My Vampire System Chapter 154

151 Another One

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Standing alone in the fantasy section of the library was Erin and a strange boy known as Fex. Erin was still holding a Vampire love story in her hand, and her face had gone bright red as she couldn't believe someone had just caught her reading such a dirty book.

'How could they describe such intimate scenes in such a strange way? Although, the boy in front of me seemed to have some idea of what the book was. Could it be that the boy was interested in the same type of things?' She thought.

Quickly hoping to avoid further embarrassment, Erin put the book back where it was placed and started to walk over towards the boy.

As Fex saw her walking towards him, he started to lick his lips. 'What a tasty looking person,' Fex thought. 'Look's like most of the humans' mind in this school are pretty weak.'

Erin continued to walk forward with her head down, and when she was finally close enough, she halted her steps.

Fex started to smile.

"Now, why don't you lift your head, so I can take another look at your pretty face."

Erin lifted her head, but dashed forward in an instant, a type of ice sword was forming in her right hand. Using her forearm, she pushed Fex up against the wall right by his neck. The area started to freeze and now an ice sword was pointed right at his throat.

"If you tell anyone about what you saw today, you're dead, you hear me?"

"What's with this girl, how can you just attack someone like that!" Fex cried.

Erin proceeded to slow freeze both of his hands to the wall as well as making sure that he couldn't retaliate.

Gradually. the ice from Erin's forearm was starting to spread and was freezing Fex' neck as well.

"Look, I don't want to cause any trouble." He said.

Erin looked at him carefully, noticing all the features that he had. "Good, I will remember you, and if anyone finds out about what you saw today, I'll be coming back for you," Erin said as she took away the ice sword. She then started her exit, leaving Fex in his situation, stuck to the wall with the ice still confining his body up against the wall.

"Wait!" He shouted, "Aren't you going to let me go?"

Erin continued to walk off towards the centre of the library. Without turning back, she said, "Just a reminder of what can happen if you don't listen."

Eventually, Erin had left the library. The other people who were nearby, went to look at the commotion down the aisle, wondering just what was going on. However, all they could see was a single man stuck up against the wall.

A few laughed and giggled as it wasn't the first time they had seen something like this. After all, few of the brave boys among the first-year students had tried to confess to Erin.

But she hated when people would waste her time. They would always ask to meet in a quiet or a secret place, and Erin would always think that it was a matter of importance to her, yet it was the same every time. They would confess their love for Erin and ask her out on a date, though the reply she would give was usually met with being stuck onto the wall.

She would often leave them there in place while waiting for the ice to settle. She did such a thing as a warning for others in the future. Slowly, people started to get the message and stopped approaching her, so it had been a while since the other students had seen such a thing.

After having a giggle, most of the students continued with what they were doing, going back to reading books or chatting away at the library.

Then while no one was looking, Fex used his strength and broke both of his arms free from the ice. He later cracked the ice that was around his neck as well.

"Looks like someone was able to resist my charm already?" Fex said. "Well, now that just makes me want to go after you more. I will remember you ice girl. Perhaps this place won't be so bad after all.


Fex's original plan was to travel and explore the outside human world. To experience all the things his grandpa had told him, but his plans were quickly stopped once he was caught. When he woke up, he was in front of general Nathan.

They had explained to him what had happened and why he was brought there - How he had become a suspect of Draft evasion. However, Nathan did say that as long as he contacts his guardians, inform them, and show proof of his age, they would let him go free.

But this was not an option for Fex. He was a lot more scared of his father and the others then he was off the humans. If he was to be found right now, he couldn't imagine the horrible things that his father would do to him. Besides, this was his chance to experience what life was like as a human.

When Fex thought all things were going well, Nathan had asked a difficult question for him to answer.

"Well, since you claim to no longer have any parents or such, there is just one thing I need you to do. Fill out this form for me, and we will get you starting your lessons as soon as possible." Nathan said.

A digital display then appeared in front of Fex's face with a little digital keyboard. It asked for basic details such as name and date of birth. For both of these things, Fex didn't put his real information, but then, there was one more question that was asked that caused him to pause.

It asked him what type of ability he had. For this question, he had a plan.

After checking over the details and seeing Fex's ability, there was no more work that needed to be done. A wristwatch was given to Fex before leaving. The display on the device was showing a number 1.

After seeing this, Nathan no longer had any interest in him. He would leave the scouting job to Duke, to entice him with higher-level ability books. The whole method Duke used didn't really sit well with Nathan, but he knew the base had a quota to hit.

Not knowing what to do, and knowing nearly no one at the base, Fex decided to head to the library to update himself on current events. Although, once entering the library, he soon got distracted by wondering what Earth had thought about vampires. He wondered if they even had any new information on them.

This led him to his first real encounter with a student, Erin, and the rest that appeared onwards from there.

After looking at a few books about Vampires, he quickly realized that most of it was just a bunch of nonsense. They hadn't learnt much about how Vampires actually operated, which meant Fex had to be even more careful not to reveal their secrets.

As Fex was leaving the library, though he no longer knew what to do, he decided that he would just have to go to his dorm room. While walking down the hallway towards the staircase, a certain student ran past him. As he did, a whiff went past his nose and a familiar spell registered in his mind.

It took him a while to try to figure out what it was, but it was one he recognised well as the smell of another vampire. However, he had realized too late when he turned his head, the student who had run past was already gone.

"Now this is interesting, I wonder what family they belong to. What on earth are they doing in this base?" Fex thought


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