Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder's Record Of Counterattacks Chapter 897

Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder's Record Of Counterattacks Chapter 897

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Chapter 795: Happier Than a First-Time Father

An You knew that if things continued on like this, there would eventually come a day when Mingzhu would complain. He loved Mingzhu and wanted to give her the best of everything, but what exactly was wrong with this c.r.a.ppy body? It didn't use to be like this.

An You saw a lot of doctors and was given a lot of prescriptions, but no matter what he ate, it was useless. He had even taken medicine prescribed by famous doctors and was practically a walking jar of medicine by now, but none of it changed the issue of his lack of endurance.

Ning Shu just watched silently as An You drank large bowls of medicine. He drank more medicine in a day than he ate, causing his face to look completely green.

On the surface, Ning Shu was dignified and composed, but inwardly she was nearly rolling on the floor with laughter.

When she saw that An You often slept in the study now and Mingzhu had an expression of silent complaint, she just smiled coldly.

The current An You no longer had the ability to love hard and f*ck hard, so he couldn't drive Mingzhu to tears with ecstasy.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

Ning Shu really wanted to stretch her waist lazily to express her pleasant mood, but when she considered her dignified and magnanimous image, she gave up on this idea.

Although An You finished really fast, Mingzhu still got pregnant. Furthermore, Mingzhu didn't even know she was pregnant and one day, ended up throwing up so hard she pa.s.sed out during a meal. When a doctor came to take a look at her, he said that it had already been two months.

Although the old madame didn't like Mingzhu, for better or for worse, that child in Mingzhu's belly was her grandson. It was always better to have more children, so she even took out her private savings to buy a lot of nourishing foods for Mingzhu.

With how delicate and fragile Mingzhu looked, the old madame couldn't help but worry. She sincerely hoped that this child would be able to come into this world safely.

When An You learned that the person he loved had gotten pregnant, he was extremely excited. He was even happier than a first-time father and picked up Mingzhu to spin her around. The old madame was startled and hastily had him set Mingzhu back down.

When An Lingyun found out that Mingzhu had gotten pregnant, she become unhappy. The current An Lingyun was no longer as simple as before and she thought a lot about the future consequences that this child's arrival would bring. The first thing she thought of was that this child might threaten her and her older brother's position.

Although the child was born of a mistress, the child would have the right to inherit possessions of the general's residence. It was still alright if it turned out to be a girl, but if it was a boy, then it'd be a threat to her brother.

When she saw how happy her father was, she became even more worried. It felt like her father would be extremely biased towards this younger brother or sister.

However, her mother still looked so unconcerned, so she couldn't help but ask, "Mother, aren't you worried?"

"What's there to be worried about? There's nothing to worry about." In reality, Ning Shu was a little surprised that Mingzhu had actually gotten pregnant. In the original storyline, Mingzhu hadn't ever gotten pregnant.

In reality, this child wouldn't clash with An Lingyun and An Yu, so she didn't want to get involved in this child's matters.

An Lingyun stomped her feet without saying anything. She looked a little conflicted, so Ning Shu said, "Lingyun, this child is your sibling. Your ages will be very far apart, so there are some things you can do, and some that you can't, you understand?"

Ning Shu took in An Lingyun's expression. Her brows were furrowed in conflicted hesitation. It was clear that she minded this child a lot.

The feeling of having a sibling that didn't share the same parents was very strange. When An Lingyun heard what Ning Shu said, she heaved a long sigh, then said, "Mother, I understand."

Inherently, An Lingyun was kindhearted.

She would fight to obtain what she needed, but it was on the premise that it didn't hurt others.

Mingzhu's pregnancy made An You very happy since they would have a child together. However, the more important point was that he wouldn't have to make love with Mingzhu for a long time. In all honestly, An You was now a little scared of sleeping with Mingzhu. He was scared of seeing Mingzhu's disappointed gaze.

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