My Vampire System Chapter 208

206 Pure Be With You

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Layla's hands were visibly shaking and her legs were starting to feel weak, beginning to wobble. Her heart was pounding vigorously and the beating sounds were so loud that she couldn't even hear her own voice.

'Is this really the right thing to do?' She thought, but she had already articulated those words. Right now, all attention was focused on her.

"Why would we hate on you, Layla?" Quinn said. "If you have anything that can help us get out of this situation, then it will be fine."

Layla looked at Erin on the bed one more time, contemplating, 'If it's them they'll understand.'

Upon coming to a decision, she opted to tell the others about her circumstances.

"I know a place, one where a group of people that will be able to keep her safe from all of this is located." She paused for a moment before saying the last words. "I'm from Pure. I was the one who wrote that letter."

"I knew it!" Vorden shouted. "Of course, she was hiding something. Why else would she willingly help and accept the truth of your identity? They probably wanted to use you for some reasons."

"That's not true!" Layla snapped back." They don't even know about Quinn. I didn't ask for this! I didn't ask for any of this." Layla said as tears started to run down her face.

Quinn then intervened, placing himself in between Layla and Vorden. Observing the situation, it seemed like Vorden was going to lash out at her any second if someone didn't interfere soon. He proceeded to lead her over to the bed and sat her down next to Erin.

"Sorry guys, but can someone explain to me what or who Pure is?" Fex said, bearing a confused look on his face, as he stood in the corner of the room.

"I'm glad you asked," Logan said, spinning his chair around to procure a file. Then, he opened it while uttering, "I had prepared for this after I saw Layla dropping off the note in the morning."

"You knew?" Vorden said, surprised. "Why didn't you tell us?"

"Was it important to the mission?" Logan replied. "Regardless if she was part of Pure or not, it was thanks to her information that we were able to get those two out of there. True, she might have an ulterior motive, but why would she reveal herself now? There is no need to unless she truly wishes to help."

Although Logan knew there was truth in his words, he couldn't help but think of the fact that she had kept it as a secret for this long. It was contrary to Quinn's prompt revelation that he was a vampire. Something just didn't feel right about that and the things he had heard about Pure weren't the best.

In an instant, a projection was seen playing a myriad of different videos. It was mostly of people wearing a type of mask that covered their whole face - All with a figure of an angel that looked like it had its wings removed. It was the mark of Pure.

In the video, it showed multiple explosions as attacks on certain buildings and different factions were being conducted. It wasn't a pretty sight at all.

"Let me warn all of you. What you are seeing now is pretty biased. The only information I can get of them is filtered through the military. However, nearly everyone knows of the basics. Pure has only one goal - To get rid of all abilities. They believe that the world and the system currently in place is wrong. Even before abilities were introduced, there were many who complained about the gap between the rich and the poor. However, they feel like now, even the basic human rights don't exist to those with weaker abilities." Logan explained.

"Which is pretty stupid, if you ask me," Vorden said. "It was only thanks to those with abilities that we were able to battle the Dalki. If we get rid of them, what do they want us to do? There are only a few people who would be able to kill beasts without the use of abilities in the first place. To then later make equipment to fight them. That is unless you're not human, of course."

These reasons were why Vorden was so suspicious of Layla. It made sense to him - There exists a stronger being that didn't rely on abilities. Although even the vampires had different levels, Vorden wouldn't put it past Pure to not think ahead.

"Wait, there is something that I don't understand," Fex said. "If Pure is a group of people who hate abilities and Layla is one of them, then why does she have an ability?"

They soon released that Fex's words were true. it was a bit hypocritical of a group who hated abilities to have people within the place with them.

Everyone then turned to look at Layla as they coveted to hear the answer.

"I didn't mean to deceive any of you. My situation here is quite complicated." Layla began to reason out. "As Logan explained, you all know what our goal is. As of the moment, the world is in balance, but the main culprit of the system in place is with the military. However, the only reason they can enforce the rules is because of Truedream. At the same time, Turedream is a blessing for Pure. For he's the only person that can take anyone's ability away."

Layla sighed after her lengthy explanation as she gazed one each and every one of her comrades, continuing her speech once a few seconds had passed.

"Trudream often visited this military base. We have agents stationed at every base so far, but only at this one did they never come back. Accordingly, they wanted a student to infiltrate it."

"And they sent a kid?" Vorden explained. "Seems like a good place to send Erin then, doesn't it?"

"I volunteered!" Layla shouted, yet her eye slightly twitched when she said those words. Because the truth was she didn't volunteer for this mission, but her mother offered her own daughter for her own benefit. "Look, this isn't about me and Pure. This matter is about Erin. Right now, she doesn't have an ability, Trudream has been known for doing this to people and we've taken them in, though we still looked out for them. We will do the same for Erin."

Vorden then dragged Quinn towards the side and whispered in his ear. "You're not really considering this, are you? For Erin and Peter to go over to Pure?"

Quinn was struggling in arriving at a conclusion. He was pretty sure that Layla meant no harm, yet putting his friends in the hand of strangers and sending Peter would be a huge risk. His evil nature, without Quinn by his side, would take over. Moreover, if they ever find out who he was, it would be no better than the school finding it out.

Nevertheless, it was different with Erin. Henceforth, Quinn shifted his stare towards Logan, asking, "Logan, don't you have everything recorded? Can't we just use that as blackmail against Truedream? Spread it on the internet or something."

"Impossible," Logan replied without delay. "You remember the reports I brought up earlier? It's clear that the military has a monopoly on what can be seen and what cannot. It would be taken down in an instant, and no one would want to host such a thing. They would be going up against two powerhouses. No one has the power to go up against them. I'm sorry but I wouldn't even want to risk the safety of my family by angering them."

When Logan enlightened the actuality, Vorden started to think about his own family. If it was them they could do something about it. The sole problem was that he wasn't on good terms with them at all. No one in his family would listen to him, much more do him a favour - It wasn't the Blade's family way.

It was why he had never considered it an option in the first place.

"I think we have no other choice," Quinn said. "For Erin, the best thing for her will be to go over to Pure. The two of them are close and if Layla wanted to hurt any of us, the last person she would hurt would be Erin."

"Wait! Only Erin?" Layla inquired. "But what about Peter? he can come to."

Quinn shook his head as he looked at Peter.

"He can't, and Vorden and Fex probably already know the reason why," Quinn explained. "Peter has changed, Layla. If he isn't next to me, then there's no telling what he would do."

Layla then looked at Peter. Although his physical appearance had changed a little, she hadn't been around him lately to notice any further changes. Still, when she looked into his eyes, she noticed that they were lifeless.

"Okay, so Erin goes to Pure," Vorden stated. "What about Peter?"

Quinn's mind had already been muddled as he tried to think of solutions, but at that moment, he was out of ideas. The only thing they could do was to hide him for as long as possible or they could opt to utilize Vorden's favourite suggestion.

"Quinn we could always..."

"Don't say it Vorden" Quinn cut him off shortly before had finished his sentence. knowing very well what Vorden was going to suggest.

"I believe I have a solution to your problem with Peter." The system said.


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