Who Cares About The Dao? I Want Beauties Chapter 69

Chapter 69: Eternal Spring

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As the fight on the stage went on, Yao'er muttered, "Strange."

"Huh? What's strange?" asked Mu Lin.

"Li Tao and Li Yan aren't here."

"Who are they?"

"They were the two disciples of that Grandpa Xiao."

"And? What's that got to do whether they're here or not?"

"Dumbass. They're wandering cultivators. Shouldn't they be here to fight for the slot?"

"They could've used the backdoor," explained Mu Lin. He stood from his seat and complained, "It's my turn to fight again. I'm still drained."

"Mu Lin versus Qin Liao!" announced the host.

"Isn't that guy burned out? He's going to lose this one. Qin Liao is at the peak of the Core Formation Stage. Looks like the remaining slot is going to Qin Liao." Find authorized novels in Wuxiaworld, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="https:///book/who-cares-about-the-dao-i-want-beauties!_18622472105350505/eternal-spring_50989233078326700">/book/who-cares-about-the-dao-i-want-beauties!_18622472105350505/eternal-spring_50989233078326700</a> for visiting.

"Wait, this is the last fight?" someone asked.

"Yes. Zhan Feng, Chen Yu, and the mysterious woman qualified."

"But the mysterious woman fought only one battle"

"Aren't you watching? The youth surrendered immediately after he learned of his opponent. Better to give up a slot than to disappear forever."

Mu Lin stepped on the stage and pulled out an ordinary low-grade spirit treasure sword. He observed Qin Liao and noticed that his opponent was drained as well. 'He's a sword cultivator. From his previous battle, his techniques consumed a huge amount of spiritual energy; he won't be able to use anything.'

"Begin!" the announcer waved his hand.


Qin Liao rushed to Mu Lin and slashed down with his sword. His speed was so fast that Mu Lin failed to react in time.

Oh no! This guy is quick! Mu Lin instinctively guarded himself with his sword. Combined with Qin Liao's speed and strength, it was too much for Mu Lin. After all, even if both of them were exhausted, Qin Liao still has a higher cultivation base. Mu Lin coughed out a mouthful of blood and was blown away.

"Is it over already?"

"Don't underestimate him. He's on a different league than us. He's a genius who can fight the peak-level of his realm while at the first level. Our logic does not apply to him."

'He's exhausted! I'm going to win this one and change my fate!' Qin Liao didn't give Mu Lin any break and repeatedly slashed down with his sword. Unexpectedly, the exhausted Mu Lin repelled most of his blows. Damn it! This guy can predict my moves?! But even so, he's still receiving damage! I'll just keep this up! At some point, his blade found its way in, and he managed to strike his opponent's neck. Blood gushed out from the wound and painted the ground red.

Mu Lin stood his ground and defended himself. His vision started blacking out. On rare occurrences, he managed to retaliate back. But it was not enough. Like a piece of jade, his body was slowly sculpted by Qin Liao.

"This is horrible"

"He's lost so much blood."

Some people sneaked glances at the mysterious woman to see her reaction. But the woman just sat there unmoved by the one-sided battle on the stage.

The battered Mu Lin wobbled on his feet as he repelled each of his opponent's blows. His clothes were tattered as blood leaked out from the wounds. Before the fight, he only had mild injuries and still full of energy. But now, the ground he stood on had long known the taste of his blood. The unexpected blow from earlier almost made him faint. He deduced that this Qin Liao, before the fight began, secretly poured all the remaining spiritual energy reserves on his sword before attacking him. Even now, his consciousness was starting to fade.

It hurts

My arms, I can't feel my arms Have they been cut off?

My vision did he got my eye?

How long has it been? An hour? A day? A week? It feels like forever

Ah why am I still standing? I can just forfeit, and this pain will be gone

Why? Why? Why is this person still attacking me? Doesn't he know that it hurts? Please stop

I see. He's here to win. If I stop defending, would he stop? But if I did that, I'll get slashed again I want to surrender.

I surrender.

I've already surrendered. Why are you still attacking me? Please stop. I want to go home. Mom. Dad.

Ah, I should've known. Two years of training couldn't be compared to those who had trained since they were young. In the end, I'm still too weak.

So this is the cultivation world


"Mu Lin has fainted! The remaining slot goes to Qin Liao!"

"He still lost in the end"

"Four hours. He stood there for four hours while barraged by Qin Liao's attacks. Still, he fought someone at the peak-level of his realm!"

"No, you're misunderstanding. If they were not exhausted, Mu Lin would have long lost. Sigh. The gap between the first and the ninth level is insurmountable after all."

At this moment, the mysterious woman moved and sprinted to the stage. She faced the host and said, "I forfeit my slot. As for how you want to distribute it, it's up to you."

Yao'er took Mu Lin and flew from the arena. On the other hand, Qin Liao almost pissed himself when he saw the mysterious woman teleported in front of him. He thought she had come for vengeance.

On the way to the Sunflower Inn, Yao'er secretly stuffed Mu Lin back into the Singularity. After she reached the inn, she went inside as well. If it were not for Mu Lin's constitution, he would have long died. Who knows how long it would take for him to reincarnate in the Singularity again.

Yao'er used her near-drained creator sense and teleported. The scenery changed, and glowing trees surrounded her. If people outside saw this place, they would be shocked. Because these trees were emitting immortal qi!

Yao'er didn't stop to admire the scenery. She carried the unconscious Mu Lin on her back and strode deeper into the forest. After a day of walking, she finally reached her destination.

Deep within the heart of the forest, there lay a small body of water, a spring. This is what Yao'er had come for. Rank eight of the most mysterious place in the Singularity, Eternal Spring. Out of the sixteen mysterious sites listed by the previous master, this is the only place that Yao'er has access to. According to Old Gu, these mysterious places didn't come from any of the universes that he had refined. They were born inside the Singularity!

Yao'er removed Mu Lin's clothes, revealing his hideous wounds. His organs could be seen from the holes on his body. Evidently, Qin Liao didn't show any mercy when he hacked his body. After removing his clothes, she stripped herself too and took Mu Lin with her to the spring. She found a shallow spot and cleaned the young man's wounds with the water from the spring.

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