My Vampire System Chapter 168

167 Hand To Hand

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Along the way to the Beast Weapons class, Quinn met up with Layla and Erin, who was tailing behind her. When they met up with each other, Erin couldn't help but stare at Quinn, then suddenly, thoughts popped into her head about the book, "Bite Me or Love Me." Her face went bright red, and turned it away.

Images would appear of certain people doing strange things with each other.

Although Quinn had no clue what was going on, he was just happy it didn't seem like she was freaking out about the whole thing. It seemed like because Erin grew up knowing nothing about them, it really didn't come as a shock to her because she had no point of reference.

On the way there, Quinn was thinking of possible safe ways to approach Fex. He would need to talk to him in a public place where he couldn't use his abilities as freely, but before that he needed to find out what class he was in or where he was.

They arrived in the large training hall, and Leo was there as usual. They hadn't seen each other since he had saved them from the Dalki and the girls were a lot warmer to him now. As soon as they entered, Leo looked over to their direction and smiled.

"If I didn't know any better, I would have thought he could see us. " Layla said.

"He probably just knows where the entrance is, and when he hears students footsteps, he smiles at us," Erin replied.

But Quinn had a feeling that wasn't true, as he hadn't seen Leo smile at the other students before, and it seemed to be only directed at the three. What they didn't know was Quinn's aura was always easy to spot, and as soon as he stepped in the room, Leo immediately knew it was Quinn.

This time Leo had all the students gather at the front of the training hall where a small platform had been raised. The platform was a similar size to a boxing ring, only there were no ropes, and it was raised about a foot off the ground. Leo stood on top of this platform as he explained the upcoming lesson to everyone.

However, just before the lesson started, a new student had entered the room, Leo was completely distracted as he noticed something, for this student had the exact same aura as Quinn did.

"Hey, this is the Beast Weapons class, right?" Fex said as he walked through.

"Who's that?"

"I think it's a new student."

"This late into the term, that means he must be a draft evader."

When they looked at Fex, their interest quickly died down after seeing he only had the number one on his watch. He wasn't worth them even getting to know, and it would only waste their time. Seeing this Fex was once again annoyed.

'What is wrong with these people,' Fex thought.

As he said those words, he started to sniff about in the air. Something seemed to catch his attention. He moved closer towards the smell, until finally, he realised where it was coming from.

And Quinn looked at Fex the same. They both knew instantly that this was the person who they had fought with last night. Fex gave Quinn one look up and down before walking off to find his own spot to watch the lesson from.

This reaction surprised Quinn, to say the least.

'Isn't he going to say anything? I'm sure he realised I was the person fighting him last night. If I can smell him, he can definitely smell me.' Quinn thought.

But Fex wasn't bothered in other people's business, and that included Vampires, he already gave out a lending hand, and if Quinn didn't want to take it, that was fine with him. As long as Quinn didn't try to get in his way, then there was no trouble between the two.

The lesson had started, but it was hard for Quinn to concentrate. Still, the lesson seemed to be an important one, so Quinn tried his best to listen.

"As you all know, we have been learning the basics of each weapon. I haven't taught you how to use each weapon individually but only explained how to activate the Beasts Weapons power for a greater result." Leo explained as he drew out his katana blade. "But there will be times where one's weapon will break or certain weapons will prove ineffective against the enemy."

Leo then threw his blade at the wall behind him. It flew fast, and half of the blade managed to go into the wall until it stopped. "In these times we will have to use our own fists."

The students started to mumble, using fists against beats and the Dalki sounded barbaric to them, almost suicidal.

"If we have abilities, why would we rely on our hands?"

"Yeah, and even then if I didn't have a beast weapon or was too tired to use my ability, surely guns would be better?"

The students started to mock and laugh at Leo quietly.

"I see, so you think that today's lesson is pointless, correct?" Leo asked.

They were unaware that Leo could hear everything they were saying.

Suddenly, Leo started to tear off his military clothing and underneath he revealed a chest piece armour that had the face of a demon on it. That's when the students also noticed he was even wearing beast gear on his feet as well.

Erin, Layla and Quinn all had seen this equipment before, it was the same equipment Leo had worn when he killed the Dalki.

"You all know that our old technology, our weapons were useless against them, and our nuclear weapons were rendered useless before we even had the chance to try them. Even armour piercing bullets from a sniper rifle at most could knock a single scaled Dalki back. However, when activating the beast gear, the higher-level tier of equipment, the more empowered our bodies become." Leo said.

At first, the students thought they imagined it, but they could all see clearly that the Blackish armour around Leo's chest was starting to light up and turn red, little particles of steam were emerging from the piece as well.

"Right now if I was to throw a fist with all my force, I could crumble the foundations of this entire building." The steam started to disappear, and the chest pieces colour started to return to normal.

At that time, the students realised a certain pressure had disappeared, as if they were under a gravity heavier than they were used to had disappeared from the room. They didn't need Leo to demonstrate, they could all feel the power he held in his hands.

"So they finally figured out how to properly use the power of the beasts, huh." Fix said. "Well looks like they advanced quicker than my father said they would."

"The power of the fist is useless if you cannot hit your opponent, or if you do not know how to throw a punch," Leo explained. "So for today's lesson, I shall be showing you a basic martial art that all soldiers are required to learn. For this, I will need a volunteer."

Leo then started to look around the room until his head had stopped at one person.

"Quinn, how would you like another spar with me?"


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