My Vampire System Chapter 27

26 Blood Types

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As Quinn put on his mask, he moved in closer to where Rylee and the student was. Making sure to move in and out between the trees.

"Hey, do you want a beating, pass over the credits now!" Rylee said holding up the student against the tree.

"But I only get ten credits a day, their mine, this isn't fair."

"Since when has this world ever been fair. Blame the people at the top for not looking out for us." Rylee said.

As Quinn herd those words, he realized that Rylee was in the same position as him. He was only a level two user and was just part of the weak bunch being pushed around by those above but that didn't mean he could do it to others.

That would fix nothing.

Layla followed Quinn closely and had taken out her bow and arrow. She knew from last time if Quinn had put on the mask, he was going to act.

"Do you want me to help out, it will be easier with the two of us," Layla asked.

"It's okay there's something I wanted to test out," Quinn said.

The last time the two of them had fought, Quinn was only a level 1. Now he was a level 2 and he had also obtained a new skill which he wanted to test and Rylee was a great test subject.

Quinn started to move closer and closer. He was hoping to finish of Rylee in one shot and this was the perfect chance while his back was turned. Finally, Quinn was just about in striking distance that's when the student held up against the tree spotted Quinn.

"Please help me!" The student cried.

"You idiot!" Quinn shouted as he leapt forward hoping he could be quick enough to hit Rylee before he could activate his ability.

The students warning had given Rylee enough time to activate his ability and turn around. However, Quinn's fist was fast and even though Rylee put out his hands to stop the attack, Quinn's fist still manged to hit Rylee in the stomach.

The impact was just like last time, it was solid and felt like he was punching a wall but the blow managed to still hurt Rylee a bit. The attack was slighter stronger and this time Quinn's fist hadn't broken.

"You, I've been waiting for you," Rylee said as he put two fingers in his mouth and whistled.

Just then two students came running in from the park and into the forest.

"You think you can take on three of us?" Rylee said.

Quinn looked at the two students running towards them and that's when an arrow came flying from the words and hit one of them in the knee causing the student to instantly fall to the ground.

The other students went down to his friend.

"What happened?" the students said. Then he noticed an arrow in the student's leg. "Where did this come from?"

Quinn saw this as an opportunity and dashed away from Rylee and started heading towards the other student.

"The skill said five meters right, well show me what you got!"

As soon as Quinn was within five meters, he activated his skill blood swipe at the same time swinging his hand across. A red line of power came surging out of Quinn's fingertips and hit the student right on his chest causing a claw-like mark but it wasn't enough to knock him out.

"Blood swipe, Blood swipe, Blood swipe."

Quinn then cast three more blood swipes swinging his arm out. Each blow managed to hit the student dead on, with multiple marks across his chest, he had finally collapsed to the floor.

\u003cHP 11/15\u003e

\u003c An opponent has been defeated, 50 exp granted \u003e

\u003c 110/200 exp \u003e

Blood swipe had no cooldown but did use one point of HP per swipe. As long as Quinn had HP he could continuously cast out his blood swipe skill.

Rylee seeing his two teammates who were of equal power level to himself be defeated in an instant, started to feel scared. His body was shaking and all he wanted to do was get out of there. He turned away from his friends and started running deeper into the forest.

Quinn's speed was greater though and was easily able to catch up. When his attack was in range, Quinn cast two more blood swipes aiming for the back of Rylee's ankles. As they hit, Rylee fell to the ground.

"Please, please don't hurt me I'll do anything!" Rylee begged.

"Oh really," Quinn then placed his watch up against Rylee's "hand over all your credits."

"but if I do, I won't have enough credits for Dan, he'll kill me," Rylee said.

"Is now really the time to worry about Dan?" Quinn asked.

Rylee quickly transferred over 50 credits that he had obtained that day over to Quinn.

"So will you let me go now?" Rylee asked.

Quinn smiled at Rylee, although, Rylee couldn't tell due to the mask he was wearing.

"No!" Quinn said, he then went up behind Rylee and held him in a chocking position. Rylee tried activating his hardening skill but Quinn's strength was still strong enough to get through and eventually caused Rylee to pass out.

"That's for pushing me around in the canteen."

Quinn then looked at Rylee's body and noticed that his ankles were bleeding from where he had used the blood swipe skill. Quinn then went to his bag to pull out a test tube and held Rylee's leg up allowing the blood to slowly drip into the test tube, until it filled up. Quinn also filled up a second tube for testing later on.

Next were the other two students. Layla had dealt with the other when she hit with her arrow earlier and the other student had passed out from the multiple attacks of blood swipe.

Quinn then did the same for with the other two students collecting blood from their open wounds and from where Layla's arrow had managed to pierce the student's leg.

After they had finished collecting the blood, it was time for them to get out of there and leave the scene. It was getting late and it was almost curfew time. If the students were out past ten then the guards would go out looking for you. It seemed like not only did the watches act as a credit device and power level indicator but it was a tracker as well.

Students who were found injured outside the school would be taken to the doctor's office. When the two of them arrived at school it was still 9 o'clock, so they had an hour before they needed to head to their dorm rooms.

That's when the two of them had decided to head to the school roof instead. It was quiet up there, and no one was around so the two of them could talk freely.

"So what do you need all the blood for?" Layla asked, "you know if you need some blood you can just take some of mine anytime, I really don't mind."

"Thanks, but I just wanted to test something out."

"Inspect," Quinn had used his inspect skill on each of the containers.

The first was Rylee's blood.

\u003c Blood type B+ \u003e

"Here goes," Quinn said as he popped the cork open and drank the small tube of blood.

\u003c You have regained 5 points of HP \u003e

\u003c 14/15 HP \u003e

\u003c B+ Blood type has been absorbed \u003e

\u003c + 1 point of Agility has been added \u003e

Quinn couldn't stop smiling as he saw the message. He then went on to drink the second tube of blood. Drinking the blood no longer bothered him once he found out the taste was quite sweet. All Quinn needed to do was convince himself it was some type of juice.

\u003c You have regained 1 point of HP \u003e

\u003c HP 15/15 \u003e

\u003c This person blood has been consumed before, no extra stats will be given\u003e

As Quinn thought, the blood still regained his health, similar to how a potion worked in a game but once a person's blood had been consumed, it would no longer give him any stat points.

Quinn then drank the two other test tubes from the other students.

\u003c Blood type A- has been absorbed \u003e

\u003c + 1 strength point has been added \u003e

\u003c Blood type Ab + has been absorbed \u003e

\u003c + 1 Stamina point has been added \u003e

Quinn looked at messages he received and started to notice a pattern. When he drank Layla's blood which was A+ he had gained a strength point, it was the same when he drank the A - blood. Rylee whose blood type was B+ had given him an agility point and lastly, AB + had given him a stamina point.

Assuming being positive or negative blood type didn't matter so far. A type had given him strength, B gave him Agility and AB stamina. That left one blood group that Quinn hadn't drunk from yet which was O.

Quinn couldn't help but wonder what would happen if he drank the O type.

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