My Vampire System Chapter 178

177 Advantage

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The boys started to talk about which of them should cut off the leg, but none of them wanted to do it. Vorden knew first hand what the pain was like, and argued that he had already done his part, while Quinn was the one who cut off Vorden's leg. In the end, it was a unanimous decision that Peter should be the one to do it.

He had similar strength as Quinn so he should be able to cut it off clean. Peter grabbed the meat cleaver from the kitchen counter and walked over to the female all the while Vorden and Quinn held her down on the floor.

This time, they had also put several towels where the cut was supposed to be made, in order to not make a big of a mess like the last time.

The two had to hold her down even though her mouth was already gagged. Furthermore, she was blindfolded, but she had heard the whole conversation going on between all of the people in the room. At first, she thought it was a twisted sick joke being played by her friends.

But as soon as she heard them deliberate and talk more about the matter, she slowly realized that it was becoming a reality. Not being able to see anything either was making her go mad as she imagined that they might do all sorts of things to her.

As Peter Knelt down on his knees, his hands were shaking. Quinn and Vorden were strong, so now, her movements were minimal, but it didn't stop him from seeing the tears rolling down her face just underneath the blindfold.

"Come on Peter!" Vorden said. "You're happy enough to eat the damn thing, but you can't cut it off."

With those words, Peter closed his eyes and swung the meat cleaver down, but at the last second, he tried pulling it back, causing the meat cleaver to only reach halfway through the bone.

Muffled screams were heard as blood started to pour down her leg.

"Peter! You made it worse! "Quinn said as the two swapped positions. Quinn quickly banged a fist on top of the cleaver, pushing it to completely go through. When the leg was detached, he quickly put it inside a black plastic bag. Using one of the towels, they tied it just above the wound and raised her leg to cause the blood flow to slow down. Eventually, it had healed to a point where it was a stump again.

The woman was no longer struggling or screaming. She had just passed out from the fear of everything. "Four more times," Quinn said. "We have to do this four more times."

While the female's leg was being prepared for Peter to eat, Vorden was busy tending to the girl and clearing up the bloody towels. However, before Peter could eat the leg, Quinn went over and dipped his finger into one of the ends.

[Blood type A+]

Quinn wanted the O blood type. This way, he would be able to raise his charm stat. He realised that with everything happening around them, they were bound to get caught sooner or later. If that was the case, then one of the most useful skills that he had would be the influence skill.

It was why Fex was able to walk around so confidently and didn't have to worry about getting blood. He was confident about his ability to erase the memory of any student regarding that the incident ever happened.

Although it didn't make him much stronger in battle, it would do in the future. If he could use his influence skill without any worries, then he would also be able to get blood from other students without having to worry about the repercussions.

He then licked his finger, and once again the message appeared.

[A + blood has been consumed. An additional stat point in strength has been added]

[Strength 18]

Peter wasn't feeling hungry at the moment, so the leg this time didn't look as appetizing as before. He thought that it was due to the fact that he had seen the girl screaming and crying right before it was cut off. Because of that, he didn't feel like eating it just yet.

While the others were waiting for the leg to heal and for Peter to start eating, Quinn went over to the other six students who were still on the ground.


Quinn had used his inspect skill on each of them, and the main thing he was looking for was their blood types. Out of the six, there were two O- blood types, one AB+, one A+ and also two B+ blood types.

While he was here, he might as well increase his stats. The memory of each student would be wiped by Fex anyway, so it would be a waste not too.

Quinn then went over to get another knife from the counter and went up to each of the students. He would make a small cut on the bag of the student's calf. He would then dip his finger and take a lick of each one.

After taking a drop of blood from each student, Quinn decided to check his new improved stats.

[Strength: 19]

[Agility: 18]

[Stamina: 17]

[Charm: 12]

At the moment, these were Quinn's current base stats without wearing any equipment. With the two O blood types, Quinn did as he said he would, putting them into his charm stats.

While doing all of these tasks, Fex was keeping a close eye on Quinn and couldn't help but come over. "Are you trying to see which one tastes the best?" Fex asked. "If you want, I can get you a glass or something, so you can have some more."

"Ah no need, I'm not hungry." As Quinn said those words, he realised that this was the first time he was talking about blood with another vampire as if it was food. It was strange, but at the same time nice that he didn't sound crazy.

"I was just trying to get as many different people's blood types as possible." Quinna answered.

"You're a strange one. Oh I know, I bet you're one of those blood freaks who has to find the perfect type of blood." Fex said as he shrugged his shoulders. "To me, blood is just blood. It all tastes the same no matter who it comes from."

Hearing Fex say this, it started to make Quinn think.

"Did you have any of their blood before we came here?" Quinn asked.

Nah, I can actually last quite a while before I start to crave for blood. Although, I still appreciate the gift that you gave me before." Fex replied.

A realisation came over Quinn. If Fex wasn't consuming the blood of every human he came into contact with, that would suggest that it didn't have the same effects on him as it did to Quinn. It would be understandable if he was doing it for reasons to not be caught. However, he already had these 7 people in the room, yet he didn't consume blood from a single person.

"System, what is the meaning of this?" Quinn asked.

"I think you've figured it out already." The system replied. "As I've said to you before, your Vampire powers are unique, different from the others. What applies to you doesn't mean it will apply to them, and the same can be said the other way round. But this, Quinn, this is your advantage over the others."


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