My Vampire System Chapter 198

197 Trouble Maker

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Vorden was standing by the side of the group and was glancing over as usual, he currently had the level four earth ability copied, just like last time in case this situation was to repeat himself.

"Those guys, I guess they didn't learn from last time, maybe I've gotten softer hanging around with Quinn all the time." Vorden thought.

But as he was thinking that, he heard Peter's voice.

"You're too weak for me, P*ss off before I kill you," Peter said, and this time there wasn't a hint of fear in his voice.

'Damn it, this is not good,' Vorden worried. 'Before I had to babysit a weak cry baby Peter, now I have to babysit this. I'm not sure which one I prefer.'

Vorden couldn't reveal he was involved with Peter so he couldn't step in and waiting was all he could do for now, he watched carefully preparing himself for the worse. Standing in a fighting stance just to the side of the group.

"What the heck?" Bones said. "Oh I get it now, you think cause you got a little bit of power and now a level three you're a big shot, huh well think aga" Before Bones could even finish what he was saying.

Peter's hands had gripped and wrapped around Bones' mouth his fingers placed at the side his jaw. "Did I not tell you to go away!"

Bones immediately retaliated by lifting his hands trying to create a pillar of earth from below Peter's feet. As soon as Peter had felt the slightest bit of vibration from below, he knew what was coming.

But he didn't move, he waited for the pillar to rise up while continuing to hold on to Bones. Then at the last second, as the pillar rose up from below, Peter stepped back and pulled bones into his own Pillar allowing it to hit him right in the chin.

"Bones!" One of his friends shouted as they came running forward, then suddenly out of nowhere a large wall of earth had come between the two groups, and at the same time bones had been blocked off from Peter's view.

Now standing by Peter's side was Vorden. "Ignore them, we have to get out of here! Now Just Run!"

But Peter remained still as if he wanted to continue fighting against them.

"look, just ignore them, their trash right, there not worth our time," Vorden argued.

"Huh! You're right about that." Peter said as he took off with Vorden out of the training centre.

As Vorden and Peter where outside, Vorden decided it was best if they headed back to the dorm room for now and stayed there. While heading back he started to think about the confrontation, it had shown Vorden how much Peter had changed.

Seeing how he acted against Bones, he couldn't imagine what Peter might do if he was to be put in a room with Truedream or Duke.


Inside the dorm room, Vorden and Peter hadn't said much. They no longer were as close as before when Vorden used to mentor Peter. In fact, when Vorden looked at Peter now he no longer would see the same Peter, he just got this weird feeling and he found it strange that Peter would often just remain still in one place for long periods of time. Coming from Vorden that said a lot to how much Peter really had changed.

Finally, Quinn had returned from his class and the first thing Vorden did was ask if the two of them could speak alone in private.

"Sorry about this Peter, Do you mind?" Quinn asked.

"If that is what you wish sir," Peter said as he went back to sit down in his seat.

The two of them decided to take a walk down the hallway until they had reached a window. Making sure there wasn't anyone who could be listening in to their conversation, they looked outside allowing the breeze to touch their face as they talked.

Vorden had explained what had happened today in the training hall and he also told him his worries about Sunday when he was to meet Truedream.

"I feel like you want to suggest something to me?" Quinn said.

"I know I have mentioned it before." Said Vorden. "But last time I said it half-heartedly, but this time Quinn I'm serious. I think we should cut our ties with Peter."

Although Vorden had sugarcoated his words Quinn knew what he was getting at, they should kill Peter. Honestly, with everything going on, Quinn couldn't say he hadn't had the same thoughts.

Lately, the thought was entering his head more often, this Peter wasn't the same one he knew, it was clear the old Peter was already gone.

"Trying to go through with this plan, I think is riskier than getting rid of Peter," Vorden said. "I think we can do Peter justice when we leave school in two years, we'll look after his family. We can make our own faction and the money we earn from being Travellers we will send them a portion each month."

Vorden was making a good case, but Quinn wondered how Peter's family would feel after finding out their son had died or disappeared. Would they really care if they had money or not? Even if Peter wasn't the same as before he was still him right? There had to be still a little of him inside there somewhere.

"I for one don't think this is a good idea." The system said. "First, you yourself will be unable to kill Peter even if you decide to go through with this. You would have to stand by as you watched someone you know kill Peter and, although he is loyal to you, he would not just stand there without putting up a fight.

"The second thing goes to the matter we spoke of before, you were lucky Peter turned into a wight. It is quite a powerful alley to have. Right now you need to gather and keep all the power you can get. It's not a question of IF the vampires will come, Quinn, It's WHEN."

Suddenly, as these thoughts filled Quinn's mind, a strange feeling came over him once again. It was the family connection from the blood ritual. "I can't do it Vorden," Quinn said. "He's family now and so are you and the others."

Quinn didn't know this but as he turned and said these words to Vorden, his eyes were lit up bright Red. Vorden assumed that perhaps this matter went far beyond just the conversation they had now, and had something to do with Quinn himself.

"Alright Quinn, we'll stick with the plan."


The next day it was the weekend so the group had no classes for the day. However, they were unable to spend their time as freely as the other students could. Instead, they met in Logan's room once more.

Each of them went over the details of their plan, while Logan also handed each a strange round circular pin to be put on their clothes. It looked similar to a button and blended well into their uniform. There was also a sperate circular small speaker that was to be placed in the ear.

These two items were a set that was to be used to communicate with each other. The only person who didn't receive one was Peter, as they knew he would be taken away. However, a microphone was once again installed into his watch so they could hear everything that was happening.

After a good night's rest, it was finally Sunday, the day Truedream would finally arrive at the school.


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