Qi Xiuying Another Transmigrate's Story Chapter 63

68 Chapter 63

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"Please let my grandfather know that this young master wish to speak with him." Guanting respectfully spoke with his grandfather's trusted servant.

Housekeeper Ji just nodded and went inside the patriarch's study. After few minutes Guanting heard Left Prime Minister Long's stern voice permitting him to go inside.

for visiting.

"Grandfather..." Guanting saluted to the old man who didn't look at him and just keep on writing. He didn't dare sit and patiently waited while standing till his grandfather stop writing after half of the stick incense was burned.

Patriarch Long put down the writing brush and gestured for his grandson to sit, he sighed inwardly seeing the proud look on Guanting's face. He knows why he (Guanting) wants to speak with him and started to think if he should popped up the balloon like pride of this grandson of his but decided to not.

"Why are you here Ting'er?"

"Grandfather I have been in the South for too long that I want to fulfill my duties as your grandson now that I have returnedsince the problem in our businesses in there have been solved." Guanting spoke humbly but his voice still have traces of his arrogance and pride.

"It is good that you are back but I warn you not to be led astray by your feelings. In the future my position is not something that is to be handed to you easily, you need to be deserving to have it." The old man didn't praise Guanting for his accomplishments instead give him a warningwhich was seen by Guanting that he isn't good enough in the eyes of his grandfather. Guanting knows what his grandfather was talking about, he won't deny he still thinks about 'her'. When he is resting his dreams only consists of the red clothed lady, her warm filled smiles and melodious laughters which he knows he didn't cause and aren't for him.

"Focus on what you have right now." Patriarch Long's voice woke up Guanting from his thoughts, he nodded. After few hours of discussing the current situation of their businesses and plans, Patriarch Long finally send off Guanting.

Seeing the young master out Housekeeper Ji respectfully bow his head. Seeing the expression of the servant Guanting knows he has something to say.

"What does Housekeeper Ji want to say to this young master?"

"Lady Fan sent her maidservant inviting young master to have dinner with her and to enjoy the sceneries of fireflies in the pond near her courtyard."

"Thank you Housekeeper Ji for letting me know, you don't need to deliver my answer, my servant will do that. Your time should only focus on taking care of my grandfather."

"Certainly, this servant will do his best to take care of the prime minister."

Guanting nodded before leaving with his servant. Seeing the direction they are going Jin already knows the answer of his young master.
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