My Vampire System Chapter 18

17 Level Up

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Quinn continued to follow Rylee into the forest until he had eventually reached the park. It was mostly dark outside and the only visible light in the area was coming from either the moon or the single street lamp.

After checking if there were any people nearby, Quinn decided it was time to act and put on his mask.

"Even if he spots me now, he won't know who to come back to for revenge."

Rylee was currently going through the information on his watch, the glowing light displayed he had a total of 80 credits.

"I'm a genius, I don't know why I didn't do this sooner." Rylee said, "I have more than enough to pay Dan and keep some for myself, as long as I stay on Dan's good side, no one will try to attack me."

As soon as Rylee finished his thought, he felt a large impact on his right side.

Just then Quinn had come out from the trees and threw out a kick causing Rylee to stumble to the ground. When Rylee looked up all he could see was a student wearing a horrifying mask, with a blood splat on the front.

"What the heck, who are you?" Rylee shouted.

Of course, Quinn wasn't going to answer and wanted to finish the fight fast. He ran up to Rylee and threw another kick, this time though Rylee was prepared and lifted his hands manging to block the kick.

When Quinn's legs hit Rylee's hands though, it felt like he was kicking against solid rock.

"OUCH!" Quinn said as he quickly leapt backward to check on his leg.

He lifted his trousers and saw his leg was badly hurt, it looked like his bones had even bent in slightly.

"What?" Rylee thought as he saw his attacker fall back. Then Rylee spotted his attacker's wristwatch, which lit up brightly in the dark and displayed the number one.

Rylee started to laugh.

"I see now, you're probably one of the students I took the credits from earlier, And I'm guessing you thought you could get some revenge."

Quinn then quickly used his inspect skill on his opponent.

\u003cHP 8/10\u003e

\u003cRace: Human\u003e

\u003cAbilty: Hardening\u003e

\u003cBlood type: B+\u003e

"Damn it, no wonder my leg felt like it hit a rock."

Although Quinn's surprise attack didn't work, he still felt like he could win this fight.

Quinn charged in once again this time throwing a fist. The attack was faster than Rylee had expected and he didn't have time to use his hardening skill and he took the blow right in the face.

"I think he cracked my tooth, how hard does this kid hit?" Rylee thought.

Quinn threw another punch with his other hand but Rylee had predicted this and hardened his face in time. When Quinn's fist hit Rylee's face, once again it felt like he was hitting a rock.

\u003c Your fist is broken \u003e

\u003c 7/10 HP \u003e

Quinn then stepped back causing distance between the two.

"Again, what am I meant to do if he keeps hardening his body?"

Then a thought came into Quinn's mind. If Rylee was able to harden his body then why didn't he just keep it hardened all the time? If he did then Quinn's first attack wouldn't have gone through.

Did this mean that Rylee was only able to Harden a single part of his body at a time? It was just a theory but Quinn had nothing to lose and this gave him a plan.

Quinn Ran forward at Rylee one more time shouting.

"I'm going to punch that ugly face of yours if it's the last thing I do!"

Rylee then hardened his face again and was ready this time but at the last second Quinn changed his punch to a kick in the stomach, causing Rylee to bend over.

"It worked."

Then Quinn went to knee Rylee in the stomach again but at the last second stopped and punched Rylee on the back of the head. Now Rylee laid on the ground defenceless. Ray gave one fast swift attack to the back of his head and Rylee was knocked out.

"Did you really think I would call where I was going to attack?" Quinn said.

\u003cQuest has been completed\u003e

\u003c50 exp will be rewarded\u003e

\u003cPower level difference of 1\u003e

\u003c20 additional exp will be awarded\u003e


\u003cYou have reached the maximum amount of exp\u003e

\u003cWould you like to level up?\u003e

"Would I like to level up? Why even bother asking." Quinn thought.


\u003cOnce you have levelled up any changes will be irreversible?\u003e

"Who cares, Yes"

\u003cCongratulations! You are now level 2\u003e

\u003cEvolution process has started\u003e


Suddenly, Quinn felt a large stabbing pain in his heart, it started to beat faster then it had ever done before. The blood started to rush through his veins all over his body. The pain was so much that Quinn had fallen to his knees but he did his best to keep in any screams, fearing he would alarm anyone.

The pain continued throughout his body, his broken hand started to heal along with his legs, and then a sharp stabbing pain could be felt in his teeth. The pain continued to last for a further five minutes until it had eventually stopped.

\u003cCongratulations, you have successfully evolved\u003e

\u003cYou are now a Half-Ling\u003e

Quinn starred at the words the system gave him but it didn't make sense to him, he had never heard of the term halfling before. Then even more messages started to appear.

\u003cYour stats have increased\u003e

\u003cA new skill has been unlocked\u003e

\u003cLv1 Blood swipe\u003e

Blood swipe: A skill that has a range of 5 meters. It will fire out a red line of energy form the user's hands. To use the skill the user must use their own blood causing -1HP per Blood swipe.

Before Quinn had time to check out the changes to his stats, another message had appeared which was the most shocking of them yet.

\u003cYour hunger grows\u003e

\u003cYou can no longer suppress your need for blood\u003e

\u003cYour HP will decrease by -1HP every hour until you have consumed Human blood\u003e

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