Who Cares About The Dao? I Want Beauties Chapter 68

Chapter 68: The Mysterious Singularity

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"Mu Lin versus Luo Qiao!" The voice of the announcer woke up the dazed crowd. Even now, they could still not believe that a simple wave of the mysterious woman's hand had led to someone's death. The other participants were also intimidated by the strength of this mysterious woman. They decided that they wouldn't court death and fight her.

Mu Lin stood up from his seat and went to the stage. Due to being seated next to the mysterious woman, the crowd was also looking forward to this person's strength. They no longer dared to label him as someone at the first level of the Core Formation Stage.

Luo Qiao cupped his fists and greeted Mu Lin. Before the announcer could begin, his next action drew weird stares from the crowd. "Don't kill me, okay?"

"That's supposed to be my line," joked Mu Lin, scratching his head. His reaction made Luo Qiao respond with a bitter smile.

Even if I could, your partner would definitely make me disappear, Luo Qiao thought. The mysterious woman's power frightened him greatly.


Mu Lin rubbed his spatial ring, and a high-grade spirit treasure appeared on his hands. It was a bow that he bought at the auction: Silver Snake Bow. Although he didn't have any custom made arrows, he used his spiritual energy to form them. But this kind of technique requires a lot of practice, and only a few experts at the Nascent Soul Stage could do it.

Mu Lin retreated the moment the fight began, pulled the bow's string, and shot multiple times at Luo Qiao. Luo Qiao dodged and used his low-grade spirit treasure sword to repel Mu Lin's attacks.

"That Mu Lin had a high-grade spirit treasure? It's over. Luo Qiao is sure to lose this one!"

"He's not as strong as his masked friend, but still impressive. At the first level he could fight Luo Qiao who's at the eight level. It could also be said that it's because he relied on his high-grade spirit treasure. But even so, Core Formation Stage cultivators could use 15% of the high-grade spirit treasure's true power."

Luo Qiao felt his arms turned heavy as he swung his sword and repelled the arrows. Seeing that he couldn't get near Mu Lin, he gritted his teeth and rubbed his spatial ring. Right after that, he took the talisman that came from the ring and activated it before slapping it on his chest. A round shield formed around Luo Qiao and deflected all the incoming arrows. He dashed towards Mu Lin and closed the gap between them.

Now that Luo Qiao closed the gap, Mu Lin stored his bow and switched with another high-grade spirit treasure sword: Moon Sword.

Upon seeing Mu Lin drew another high-grade spirit treasures, Luo Qiao's mouth twitched while the crowd gasped. Yao'er, on the other hand, inwardly berated Mu Lin. 'Idiot! Use low-grade spirit treasures instead!"

Peak-level Core Formation Stage cultivators could use 70% percent of the low-grade spirit treasure's true power. After all, spirit treasures were made for Spiritual Infant and Spirit Transformation Stage experts; they were not made for Core Formation Stage cultivators.

Mu Lin using high-grade spirit treasures was a stupid move. They would immediately drain his spiritual energy. He should've used low-grade spirit treasures instead. If Luo Qiao waited for a while, Mu Lin wouldn't be able to shoot any more arrows.

I'm partly to blame; I forgot to tell him, thought Yao'er. She continued watching and didn't warn him. Of course, this knowledge of using low-grade spirit treasures instead of high-grade spirit treasures was only limited to a few individuals. The crowd and other experts thought that what Mu Lin did was only natural. Perhaps, only those Soul Binding Stage reserve power of the four sects knew of them.

Even though Mu Lin predicted his opponent's every move by instinct due to his divine ability, he only reacted ten percent of the time. 'Damn it! Sparring with Yao'er didn't let me practice this ability.'

As Mu Lin fought Luo Qiao with the sword, his spiritual energy reserves were depleting rapidly. Most of his spiritual energy was drained for cracking Luo Qiao's talisman shield.

'It's this sword, huh?' he immediately found out the problem. No wonder this Luo Qiao seemed to have an endless reserve of spiritual energy. It's because I was foolishly draining mine!

Mu Lin swung his sword one last time and retreated. Obviously, Luo Qiao, whose shield had long cracked, wouldn't let the gap widen and chased after him. If Mu Lin got away, he would be barraged with arrows.

While the crowd was entranced with the sword fight, someone asked, "Why are they not using other flashy techniques?"

An expert answered, "They have no time for hand seals or preparing for a technique. Luo Qiao wouldn't let Mu Lin widen the gap, lest he be pushed into a passive state, defending from his arrows. As for Mu Lin, he seemed well-versed with the Sword Dao, but obviously, due to the gap of their cultivation, he won't last long in a battle of endurance."

In fact, if Mu Lin knew some other technique, he would have used it. Unfortunately, he didn't have one.


Luo Qiao couldn't wait any longer and released a sword qi towards Mu Lin. In response to this, Mu Lin unleashed two sword qi.

