My Vampire System Chapter 308

305 The Wrong Person

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"It looks like she had no clue who Larry Steel was after all," Nate said as he continued to look around the room.

Nate was hoping that perhaps someone as skilled as the Blood evolver would be well known. To the point where if he went around asking others from the same military school, they would have instantly recognized the name. This was why he continued to go about asking students from other military factions if they knew of the person named "Larry."

So far there was no success. Out of all the students who were preparing for their events, the students taking part in the fighting tournament were the most cautious. Everyone there was trying their best to hide their abilities and instead was doing some other form of training.

This was because, if one knew the other person's ability before fighting them, it would be a big advantage. With nothing else to do, all Nate could do was wait for the first round of the tournament. There no one would be able to hide their abilities anymore.

"Hey, Larry, how are you doing bro?" A student's voice from behind was heard.

Instantly, Nate turned around hearing the name Larry. A medium-sized male student stood behind him, and looking at his uniform he could tell he was a first-year student.

'This has to be him.' Nate thought.

Inching his way closer, Nate started to perform some lunges near the area. He did this so he wouldn't look so suspicious when coming towards the group of people and it also made sense since he was in the fighting tournament.

The two students, Larry and his friend were busy talking away when from the corner of their eyes, they could see what looked like to them, an idiot performing lunges. It was clear that for whatever reason, the person was trying to get closer to them.

"Can I help you?" Larry asked, not being able to take the awkwardness anymore. He felt embarrassed for the student.

"Oh don't mind me, I'm just warming up for the fighting tournament," Nate replied, after switching Legs and lunging his way closer to them again.

Ignoring the strange man, the group started to move away.

It looked like his plan had failed.

Seeing that his brilliant idea didn't work, he decided to just continue practising while looking at the two students. The two of them started to practice together, sparing, performing kicks and punches. It didn't look bad but it didn't look impressive either.

"So you're hiding your skills huh?" said Nate. "Don't worry, when you go up against me, you can use your full strength. No, I'll make you use your full strength.

Nate then started laughing to himself loudly as he thought of the upcoming fight. A rematch between him and the blood evolver.


It was morning and Quinn had trouble sleeping through the night. Every hour or so he would be woken up by the dreaded pain as his health continued to go down.

[21/95 HP]

It was important to keep this going for now as he needed to curb the addiction away. Sooner was better than later and then he would be able to get stronger once again using the different types of blood. The event was the perfect time to do this, as there were far too many people all over the place for him to do anything in secret anyway.

Before leaving the room, Quinn had placed his newly obtained armour into his dimensional space. After he decided to test out everything was working as it should have done and used his skill Shadow equip.

The boots, the chest piece and his gauntlets all appeared at once.


[Level 18]

[10,750/25,600 exp]

[21/ 95 HP]

[Strength 23 (+7)]

[Agility 26 (+5)]

[Stamina 19 {+1)]

[Charm 24 (+1)]

[defence 27]

As the item description said, the chest piece added a stat point to each one of his different stats and also increased his defence. It was a shame that none of the equipment he had, also came with an active skill like the boots. However, he knew this was rare and hard to come by.

There was still a lot of exp to be obtained before reaching level twenty, the next step for Quinn in his vampire evolution. It would be difficult now since there were no more planned expeditions for the year to other portal planets. This was the easy way for Quinn to gain experience by defeating beasts for the first time.

If he was to fight some strong opponents in the tournament though, perhaps it would have helped him. But he knew that was near impossible. Quinn was still registered as the substitute, but it felt like something in name only. It was unlikely Peter would be able to escape from whatever they had planned.

He also looked at his inventory where the intermediate crystal could be seen. It was just the item he needed to create a short sword from the shop. When he got back, he planned to craft the gear and hand it over to Vorden. It was a good weapon but wasn't quite compatible with him using his blood skills, such as hammer strike or Blood spray.

He also thought it would be good for Vorden to have a weapon for himself, just in case he didn't have a good ability on hand to use.

To the left of his bed on top of the drawer was a little pamphlet. It continued the schedule of events for the day and what was being shown where. There was around an hour left before the first set of events had started and Quinn was wondering which one he should go to.

After looking at the long list, apart from the three main events none of them seemed too interesting for him. While scrolling through the list he managed to spot one called "Block, Block.". He seemed to remember that the game he had participated in yesterday was called the same thing.

'Is it an event to do with the game yesterday?' He recalled playing and seemed to have quite some fun with the machine. Perhaps it was something he could enjoy watching before the main events.

*knock *Knock

"Hey Quinn, move your arse let's go!" Fex shouted through the door.

Putting his equipment back into the dimensional space, he took the pamphlet with him and answered the door.

"Hey, where's Vorden?" Quinn asked.

"I don't know I came to get you first," Fex replied.

When looking down the hallway they spotted Vorden coming towards them.

"Sorry about that, I had some things to deal with." He said smiling.

"Any ideas on what you want to go see?" Fex asked.

"I was thinking about this." Quinn pointed to the block, block event and the others were fine with it. Just like him, they were not really interested in anything apart from the main events anyway.

When the three boys left the hotel, the outside area was vastly different from before. It was a nice sunny day and the sky was blue with hardly any colours inside. It was the perfect day to have an event like this on.

Seeing the Sun though gave Quinn the chills. The ring protected him now from the sunlight's effects, but it was as if his mind naturally started to react to the fact the sun was so bright. Maybe a placebo effect that the sun still affected him in some way.

On the top platform, it was filled with both students and members of the public, unlike yesterday. Nearly all the stalls were busy and people looked to be having a good time playing games and eating food and such.

"I almost forgot that it wasn't just the military watching this event." When Fex said these words he realized something. This might also be the perfect time for them to send someone after him.

He knew how good their information gathering was and they should have known where he was by now. In a way, being at the military base where no one knew where they were was a good hideout for Fex. But a place like this where it was open to the public, it was only a matter of time before he would be taken back.

He looked at Quinn and Vorden walked off into the crowd of people, heading towards the events.

"I might have to say goodbye to you soon..." He mumbled as he quickly followed after the two.


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