Qi Xiuying Another Transmigrate's Story Chapter 65

72 Chapter 65

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A man wearing a black fox mask and black hanfu with golden tiger embroidered on its back is currently observing the movements in Qi Xiuying's courtyard. Seeing the usual bickering of the maidservants with their young miss, he didn't notice that the corner of his lips slightly lifted. He always wants her to be in a place like this peaceful and happy unlike with their past life where he failed to protect her from the people who want her for their own benefits. Suddenly another person appeared on the branch in front of him. The branch that is likely to be broken serves as though it can hold the person stepping on it proving the proficiency of the same person's qinggong.

"Why did you attempt to take her away?!" The person who just arrived said while gritting his teeth in anger. His person almost taken away from him by his brother. Indeed the person who just arrived is Xianyao. for visiting.

"Do you think she is safe when that person is almost near in discovering her whereabouts?" The person wearing the half black fox mask smile vanished in an instant though half of his face is hidden, his whole body is leaking a murderous aura but Xianyao isn't affected by it.

"This prince..."

"Stop using your title to me brother, it won't scare me nor stop me with my plans." Xuan's smirk at his brother earning the latter's frown.

"I don't know who the person you want to hide my Ying'er from but I can protect her! If she is really the person who you were looking for then look at how happy she is? We can protect her together!" Seeing Xianyao's confidence, Xuan wants to bend but thinking of his past and Xiuying he decided to go with his own plan.

"You can't protect her, the way you are now."

"Then tell me who the enemy is! We can gather information who he cares about, his weaknesses... We can attack him without him being prepared as he doesn't know me."

"Once you attack him with your parading Xiuying as your future consort, do you think he won't know she is the person he is looking for?! Unlike you brother I can freely move as no one knows in the kingdom that you have a twin. Weakness? Do you think he have one? A person who solely wants to pursue his own wants will not care even to those who share his blood. His mind only have pure madness and once he discover that Xiuying is the person who got away from him..."

Xianyao turned silent. He agrees with Xuan, a person like that indeed won't have a weakness. Xuan noticed Xianyao's silent agreeing to him continued. "If you want her to live the way she is now then stop any attempt of her being one of the participants of the upcoming Alliance' banquet. If there's no way for it to be stop then discourage her from doing anything that is new from everyone's eyes."

"Brother do you love her?" Xuan's protectiveness to Xiuying can be easily seen as a sign of loving the lady so Xianyao can't help but ask what is going on his mind.

"I do..." Xuan briefly answer without elaborating it is a love between siblings, he can see Xianyao's aura suddenly turns gloom.

"I won't give her to anyone even to you brother, she is mine to cherish and to love." Xianyao look in the eyes of Xuan with unwavering determination, declaring his love to Xiuying.

"I know but she isn't a thing Yao." Xuan smirked at his brother before disappearing leaving the prince with a frown on his face but that vanished instantly when he turns and sees his Ying'er now all alone asleep on her table. He jumped from the branch he was standing and landed inside Xiuying's bedchamber. Then he carefully scooped her and princess carry her to the bed. After placing her on the bed and securing the lady is covered till neck, he lightly kissed her forehead before disappearing to the room.
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