Re: Level 100 Farmer Chapter 211

Volume 4: Sun And Moon Chapter 204 Control Of A Legion

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"Fight?" said Tia, her eyes lighting up. "I fight."

"Unfortunately, little miss," said Leonid. "Though I can sense you are indeed a powerful foe, it is against my code to do battle with children."

"Hmph. I am strong." Tia looked up at Li pleadingly. "Papa, can I fight?" Her teeth glimmered in the moonlight. "Hunt?"

Li shook his head. "In most cases, Tia, I would let you fight, but here, I cannot. I do not want you getting too hurt, and this man can hurt you badly if he does try."

"I hurt him too," said Tia, her battle instincts sharp.

She could pick up what Li picked up. Leonid was at the top end of human strength in this world. He was exactly level 60, the highest Li had seen from a human, and as a frontline warrior from the feel Li got from his stats, it would be a very difficult fight for Tia to win, though she could certainly wound him.

"Yes, but you getting hurt for something as silly as this is not worth it," said Li as he patted Tia's hair. "Let father handle this."

"But, but-," protested Tia. "This fight too easy for papa!"

"Then all the more reason for myself to stand as challenger," said Leonid proudly.

Li paused for a few seconds, eyeing Leonid. He only saw raw and unbridled excitement plastered on the man's face. It was an almost childish type of excitement seemingly unbefitting of the knight's aging face, and yet, it was possible to tell that this immense thrill for the fight was what let him grow this old and esteemed in this line of work in the first place.

But still, it was a childish excitement for childish reasons.

"I can certainly accept your challenge, but I would strongly advise you against it, as by all means, this is ridiculous," said Li. "While Riviera's safety may lie in the balance, while your entire duchy may be at risk, you would waste time and effort in a measly little duel?

A duel where you very well may not survive?"

"I did think that you would come to this conclusion," said Leonid. "Thus, I shall make this worthwhile. Currently, the duchess has commanded my legion merely to march west, stopping at Riviera only to quickly supply ourselves.

That will leave the city without defenses, and Riviera's knights are but quivering little runts compared to the legions of blood. But if you defeat me, Easterner, then I will pledge my legion's allegiance to Riviera first and foremost for the duration of this demonic war."

"You would give up command of your army to satisfy your personal thrill seeking? Quite unbefitting of a general whose lives are dependent on your orders and sound judgement."

Leonid laughed. "Ah, my men understand me very well. Those of us born and bathed in blood know well indeed.

From the moment we can walk, we are trained day and night in the art of war, sharpened through duress like rough steel til' we are honed to the limits of humanity, no, til' we exceed the realm of man. Til' we can face both man and monster alike.

We are drilled to seek strength, to covet it above gold and women.

Certainly, we are also an army, and with that title, we maintain a professionalism that we must serve and obey the orders above us."

Leonid shrugged.

"But I must admit, I am growing old, and I am selfish. It will not be long before my strength wanes and I cannot test my might against the strong, and so, I have devoted myself this campaign to hunt down the greatest challenges I can find, and if that leads to this campaign being my last, then so be it."

Li shook his head. "And your men? If it comes to be that a threat worthy of you arises in the battlefield, will you break rank for it and risk the lives of your men?"

"Of course, for they share my sentiments. They know my greed well, and they have still devoted themselves to me of their own volition." said Leonid.

"For I am the only one that has yet to be defeated in war. The only one that has guaranteed their lives for the twenty years I have led them. And should I fall, I have already planned multiple lines of command and succession such that order among the ranks does not collapse."

"Certainly, you are a living legend, Sir Drozdov," said Launcelot as he stepped forwards, tightening his shield to his arm. "And your men follow you with a fanaticism that blinds them even to the fear of death, but I cannot have one as unstable as you leading one of the five precious legions of blood in this time of dire need where you may squander its great might for your petty wishes.

Riviera is my home, and it is my duty to defend it. The Lakely name has built its walls and protected it for centuries. I, Launcelot, will not bring shame to my family name.I will duel you in the stead of the good Easterner and take your army to defend the land that has raised me."

"Heh, boy, you are far, far too green to be even thinking of baring your fangs at me. You are leagues better than your father, but you are still a Lakely. Still a builder. Beneath my strength."

Leonid stuck his arm out, and in an instant, the knights behind him brought a spear to his hand.

It was noticeably longer than the average spear, and its tip was shaped like a cross with cross guards of black metal and a blade tip of bloody, serrated red, crystalline material.

"But if the Easterner refuses my request, then I will gladly take you on in his stead. Perhaps the idea of defending your ancestral home will grant you miraculous strength." Leonid smiled wider in anticipation. "Or perhaps not. That is the wonder of battle, no? The unpredictability."

Li recognized the weapon that Leonid was using. It was the Trueblood Heartseeker, a Mythic tier item, the second highest tier not counting Celestials, meaning its usual level range was meant for those between 60-80, though that requirement could be waived to a degree by being a vampire.

It was a highly deadly weapon with a strong active ability called [Heartseeker Strike] that allowed it to critically strike through any barrier or defense with one hundred percent accuracy, dealing true damage and executing enemies below a certain threshold of health.

So strong was this ability that some PvP players actually fortified the item to raise its level to the Godgiven tier knowing that it would have reduced stats compared to normal items in the tier just so that they could have access to the strong execute active.

"Your dueling with that?" said Li. "The moment you activate that, this becomes not a duel, but a fight to the death."

"That, I know well, Li," said Launcelot. "The Heartseeker of the Drozdov family is one of the few national treasures split among the great noble families; I have grown up on tales of its deadliness, how it managed to crush the hearts of man, giant, demon, and even dragon."

He looked to his shield, then at Leonid. "You are right, Leonid. We are builders. My house holds not a treasure that aids us in battle. But builders are protectors. The Lakely treasure the very walls that surround Riviera have never fallen in centuries.

And I embody that fortitude."

"I see great spirit in your eyes, boy," said Leonid with an agreeing nod. "You are making more and more a case for yourself to stand before me."

"To stand over you," said Launcelot.

Li could sense a faint hint of divine energy coming form Launcelot's shield, and he was sure the noble man could feel this and was relying on drawing upon it again, but the man was in no condition to be drawing on more divine power, even if he could.

Certainly, if Launcelot used divine power, he could overpower a level sixty threat. But Li himself did not even know what kind of costs that would have on the mortal's body and mind and whether it was even healable.

Behind Launcelot, Li saw his three companions shifting uncomfortably, their nerves again on edge that the shield bearer was risking his life.

"No," said Li. "Launcelot, I will take this challenge. Riviera is also my home, after all. Old Thane's home. Tia's home. The home of my followers. You are one of its most stalwart defenders, and so you should conserve your energy for more serious matters."

Li stepped in front of Launcelot and took off the dark brown farmer's guild suit jacket, dropping it beside him and rolling up his sleeves. If overwhelming, pure strength was what was going to get through to Leonid, then Li was more than willing to provide it.

"I will deal with this aging man's silly antics and wishes."

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