My Vampire System Chapter 233

231 For Erin

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The homeroom teacher Del had taken the lead down one of the paths. The pathway they walked on seemed quite wide and well flattened. It was clear the oath was man made and it looked like large vehicles would come through this way from time to time.

Because the oath was originally meant for large vehicals, the students weren't bunched up going down the path in a single file but were able to spread out and take in the scenery around them.

Fex who was walking by Quinn's side took in a deep breath of fresh air. "Now this, this is what I call different." He had a huge grin on his face as he continued to look around at the large greenery that surrounded them.

While the two of them were walking, Quinn took this as his chance to ask him a few questions. Fex had already made up his mind that Quinn had always been on earth. A vampire who hadn't been back home, so he thought it was only natural to show some interest.

"So back home, there isn't anything like this?" Quinn asked, adding the word home trying to try to make it sound more natural.

"Nah, compared to earth, and these planets with all the bright colours, our home has nothing." Fex moaned.

"When relocating they had decided to choose a place that was mostly dark, but they also needed an atmosphere that they could still live in. They had found the perfect place for vampires, but I don't know why, but it always felt strange to me."

The words that Fex spoke just then had confirmed a few things to Quinn. The vampires were indeed no longer on earth like they were when the blonde man was a vampire. At some point, they had relocated to a different planet.

Now, Quinn was even more confused about how his parents had managed to get the book.

"Don't worry, if you and I ever return to the place, I'll give you a grand tour," Fex replied. "So Quinn, you asked me a question now let me ask you one. Where did you get your shadow ability?"

Hearing these words, Quinn thought back to how the system had mentioned to not tell anyone about the shadow ability, for it meant something important to the vampires.

"Just tell him you don't have permission to tell, that shall be enough for now." The System said.

"I'm afraid I don't have permission from my leader to tell you that," Quinn answered.

Fex clicked his tongue and placed his hands behind his head. "Figured as much, but the shadow ability is really cool."

As they continued to walk down the path, they noticed that there were plenty of plants that looked strange. At the very least they didn't resemble anything back on earth. One plant was shaped like an S and was the same size as the human body. On it was several light blue ring-like patterns.

The other students seeing this pulled out their scanners and tried to gather some information on it, but just like Fay had said. The scanners currently weren't working. They seemed to all be linked to a device that the homeroom teacher was using.

Only when he activated his device would the other students be able to use their scanners.

Although others couldn't get any information from it, someone else could.

Quinn walked up to the plant to see if he could, there was one skill that he had that might just work.


[Blue ringed growth plant]

[A plant that can be used to greatly enhance the pleasure in the groin area for both the female and male parts]

"Hey, Quinn, what's up with your face man?" Vorden asked seeing that Quinn was a little red. "Is it the heat, if you need a break, we can start walking at the back of the group."

"No, don't worry I'm fine," Quinn replied as he quickly moved on.

As they walked, Quinn decided to use his inspect skill on every new thing he could see. It was a great chance for him to try to level it up once again. There were still times when the inspect skill was unable to give him information and while on the red portal planet it was a lifesaver and even allowed him to get the shadow ability that was locked away in the storage unit.

Quinn had tried repeatedly using the inspect skill on a basic item such as a pen. But after about a 1000 tries and no result. It seemed that the inspect skill needed to be used on new items to be able to level up once more.

The pathway the students had walked on was starting to come to an end, and now the mud had turned into thick heavy leaves and short green plants.

The student's pace had slowed down. Now with every step, they took they had to be careful when putting their foot down. There were several roots that were hidden underneath the leaves and once in a while a student would be caught in place.

"A beast!" A student cried. "A beast has me wrapped around the leg." The student's teammates who were nearby quickly jumped back and drew their weapons.

But after a while, the student calmed down and when he looked up at his friends, he was almost too embarrassed to say what had occurred.

"Sorry, false alarm, it was just a tree route." The student said, chuckling away nervously.

One of the students in his group slapped him on the back of the head and they carried on moving forward.

"This should be a good spot," Del said as he placed his large shield onto the floor.

The area they were now in was quite open. There weren't as many trees and vines and it was quite free allowing them to see what was coming from all different directions.

"Students are to not travel more than two hundred meters from this spot. If you do your scanner will make a ping indicating they will no longer work." Del explained. "For each new plant discovered you will receive 5 points, for each new beast discovery 20 points. Please remember this is not a hunting trial, there is no need for you to kill beasts.

"However anything intermediate level and below you may try your best to go against them if you wish but any kills will not be awarded points. Still, you can keep the crystal for future use as well.

"Alright, your scanners are now on!"

At the same time, each of the scanners made a ding sound and the students rushed off all in different directions. All apart from Quinn's group that was.

"Heh, what are you doing?" Cia complained, "Let's go, don't you want a good grade?"

Before it was always Erin who had been so dedicated to getting the best score, but without her here, it felt different.

"Let's do this." Layla said."let's get to the top for Erin."

Quinn liked that idea. He rushed off into a section of his own along with Peter and the rest.

They had split up a bit and when they found something interesting they would shout out to Peter to come over and scan the item.

"Over here!" Layla shouted as she spotted an odd plant that resembled an octopus.

Peter rushed over, even with his bag his speed was great. Using the scanner he was able to see the plant and now all he needed to do was press the red button on the scanner to start to process, but at that moment.

He felt something crash into his side, causing him to fall to the ground.

"Pft too slow." The student said.

"That was on purpose!" Layla complained seeing that Peter was clearly barged over.

The student then quickly took out his scanner and pressed the red button. After waiting a few moments a ding sound was heard.

If the plant hadn't been scanned before and their team was successful in obtaining points, there would be a ding sound similar to a cashier being drawn.

If the item had already been scanned a big red x would appear on the scanner with an error sound instead.

This meant that the plant the student had just scanned was a new discovery and they had obtained five points.

As Peter slowly got up from the ground he started walking over to the student.


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