My Vampire System Chapter 165

162 Starved Ghoul

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Peter's senses were all over the place. He couldn't even tell what was in front of him, everything just seemed on high alert, and his vision was quite blurry, while the smells all around him were overwhelming. The grass underneath his feet, the wood sap from the trees it was hard to keep them all separate in his mind. In the end, the only thing he could concentrate on was the human shaped figure in front of him.

The pain had gotten the better of him, and he would now do anything to get rid of that hunger. As Fex saw the ghoul leap out from the forest, he prepared himself by getting into a fighting stance. It had leapt quite a distance from the forest and out onto the path. While it was in the air it had stuck out all of its limbs very wide, like it was some type of beast. Then at the right moment, Fex lifted his leg off the ground and swung it outward like a whip hitting Peter right in the centre of his body.

He went flying through the air quite a distance away until his body banged on the floor and skittered away.

"Well, that should keep it down for a while," Fex said to himself.

However, nearly instantly Peter was standing up once again. A few of his ribs had been broken in the process but they regenerated almost instantly.

Even though Peter was a ghoul, Fex was sure he had used enough force to take one out.

"Is he starved? Now, who would be stupid enough to turn someone and not have everything prepared beforehand?" Fex thought, not knowing how Peter came to be a ghoul.

A starved ghoul healed a lot quicker than usual and they were dangerous to go up against even for Vampires. Still, this also came with their own downsides. The more times it would heal itself, the more energy it would use, it was basically starving itself more each time it healed, and eventually, there wouldn't be any energy left, and healing would come to an end.

Peter came rushing forward once again but Fex didn't look too worried. "I'm really not into killing other people's family members, if I did then it could start a civil war and I don't want to be the one to blame for that."

Fex then started to fiddle about with his fingers, pulling them in and out as if he was making something but when looking at his hands nothing could be seen. With Peter coming closer to him he was finally ready. He ran towards Peter and just when Peter was about to swing for his head, Fex ducked at the right moment, he dashed forward not touching Peter but swiping his hands around him in the process.

This continued onward for a while, Peter would strike while Fex would dodge staying close to him, moving his hands but not touching. Then Peter started to notice something, his own movements were getting slower and slower as the fight continued, his arms were the first to slow down and eventually it was his legs. When he looked down and noticed what was happening it was too late.

Peter had fallen to the ground and was now comply tangled and tied up in some type of string. "It's a shame, if you worked for me I could turn you into a really good puppet. Your quite strong for a ghoul, it took more strength then I thought to slow you down."

As Fex started to think of puppets, another person came into his mind, the girl who had frozen him to the wall. "Now, she would make a perfect human puppet. I wonder if she would accept it?"

Fex then knelt down and looked at Peter who was trying his best to break free, but the string was almost indestructible and was being powered by Fex's MC. He then lifted Peter's head off the ground and looked into his eyes casting some type of spell. "Suppress the hunger within yourself, calm down."

After saying those words Peter felt something inside his body change, the hunger suddenly didn't feel as bad as before and he was slowly starting to get a hold of himself a bit more. He could now see the person in front of him clearly, he also noticed that this person smelt different, different to other people anyway.

"I didn't create you so the spell won't last for long," Fex explained. "Now tell me, which family do you belong too? If you're a crazed ghoul you couldn't have been turned too long ago, otherwise, you would have evolved by now. Are you even registered, is that why you won't speak?"

Although Fex was saying these words. Peter didn't understand any of it, he understood the words individually but had no clue what was happening.

Seeing that Peter would no longer answer. Fex let go of his head allowing it to fall to the ground. "These damn ghouls there always loyal to their leader, it was a waist trying to get anything out of him."

"Hey you know if you don't eat something soon, you will get us caught, and you know when that happens your whole family will be punished for it." Fex was now sitting on the floor calmly talking to Peter. Even though Peter had just tried to attacking him, he was wondering why this person wasn't angry with him.

This was a first in Peter's whole life, if he ever tried fighting back even just once, then the punishment would come back around tenfold. He learned that quickly during his school days so he decided to never fight back again. But this time Peter was the one attacking someone, and it was clear this person was a lot stronger than him, so why wasn't he being hit, stabbed burnt or even killed. Peter just couldn't understand it.

"What do you mean my family?" Peter finally answered. "They have nothing to do with this, they're just normal shopkeepers, keep them out of this. It was my fault that I attacked you, just punish me."

Hearing Peter's words, Fex felt like something wasn't quite right about this whole thing. However, he didn't have long to think about it, for suddenly out from the side a big line of red blood was shot out. Fex didn't even notice it until the last moment causing him to take the blow with his bare hands. He was pushed back a few feet before he could break the attack.

He wasn't wearing any beast gear on his body, and the same could be said for his hands as well. Blood was now dripping from his forearms where the attacks had wounded him. But what was most surprising to Fex was the fact that he recognized the attack. It was a blood attack that only other vampires could use.

When he looked up, he could see what could only be described as a demon. White hollow menacing eyes, with a mask in a Japanese demon design covering his mouth. As Peter looked up, even he didn't recognize the figure standing in front of him.

But of course, it was Quinn in his new suit.


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