My Vampire System Chapter 153

150 Special Mask

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Quinn had explained the specifics of the suit to Logan. He elaborated on how it needed to be made using the crystals he had obtained, and how he needed to be completely covered from head to toe, making sure that no sunlight could touch him.

At first, Logan had some good news for Quinn.

"Well, it seems you've come to the right person," said Logan. "I can design you one myself."

"Really?" Quinn said, surprised.

"Of course, it will be easier than making some of my other contraptions, since most of them are powered by beast crystals anyway. I know my way around them. The fusion process I am using is also one of a kind." He said smiling.

Logan was clearly proud of his work, and Quinn could see that. Whenever he used to come by for the training, he would often praise his inventions, even if some of them seemed pointless or a bit out there. Because of this, Logan started to not only have an interest in Quinn, but also started to like him more as a friend.

However, like with everything, there was also a slight problem.

"What about breathing?" Logan asked. "If you're going to be covered from head to toe, you won't be able to breathe. Judging from the cape you explained, the material won't be breathable for the eyes. I can place them with a sensory display. It will work like the VR game and allow you to see outside."

Quinn then started to look around the room while trying to come up with an idea. It looked like creating this suit wasn't going to be as easy as he thought. He proceeded to spot a small figurine, with a type of gas mask on it, in the corner of the room. It reminded him of the mask he first used when he went out hunting.

"Could we create something like this? Maybe if we put some tubes, sticking out from the side or something, I can still breathe."

"Yeah, that could work, but you definitely won't get any points in the fashion department," Logan replied.

"Oh and one more thing. If we could make the mask open and close that would be great, you know, just in case I wanted to grab myself a quick snack while on the move," Quinn said smiling.

The two of them then sat down for now. The crystals were placed in a seemingly special container while they were going through some type of melting process. Out of the 39 crystals obtained, Logan had said they would only need thirty, leaving the rest for Quinn.

Quinn had offered to pay for the process, or even give the remaining crystals to Logan, but he kept refusing. Stating that he could earn in a minute the amount of money used to create such a thing, so there was no loss on his side.

On top of Logan's desk, a large metal sheet was placed. Logan then placed his hand on the sheet and closed his eyes. Just like with the Gauntlet before, the metal started to break down and move. Eventually turning into little metal bugs again.

The metal bugs started to form a human figure until it moulded something that vaguely resembled Quinn. The two of them continued to go through the design process, altering what the metal model looked like.

Each time Quinn would give suggestion, the robots would move in place. There was not much that could be done with the suit. It had to be black in colour and quite tight skin fitting. However, the mask could be altered greatly.

When using the outfit and mask, Quinn wanted to strike fear into his opponent's heart - He wanted something quite scary looking. They went through several designs until it was finally done.

Soon after, Logan went straight to work. The beast crystals that were in the container had been liquefied, and now Logan had once again put on his tool glove. He went over to his workbench and started working straight away.

Listening to every detail together with thinking so much was starting to make Quinn tired. He eventually drifted off at the desk, and finally, he fell asleep.

After a while, Logan nudged the young man to wake up.

"Hey, wake up sleepyhead," Logan said. "It's done."

As Quinn opened up his eyes, he was greeted with a metallic life-size model of him. It was in the same height and the same body proportions to him. Although, it had none of his facial features.

But the big difference between the creation and him was the fact that it was wearing both the outfit and the mask they had designed together.

"It's amazing," Quinn said as he walked over to it and started to stroke the model.

The black suit was skin tight but had a scaley like pattern throughout its entirety. However, there were a few design touches added to it from Logan that Quinn hadn't asked for.

"Do you like the additions that I made?" Logan asked.

On the forearms going up to the shoulder, three red like claw marks could be seen on both sides. Although it looked nice, Quinn was hoping for the suit to be all black in colour. If he was to also use this at night, he probably would've been seen.

Nevertheless, when he looked at Logan's bags and his tired face, he found it hard to say no.

"It's great," Quinn replied.

Still, what looked the best out of all to Quinn was the mask - It was made out of a metallic material that went over the black suit. It covered the neck all the way to the top of the nose. On the outside, by the cheeks, two squares could be seen that stuck out slightly. Then, over the mouth, a pattern of teeth could be seen protruding.

The teeth were moulded outwards to look more realistic and that of a beast. It wasn't painted on the outside and when opened, it would look like a large beast was about to hold you in its jaws.

"Now, I do have to warn you. Although expensive metals were used when making this, there is a limit to how much it could endure." Logan explained. "They were only basic tier crystals after all. It will fair well against intermediate weapons, but anything stronger than that and it will be cut."

Quinn made sure to make note of that, for it would be the same when facing against beasts. If he was fighting during the day he would be sure to pick and choose his opponents.

Although suddenly, Quinn's body started to feel a strange sensation. It was a similar feeling to when he consumed blood, only a tad different. His eyes started to glow once again, a strange power was surging through his body.

'What the hell is happening?' Quinn thought.

"Hey, are you okay?" Logan said. "Do you need me to go get a doctor or something?"

As Logan stood in front of Quinn, he could see the colour in his eyes change, and even Logan stepped back a bit. At the same time, little metallic bugs started to come over and built a metallic suit of his own over his body.

Eventually, the bugs had completely formed a metallic suit that looked like that of a small mech, only without all the clunky parts and more in line with the shape of a human. These were all precautions that Logan took, just in case Quinn was to go out of control.

But then, the feeling died down and his eyes returned to normal, but a message had appeared.

[A family member has grown stronger]

"What is this?" Quinn said. "Does this have anything to do with peter?"

Then a dreaded thought hit his head.


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