Qi Xiuying Another Transmigrate's Story Chapter 64

71 Chapter 64

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As Guanting walks away from his grandfather's study, a young maidservant walks in a different direction to her mistress courtyard. Once the maidservant arrived in the courtyard she immediately sees the young madam walking back and forth nervously, noticing the maidservant's arrival Qi Fan approached her.

"What did your young master say? Is he going to join me tonight?" Qi Fan asked right after reaching the maidservant she couldn't wait for the former to catch her breath.

"Young Madam, Young Master didn't answer Housekeeper Ji but this servant saw him walking towards Young Madam's courtyard so servant ran right away to arrived here before them."

"Good...good! Come quick and check if everything is set!" Qi Fan hurriedly ordered the maidservants while waving her hands. The maidservants hearing their young madam order quickly ran to check the things they were ordered earlier. Qi Fan faced the bronzed mirror and look at her face to check if the color on her cheeks and lips are in line with what she want to show her husband, her image of a loving and caring wife.

All maidservants after checking their completed tasks, returned to their position in two lines on east and west sides of the room waiting for their young master to show up and praying that he will indeed show up otherwise they'll suffer again in the hands if their young madam. Unfortunately it seems they are destined to be their young madam's punching bag as after half of incense no shadow of their young master appeared. Though they silently stood straight everyone of them knows how soak their backs are with sweat as they prayed inwardly for their young master to show up seeing Qi Fan grips her chair's armrest to the point that her knuckles turned white.

"Drag that wench here in front and whip her ten...no twenty times!" All maidservants jolted awake as they hear Qi Fan shouted and threw the tea cup she was holding, they all know who she is referring to. Two old maidservants immediately drag the trembling young maidservant. All of them know that after getting whip their fellow servant would be either thrown to the mass grave or be sold but before they could anything they see Jin, most trusted maidservant of Qi Fan hurriedly walking to her mistress side and whispers something to her ear whatever it was they are thankful as their young madam's face eased up and smile gently as if she wasn't the same person who look like King Yama while ordering the old maidservants to whip the poor young maidservants. Qi Fan walk elegantly till she's two step away from the girl and lifted the latter's chin to force the scared girl to look to her eyes.

"Be thankful that I know how you are in need and that your brother needed medicine otherwise... Don't steal again, alright?" Qi Fan smile so gently that she look like an angel pardoning the land's sinners. The young maidservant nodded despite not knowing why their young madam's attitude suddenly changed but it didn't take long for her and the rest of the servants to know the reason as they heard their young master's voice at the door.

"What's happening here?" Long Guanting sternly asked as he glance to everyone's face except his own wife.

"Oh husband you are here?" I was just disciplining this servant for stealing one of the hairpins you gifted to me but knowing that she needed it for her brother's medicine I let her go..." Qi Fan lovingly stare at Guanting, she misses him, his touch, the passionate words he utters to her ear as he hugs her from behind.

"It is good to be merciful but don't over do it." Hearing Qi Fan's answer he merely glance at her before looking at his servant, Lou. Lou immediately knows that his young master didn't trust the young madam's words and wants him to investigate for the real reason later. for visiting.

"Husband..." Guanting can't help but look at Qi Fan as she tried to call his attention. "Fan'er prepared some dishes for us to enjoy while looking at tonight's fireflies in the pavilion. Seeing them earlier I remember that we used to look at them every summer." Qi Fan hold her husband's hand and starts to guide him to the garden although his eyes no longer hold warmth she silently promised to herself to do everything for them to be back to what they were before.

The servants who were still in daze finally woke up hearing Jin's clapped and instructions, hurriedly return to their posts. Seeing everyone's busy with their own thing Jin still sees the young maidservant silently weeping in the middle of the hall, she walks in front of the servant before leaning to her ear and whispers not to tell a soul about what happened otherwise the young maidservant's young brother will be sold to the brothel that have little boys serve customers will weird fetishes.
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