Super Naruto Systems Rapid Upgrading Chapter 811

Chapter 811: The Legend Of The Curry Of Fate Xinshuhaige.com

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"who are you?"

Seeing that Li Zhenxing's methods were so sharp, the leading hooligan was also a little timid, and he didn't dare to shoot at will.

"Your grandpa!"

Li Zhenxing didn't keep his hands, and knocked all these hooligans unconscious. But Li Zhenxing didn't kill him...

In a sense, it actually protects these hooligans. After all, if you let the Black Hoe Thunder Tooth do something, the existence that came out of the blood mist would not know what to call stun.

Do it, it is killing!

Naturally, Li Zhenxing was not overflowing with sympathy, but if Black Hoe Lei Ya started to kill these guys, when things got into trouble, he wouldn't be able to connect with Black Hoe Lei Ya.

As for the survival of these rascals, even if it is their luck...

"who are you?"

The black **** Lei Ya has been walking around the arena for many years, so naturally he will not be deceived by Li Zhenxing's young appearance. Looking at the harsh methods Li Zhenxing has just used, his strength is even more impressive.

Because of this, Black Hoe Leiya is also a bit solemn when he speaks...

"Li Zhenxing!"

While smiling, Li Zhenxing naturally sat down on the black **** Lei Ya's table and asked the boss to serve some small dishes, which was a distance.

"Have not heard!"

Hei Chu Lei Ya has never heard of this name. In this case, there are generally only two possibilities: one is that Li Zhenxing's name is not known. The second is that people who have heard of Li Zhenxing's name are dead.

Thinking of this, the expression on Black Hoe Lei Ya looking at Li Zhenxing suddenly became serious...

"Don't think too much, I'm a fledgling kid!" Li Zhenxing smiled and shook his head: "To be precise, I just left Konoha village ten days ago."

"Kinoha Village!"

Hearing the name, Black Hoe Thunderya suddenly jumped up and pulled out Thunderya, ready to do it at any time.

"do not worry."

Li Zhenxing smiled and waved his hand: "I'm not in the same group as the guy who killed the Seven Ninja Swordsmen."

"Seriously, I'm a defector!"


As soon as he heard these two words, Black Hoe Lei Ya calmed down, turned and sat back in his original position: Li Zhenxing had no reason to lie to him. If he is really chasing soldiers, just do it directly.

What's more, the hatred between him and Konoha was not that big. Konoha could not chase him all the way so far in order to kill him.

Since Li Zhenxing said that he had defected from the village, that is really reasonable...

After all, no matter which village the ninjas defected from, they all have a common name, which is Renin!

Tianxia Renren is a family...

There is no doubt about this!

"Why do you want to help?" Black Hoe Leiya curled his lips in disdain: "If you don't do anything, these guys will be buried by me in an instant."

"Then, make the matter big, and hide from Tibet again?" Li Zhenxing took the conversation disdainfully, smiling and curling his lips: "Looking at the young man behind you, I am afraid I can't stand the bumps anymore?"


Hei Chu Lei Ya was silent for a while, without saying a word.

He was caught by Li Zhenxing seven inches: This young man named Ranwan was the person he valued most, and wanted to protect him even with his life.

"Okay, you can't protect a patient with a sword!" Li Zhenxing curled his lips disdainfully: "Unless you have the most precious things in the Kingdom of Sichuan, you have some hope of curing him."


Black Hoe Lei Ya's eyes widened, and he asked urgently, "Do you know what happened to Lan Wan? What is it?"

"Curry of Fate!"

Li Zhenxing grinned lightly: "In the country of Sichuan, there is a small curry shop called Mingzhi Curry. It seems ordinary, but it has hidden secrets."

"Curry of Fate?"

Black Hoe Leiya's eyes widened...

"In this small shop named Mingzhi Curry, there is a special kind of curry called Life Curry." Li Zhenxing's voice suddenly became high-pitched: "It acts like a name and can give humans a second life."

"As long as you eat the curry of life, those who are weak will become stronger, and even those who have returned to the West can sit up in shock and live another life!"


Li Zhenxing curled his lips in disdain: "What good is it for me to lie to you?"


Black Hoe Lei Ya frowned: "Why have I never heard of such a rumor?"


Li Zhenxing patted the table with dissatisfaction: "If this rumor knows everything, how can the life curry continue to operate?"

"Imagine it!"

Hearing this, the black **** Thunder Fang suddenly realized: If there is such a treasure in this world, if you don't do a good job of confidentiality, it's for that little shop!

No, it is a huge disaster for the whole country of Sichuan...

"How did you know?"

"by coincidence."

After a moment of silence, Black Hoe Lei Ya raised his eyes and said seriously: "What do you want, what do you need me to do?"

Li Zhenxing smiled and nodded: "What I want you to do is very simple, is to kidnap the boss lady of Curry of Life, Granny Sanjiao."

"And what I want is the curry formula of Fate that exists in her son's head." Li Zhenxing smiled: "And you, the curry that can get Fate will give these frail and sick young people behind you a second life!"

Hearing this, Black Hoe Leiya's breathing couldn't help but rush a little. However, he still did not give up thinking, letting Li Zhenxing be at the mercy of...

"In that case, why don't I go directly to her and buy a bowl of life curry?" Black **** Lei Ya stared at Li Zhenxing closely. As long as Li Zhenxing hesitated a little, he would give up cooperation.

"Because such important news has not been spread for so many years." Li Zhenxing smiled and curled his lips: "Do you think she will put her family's life in danger in order to save a teenager who has never known each other?"


Black Hoe Leiya shook his head slowly.

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