My Vampire System Chapter 287

285 Let Him Go

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The last words from Duke's mouth had been heard clearly by everyone. By now, even Layla stopped complaining and every single one of them remained motionless in the room. They received confirmation that one of them was caught.

There was always the possibility of something like this happening. However, before getting caught by the military, Quinn always thought that another student would've at least got them first. He prepared for such a scenario, but he wasn't ready for this one.

'Fight them, get him out of there.' A voice seemed to be resounding at the back of his mind. However, he kept his rationality in proper order. Quinn didn't have the power to fight against the military just for one person.

Currently, Peter was left in the room, he was sitting down on a chair at the table. His hands were still cuffed behind his back. Nathan and four other soldiers were in there with him. However, Duke was no longer in the room and went somewhere else.

The room was silent. In the meantime, Nathan was busying himself with going through some films of Peter in the past. He wanted to make sure that he didn't misread the information he had. In fact, he was extremely sure that Peter didn't have an ability in the first place, and had later been given the Earth ability.

But when Nathan used his own ability to drain away Peter's MC cells, he realized that the latter was actually using a Transformation ability.

As he was still in the chair, handcuffed, Peter continued looking around the room to find an opportunity of a way out. Despite a small bubble being left over around his hands, the energy he recently lost was already starting to recover.

It was for this reason that a part of his body continued feeling incredibly weak. Thankfully, it seemed like they underestimated Peter's true strength. In just a short amount of time, he would soon be strong enough, even with the bubble on him, to break free from the handcuffs.

Peter glanced at the guard closest to his right side. Once he broke the cuffs, if he reacted quick enough, he should be able to kill him in one blow. Even if he was attacked by the others, his body would be able to withstand or heal any of their hits.

Peter also had another trick up his sleeves. He had the ability to turn two people into lesser wights. If he was to use this now, then there was a higher chance he would be able to get out of this situation. However, despite this plan in his head, there was one more person he had to take in mind of. Nathan was still here. He was unsure of exactly how strong Nathan was and what his ability did. And with Nathan being a General at the military base, Peter was sure that he was strong. But he had no choices left, this was a risk he had to take.

A portion of his energy had now come back, and with a slight tug, he tested the cuffs restraining him.

"Wait," a small voice directly resounded in his ear. "Don't do anything yet, Peter. We still don't know what will happen to you, just remain calm."

These instructions were being transmitted by the small spider Logan had placed on him before. Peter hesitated for a moment, trying to decide whether he should listen to Logan or not, however, he felt like he could trust him and cancelled whatever plans he just thought up.

'Since they got me and Erin out of something like this before. They can surely do it again.' Peter reassured himself with these thoughts. Unaware of what was currently happening inside the room, no one had a clue what to do next.

"We have to start thinking about leaving the military base," Vorden broke the silence.

"With Peter, or without?" Layla shot back with a question.

"Without, of course. There's a high chance that they will soon start interrogating him. By then, they'll link him to everything that has happened so far and find out we were all involved."

"I think we're safe from anything like that happening," Quinn quickly responded. "I know Peter won't sell us out of his own accord, and even if they did get that girl to question him, it still wouldn't work."

"How would you know that?" Vorden asked.

"Fex will back me up on this, Peter is different now. One of the things that's different about him is that certain abilities no longer work on him," Quinn explained.

Fex nodded in agreement while adding in his own words, "He's right. A Wight is unaffected by abilities that target the mind or body in some type of way. They are also immune to poison, they don't sleep, and they don't register a heartbeat. A Wight will never give up his master either. If you're worried about them linking him to us, the only connection you guys have is being his past teammates."

"Even so, that still doesn't solve our original problem," Layla continued speaking, "They're going to do something to Peter and will eventually find out he's different. Don't you think that they're already wondering why he has a different ability now? If they find out about his healing capabilities, he'll be used as a lab experiment for the rest of his life."

What Layla just said was one of Quinn's true fears. It was why he was extremely intent on hiding his secret in the first place. The fear that he would be locked up in a lab somewhere and be tested on... If that ever happens, then everyone would say it was just fine because it was for the sake of humanity, to help them defeat the Dalki.

"There are a few possibilities. Luckily for us, this world still has an order of civilization. I still don't know how far that will get us..." Logan started speaking. "Even if Peter is to be moved to a research lab or such, or maybe even treated as a terrorist who works for Pure, he will still first have to undergo a trial. I'm pretty sure that this so-called 'trial' would only be for show. The Generals and Truedream have their own ways to speed up the process and put the judge in their pockets.

"What this does, however, will give us a little bit more time. I guess that before Peter attends the trial, an investigation will continue in public or behind the scenes. He'll probably be temporarily placed in the underground dungeons. We aren't sure how heavily guarded it is for now, or if we have the capabilities in breaking him out, but we can use this opening to save him."

"Just let this one go, Quinn." Vorden's words sounded like an ultimatum. "You already saved him once before. Forcing a rescue operation would get us all killed. I'm sorry to say this, but if you decide to go through with it, I won't be helping you."

The room fell silent once more after Vorden spoke. The reason being was that the others kind of agreed with what he was saying. The dungeon was a place where they kept undisciplined students and soldiers, there was a higher chance it was heavily guarded because of this.

"Whatever you do, Quinn. I'll be there with you." Fex said as he slapped him on the back.

When looking around the room, Quinn could see the expressions on their faces. No one else volunteered to help, even Layla who really wanted to participate in the operation, didn't do so due to the simple reason that she felt she was too weak. She herself knew that by forcing herself to do it, she would only hinder them.

"It's okay," Quinn responded back. "I've decided... it's best not to save Peter right now. It's too risky and is none of your responsibilities." While saying these words, something in Quinn's mind tugged at him, telling him to try and save Peter.

Despite deciding not to go through with the plan, it still kept reminding him. 'Is this connection from before? It seems like I can fight it a bit now.'

Even though Quinn had now grown stronger, it seemed like he wasn't going to let his emotions get the better of him. It might have also been the fact that Peter wasn't in immediate danger right now. He knew that the military would most likely not kill him, but instead, perhaps torture him. He had convinced himself that Peter wasn't going to die anytime soon, and this was how he stopped himself from trying to save Peter.

"That's the right choice." Vorden agreed with him.

'Was it really, though?' Quinn's mind asked this question. For some reason, he had this huge feeling of guilt looming over his head. If he knew he made the right choice, he shouldn't be feeling like this. But right now, he felt nothing but miserable.

Just then, another sound emerged from the computer. It was a low and familiar tone. Duke was talking.

"It looks like Truedream made a decision on what to do with you."


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