What?! Two sword qi? Luo Qiao's mouth gaped as he looked at the incoming sword qi. One of the two sword qi that Mu Lin unleashed repelled Luo Qiao's sword qi.

Luo Qiao cursed inside and dodged the sword qi. Just as he hopped away, he saw another sword qi coming his way. Impossible! He could unleash three of them?! Even Yang Kai, a core disciple who was a genius in the Sword Dao, was rumored to have only reached two sword qi. Yet, this guy could unleash three of them?!

With no way to dodge, Luo Qiao faced the incoming sword qi. He readied himself to fight back, but as the sword qi neared, he saw another unbelievable thing. Hidden behind the sword qi was another sword qi!


Luo Qiao slammed back and coughed out a mouthful of blood before fainting.

"This Luo Qiao could unleash a sword qi! He's a genius in the way of sword! If it were someone else, he might have won, but Mu Lin is another genius who could unleash three sword qi! Even more than Yang Kai!" an expert at the Spirit Transformation Stage exclaimed. The other experts shared the same sentiment. Perhaps, Yao'er was the only one who noticed that Mu Lin unleashed four sword qi, not three!

"Luo Qiao has fainted. Victory goes to Mu Lin!"

Mu Lin went back to his seat. He didn't suffer major wounds from the fight and only had some light ones.

Yao'er looked at the battered Mu Lin. "You're almost out of spiritual energy. Well done."

Mu Lin bitterly smiled and was about to grab some pills to consume, but he realized that he hadn't concocted any Core Formation Stage pills! Core Formation Stage pills were not only used to make a breakthrough, but they were also used to replenish spiritual energy!

Seeing his movement froze, Yao'er was silent. She, too, had realized that they didn't have any of the pills. Back then, she insisted that Mu Lin concoct Core Destruction Pills instead. But those pills couldn't be used to replenish spiritual energy! As for her, she would be able to refine the berserk energy, while Mu Lin could not.

"This is a good opportunity to develop your skills. Don't worry, I'll save you if you're going to die," she quipped.

"Good opportunity my ass, if I lose, there's no slot for me," he grumbled.

Yao'er stayed silent for a while and replied, "If you win this time"she leaned forward"I'll let you have your way with me tonight."

"" Mu Lin said nothing, but his eyes were burning with passion. His mouth turned arid as he imagined having his way on Yao'er. He swallowed a mouthful of dry saliva and uttered, "You're not playing, are you?"

Yao'er nodded. In any case, this was not the treasure spirit body. Having sexual activities with this body wouldn't result in any complications.

After a while, Mu Lin regained his composure. She must've had a reason for offering herself! What is she hiding or planning?

"What are you up to? Don't tell me this is just a trick?"

Yao'er creased her forehead upon hearing him. Did he really mean that? Is she that untrustworthy?

Even though Mu Lin couldn't see her face beyond the mask, he felt like Yao'er wore a furious expression. He immediately waved with his two hands in front of him and clarified, "No, it's' not like that. Haha. I'm just wondering if Yao'er had some reason?"

Yao'er calmed down and explained, "If I had sex with my main body, there's only one result for me, death."


Good thing the crowd right now was focused on the ongoing fight. After Mu Lin looked around and saw no one eavesdropping on their conversation, he asked, "What do you mean? Why would that happen?"

Yao'er communicated to Mu Lin with her spiritual sense. "According to the previous treasure spirit, the shadow, the Singularity would only birth a female treasure spirit."

"What? Only female?"

'So that's why Yao'er was a human being.'

Yao'er continued, "She doesn't know the true cause. She suspected the previous master's half-creator body were responsible. The Singularity wouldn't have changed much even without the half-creator flesh of the previous master. But it affected the Singularity. Now here's the scary part. The shadow theorized that the half-creator flesh that had long merged with the Singularity detected a remnant soul of the previous master. The reason why all treasure spirit were female was all for the sake of authority."


"That's right. In order for the previous master's remnant soul to control the Singularity, it must have the authority or influence on it, right? The way to gain control is to dual cultivate with the female treasure spirit and steal away the authority, leading to the death of treasure spirit."

"What?!" Mu Lin exclaimed. He thought of that time when he was close to having sex with her. To think that she would perish the moment he slipped himself inside her.

Yao'er peered at the twisting expression of Mu Lin and immediately knew what he's thinking. "No need to worry. You don't have the Divine Body back then. It would all turn out fine. Even if you did, you're the one who's going to die because of your low cultivation. The previous master wasn't able to take the previous treasure spirit's authority because he was a mere remnant soul."

Mu Lin had a thoughtful expression on his face. "Was that also the reason why I had little control in the Singularity? That I don't have them in the first place? That I have to take it away from you?"

"According to the shadow, that's the case." Yao'er nodded. She thought of how she didn't have much influence or authority in the Singularity. If Mu Lin didn't have them, then where is the rest of the authority? Was there another treasure spirit like the shadow, having grasped of the remaining authority?

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