My Vampire System Chapter 209

207 A New Ability

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Just when Quinn was in the middle of contemplating what to do with Peter. It seemed like the system had an answer. Although, whenever the System seemed to chime in, it was never usually straight-up good news, so he was a little nervous.

"What do you mean you have an idea for Peter?" Quinn asked.

"The main issue right now is the fact that your faces cannot appear in the school anymore. At the same time, Peter won't be able to leave the military base due to the fear of him running wild. But we have one solution available for Peter that will solve both of these problems."

The system explained.

Now, Quinn was waiting for the worrisome part.

"He can learn a transformation ability. Ever since you turned him... He lost his original powers and his body is now different from what it once was, meaning he can now learn another ability."

"But I thought you said we had to find a specific ability that could be learned for vampires. Just like mine with the shadow book. At the time not a single one reacted when I touched it only the shadow one did." Quinn asked.

"Perhaps I need to remind you once again. What I said was that there are certain abilities that only vampires can learn, and at the same time there are abilities that only humans can learn. However, there are also abilities that are in the middle, somewhere in between, and one of them is the transformation ability."

The transformation ability wasn't a popular ability with the general public. It gave the user nothing extra that could aid them in combat.

Therefore, it was looked down upon by a lot of the people.

Still, it did have its uses.

With the transformation ability, one could alter their face, and look like another.

This meant it was often used for infiltration or spying. The problem was whenever these people were discovered, they would nearly be killed in an instant due to the fact that transformation ability does not grant them any offensive capabilities at all, or even defensive.

"Why didn't you suggest this before?" Quinn asked.

"Before, I felt like it would be more beneficial for you to wait for a more powerful ability to pop up. One that would make you and Peter stronger. But right now, it's more important than anything at this moment that Peter wouldn't be caught." The system explained.

Quinn then explained to the others what his plan was with Peter. How he still hadn't learned an ability so he could still learn the transformation ability. Still, there was one problem with the whole thing and that relied on Logan.

Quinn needed Logan's help... Even if Peter could disguise himself If he appeared as a new student the entire school would know, and he also couldn't pretend to be someone else since that would be too obvious.

"So what do you think Logan?" Quinn asked. "Will you be able to hack into the school system and add his ID."

"The problem isn't whether I can do it or not Quinn." Logan replied. "Obviously I can. That's like asking if a bee can make honey. The problem is making it all seem natural. Say there are five hundred first year students. Then one day suddenly there are five hundred and one students. The new kid turns up to class and everyone is just meant to accept it. It won't work."

Once again, the group were deep in thought.

"I have an idea," Vorden said. "When we went to the planet Caladi and the Dalki attacked us. Didn't they say they couldn't find three of the students' bodies."

"That's right," Layla replied. "They assumed they had died somewhere deep in the desert and their bodies eaten."

Hearing this started to bring back memories for Quinn. The truth was the Dalki hadn't killed them. It was him that killed them. Although no one knew about this fact yet.

"Well, once Peter learns the transformation ability, why don't we get him to look like one of those students. We can have him appear back near the portal and say he had gotten lost in the desert and had only come back now." Vorden asked.

"Now, that is big brain thinking." Logan said. He then hopped onto his computer and went over to the market place in search for a transformation ability book. It had to be one of a high level to be able to get the finer details right in the face structure.

It didn't take long for Logan to find one, due to how unpopular the skill. It seemed to be a level 5 skill which was perfect. It would be good enough for Peter to look nearly identical to one of the students and with Peter's mutant cells being slightly different it wouldn't show his real level on the watch anyway.

Only displaying the fake number Logan had inputted.

"Ability book purchased!"

"Hey, Logan... You didn't have to do that, I could have paid for it." Quinn said feeling bad at how much money Logan had spent on him now.

"Don't worry Quinn. I'm involved in this too now and if I didn't want to do it, I would have kicked you all out of this room. Besides who said I wasn't keeping a tab? I do have to warn you that I do charge quite the interest." Logan said.

It was hard for Quinn to tell whether Logan was joking about the whole thing or not.

When he said those words his expression never changed once. But Quinn would have liked to think he was cracking a joke, it was nice seeing Logan trying to fit in. But this was a different matter Quinn also didn't want his wallet to take a hit.

After purchasing the book and imputing the code, it had arrived in only a few seconds right into Logan's room.

"It will probably take him a few weeks or so for him to learn it," Logan said. "For now he can stay in my room. Luckily he doesn't need any food or anything so as long as he stays here he'll be fine."

Quinn didn't like the idea of that. He could imagine either Peter accidentally touching one of Logan's prized possession and getting a laser beam shot through his chest. Or Logan would say something that caused Peter to snap.

"Let me try something," Quinn said as he walked over and grabbed the book himself.

[Level 5 Transformation Ability book obtained]

[Would you like to store the book?]


[Option to use the ability book on Family member (Peter)]

[Would you like to use?]

Although Peter didn't have a system ability Quinn had a feeling something like this might just work. His family was linked through the system. The system had also mentioned if Peter and Quinn were fighting near each other, Quinn would get the Exp for it.

So, it gave Quinn hope that just maybe something like this would work...

"Maybe we won't have to wait after all." Said Quin as he accepted the system's suggestion.

The book floated in the air and flew over to where Peter was. The pages turned and turned until it hit the very last one. Then the book started to disintegrate in front of everyone's eyes.

[Peter Chuck has successfully learned the ability (Transform)]

"Peter do you want to try transforming into me?" Quinn asked.

As a tester, Peter did just that and slowly his face started to reshape and reform into a second Quinn. It was nearly perfect. There wasn't enough of a difference for someone to notice using their eye.

The others watching were amazed by this. Logan was the only one in this room that had an idea of what just happened. While Vorden and Layla had put it down to vampire stuff they just didn't understand the specifics of what just occurred in front of them.

However, there was one other vampire in the room that had just seen Quinn do something that he had never seen another vampire do before. Just like humans, vampires usually had to take time to learn the abilities that they wanted to learn. Yet he had just witnessed, a vampire actually learned an ability in an instant.

'Just who are you Quinn?' Fex thought.

At that moment, groans could be heard in the room behind them all. As they turned around, it seemed that Erin was about to wake up.

It was now time to tell her, what her fate was going to be.


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