he is today.

But even with such a difficulty, he could easily reach it like a child's play in front of the first emperor. And he relived the sixth life and became the emperor in every life. Such a brilliant talent is indeed incomparable to Xu Yang now.

But Xu Yang's biggest advantage compared to the first man emperor is his extremely powerful will. Since coming to hundreds of thousands of years ago, in this era, Xu Yang has dealt with the will of the Supreme God more than once.

Every time he faces the temptation released by the supreme will, Xu Yang can stick to his heart. This is also the most important reason why he was able to get to this position or the guidance of the avenue.

"Well, I have already said what I want to say to you, and there is nothing to guide you next. Everything must be done by yourself. When I talk to you again, it will be the world's destruction. When the end of the war was finally known.

If you can really become my master, the real and eternal guardian of this main continent, then I will also live with you forever. "

A slight smile appeared on Xu Yang's face. It seemed that his expression at the moment was quite calm and his heart was calm as water. This feeling made him gradually forget all the influence of the law of space on him, as if he was sleeping in a thousand years. In the big dream, all the surrounding sounds disappeared unconsciously.

Xu Yang also began to release all the colors of his soul world during this period, and every ray of light from the soul world resonated with the surrounding heaven and earth avenues.

He is like a sapling that is loved by thousands of people, nourished by all the light and nutrients of the whole world, but whether he can grow into a towering tree in the end will have to be verified by time.

The appearance of the ancient clock was a news that shocked the entire world for any corner of the entire main continent. The hurry of a hundred years is fleeting.

Originally when Xu Yang just lost the news, Long Kun Xiaohua and others went crazy and walked almost everywhere in the main continent. After all, they still failed to get a satisfactory result, but these companions of Xu Yang did not. One person chooses to give up and continues.

A hundred years of time is just a fleeting time for a powerful person like Long Kun Xiaohua and others. Until the end of the nine days a hundred years later, the endless blood red suddenly descends, and the ancient clock releases nine in succession. Nine-eighty-one beeps.

Every deafening roar. It seemed to knock on the door of this world to new life, but now it all seemed to be on the edge of falling into hell.

All the fragments of the Supreme God's will are fully recovered by the arrival of the blood-colored Changhong. Every corner of the entire world is surrounded by endless nightmares.

And the disciples of the dark forces, the Puppet Gate, after a hundred years of dormancy, fully appeared in any regional civilization on the main continent.

Previously, the will of the Supreme God was transformed into nine fragments, each in charge of nine relatively independent civilized regions of the main continent, but at the moment when the countdown to the end-time civilization began, the laws between all regions completely disappeared, and the entire main continent merged again. As a whole under a civilized system.

Everyone understands that the real catastrophe has come.

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