My Vampire System Chapter 314

311 A Time Limi

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"FexFex...Fex! Can you hear me... Hello?" Quinn said, waving his hand in front of Fex's eyes.

Snapping out of his daze, Fex soon realised where he was.

"Oh, sorry, I was just thinking about how amazing Logan was." He replied.

Quinn had called out Fex's several times, and the others had even left the area where they were watching the main event from. They soon realized that Fex's eyes were still glued to the arena floor. They were about to grab some snacks, yet for some reason, he hadn't followed.

"Hey, seriously, if something's on your mind, you can tell us. You know that right?" Quinn said. "I still remember what you said when we were underground on that planet. We're now blood brothers, right?"

Hearing this from Quinn was meant to cheer him up, but instead, it seemed like it had only made him sadder.

Before Fex had arrived and joined the others, he had a very uncomfortable confrontation with the last person he wanted to see. It was his sister, Silver. He knew that his family would send someone after him. Perhaps even multiple people, but he had never expected them to send over Silver.

His sister was known for upholding the vampire laws no matter what. She was strict and always completed the tasks given to her. The complete opposite of Fex. If it was anyone else, Fex felt like he could have probably convinced them to let him stay. Or even run away, but not from Silver. She was far too powerful and would have never let him stay.

On the platform where the two had seen each other, she slowly walked towards him, and he was frozen in place. Suddenly, thoughts of the others he had met during his time came into his mind, especially Quinn. If he was going to leave, he wanted the chance to at least say goodbye.

When she finally reached where Fex was, she handed him the small silver flask. "This is yours, right?" Silver said. "I found it with a bald-headed teacher. The person seemed quite strong. I thought you might have been dead."

Fex looked at the flask, and knowing that the other one he had was still with Quinn, he knew this had to be his.

"Oh, it is mine, I thought I had lost it."

"You fool!" Silver snapped. "You know how important items like this are. If the family were to find out, then who knows what they would do to you. You've already broken so many rules, don't go around breaking more making your punishment worse."

Fex didn't know what to say. It was hard to argue back, and he just stood there looking defeated.

When Silver saw the sad look in his eyes, a slight pain was felt in her chest. It was true, Silver did care for the vampire rules above everything else. She always completed her mission and was strict on everyone around her. However, Fex didn't realize that she had a soft spot for one person in particular, and that was her little brother.

"I'm here to take you back." She said.

He looked up at her, now with even more sadness in his eyes. He had spent only a couple of months on earth. His dream place and had only spent it at a school. The event was the first time he felt like he was actually doing something different. Playing games and joking around with the others.

"I know, let's just go." He said.

Plodding his feat along as if they weighed a hundred kilos, he walked slowly towards her.

"I still have some unfinished business here, and I can't just take you or leave in the middle of my duty as a teacher. If I was to leave now without telling them I was resigning, they would find it suspicious. I shall inform them after the event is over. You may stay until then. Also during that time, you must clear the memory of those you have gotten close to. We shall alter your files and deal with your disappearance on our end." She explained.

The expression started to change on Fex's face once again. He still had a few more days with the others, and now he at least had the chance to say goodbye.

"However, we shall meet daily. You will update me on what you are doing and where you are. I can't have you going off and disappearing again." She said.

With everything said that she needed to, she started to walk off.

"Thank you, Big Sis," Fex shouted. "You're the best."

Although many couldn't see it, it would have been a rare sight for many. A slight smile appeared on her face.

Still, even though Fex could stay for a few days, he now had a lot on his mind. When he thought about it, maybe he was selfish, wanting to say goodbye. The quicker he had left with his sister, the less chance she had of finding out about Quinn.

This was now a big worry on his mind. No matter what, he didn't want his sister to find out about him. Fex still didn't know the truth behind Quinn but decided to leave it for now. If she were to find out, she would quite possibly insist that Quinn head back with the two of them. Then if they were to find out he had made Peter an illegal, unregistered vampire, it would be hard to stop any punishment he might receive.

When Fex had returned to his friends, all these thoughts were filled in his mind. There was also a good chance that now Silver knew about him, that she would be closely watching him, so he didn't run away.

'Should I warn Quinn about my sister? Or will it only make matters worse?' As long as his sister didn't find out about Quinn, there was no need to worry about them. However, there was one thing he couldn't stop, and that was Peter taking part in the tournament.

The second he started to fight, or she got close to him, she would be able to smell him. No matter what, she would find out about him, and Fex needed a plan.

There was one chance he had, and that was when he would meet up with his sister every day.

The four boys had finished getting their snacks and drinks and were just waiting for the next main event to start. This time rather than watching the match from over the edge, they had decided to find some seats near the big screen. When looking around, they managed to spot someone who had a small crowd around them.

"Look, please, I just want to enjoy watching the next events. If you have anything else to ask, please just send me a message later." As soon as Logan spoke these words, he quickly handed over a contact card that contained his email and contact details. He was never really good at interacting with people, and the attention he was getting wasn't enjoyable at all.

After a few adverse reactions, people started to understand and break away from him.

"You can finally join us then?" Vorden said.

The boys introduced Logan to Sam before deciding to have a sit down together. They quickly discussed the video, and Logan confirmed to Vorden that even if they unblurred the video, it was hard to tell the one in the video was Quinn. With this whole matter settled it felt like a weight was lifted from their shoulders. All apart from Fex of course.

"So, how do you think Layla will do? Did she look okay?" Quinn asked, concerned for his teammate.

"She seemed to be distracted with something else," Logan replied. "When I informed her about your video, her mind was let's say busy. To be honest, I'm pretty sure she doesn't care for this tournament like us."

Logan didn't need to explain why and couldn't due to Sam being there with them, but the boys knew what he meant. Due to her already being a member of Pure, there was no need for her to try hard.

The event was about to start, and the screen displayed the field where it would take part. Compared to before, it looked like the arena was completely transformed. On the screen now, there was what looked like a little makeshift town. The town looked to be partly destroyed and looked more like ruins. But there were several areas that would allow students to use them as vantage points.

Vorden was the first one to release the place had been built in a particular way made for ranged weapons users to take advantage of.

"I wonder how they managed to make something so fast?" Quinn asked.

"Oh, that's simple," Logan replied. "They just had a few earth users come on stage and make it real quick. I saw them getting ready as I was heading out."

The participants of the event entered the stage once more. All the ranged users entered with their beast weapons by their side, while also wearing a strange red colored chest piece that seemed to cover their entire upper body.

When looking at all the participants closely, not a single one of them wore any beast armour or boots. The only different thing was the weapons themselves. It seemed like each participant was also given different types of material to be used. For bow users, they were given all the same arrows, and the same for the other weapons as well.

The ranged ammunition given to participants was designed to explode on impact and produce a paint-like splatter.

"Ladies and gentlemen, all the participants are now ready for the ranged event, so I will quickly explain the rules. Each person has been given a set amount of ammunition to be used for their ranged weapons. There is a safety period of one minute where participants will not be allowed to attack each other and must enter the small makeshift town.

"If a participant does not follow this rule and chooses to attack they will be disqualified.

"The aim is to hit others while not being hit yourselves. If any bit of paint touches the red marking on the participants' chest a sound will indicate, showing they have been eliminated from the round. Students must quickly exit the field and the red coloured chest piece will turn black showing they are no longer active.

"After the first 40 students have been eliminated, the round will end. Scattered around and inside the building are several ammunition spots where the players may refill.

"Now that the rules have been fully explained, let's get this show on the road!"


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