My Vampire System Chapter 324

321 Im In Love

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Walking along the top platform slowly, Was Fex. His usual neatly swept-back black hair was now a complete mess. The stress of everything was getting to him and he felt like pulling his hair out.

More than felt like it. There were times while walking where he had literally pulled out small parts of his hair from his head. Nothing noticeable but he didn't even realise he had been doing it.

He needed everything to go perfectly and still felt relieved that his sister had actually agreed into letting him do everything on his own. The only problem was he had a time limit. He needed to finish everything by tonight. To pull everything off that he had planned, he needed some help. He couldn't do this alone.

Eventually, Fex had arrived at the small little coffee shop where the others were sitting outside. It was an hour later than they had planned, but it was still only seven PM, plenty of time for the rest of the evening. Sunrise was the time limit.

"Hey, is everything okay with you?" Quinn asked, seeing the mess that Fex's hair was in. He had been acting strange all day and now his appearance on top of this. Something must have been wrong, and now with the event over, he could ask.

With an awkward smile, Fex approached Quinn and started to whisper in his ear.

"Do you mind if just me and you can talk in private for a second, I have something important I want to talk to you about?" Fex whispered.

Hearing this, Quinn's heart started to beat, and slight butterflies were felt in his stomach. If it was something that Fex only wanted him to hear about, then it had to be something to do with vampire business.

The two boys left the group at the table and walked off slightly to the side. There was no one around them to listen in on their conversation, and they could now talk freely.

"So, what is it?" Quinn asked. "Did something happen?"

Fex went to fix his hair up and had a nervous look on his face. He never was a good liar, and today he had to put the performance of his life on. The only problem was he had to do it more than once.

"Quinn, you're going to hate me for this." Fex placed his hand on top of Quinn's shoulder and looked to the floor before lifting his head and looking Quinn in the eye.

'This is it, have the vampires come to get Fex. Do the military know about me, what is it?' Quinn thought nervously. His palms were now sweating, and he just wanted Fex to blurt it out as the tension was killing him.

"I'm in love with Layla.."

"What!" Quinn shouted out so loud that the others at the table could hear. It was something he had never expected, out of all the possibilities.

"Layla, I mean.. I mean.." Quinn started to stutter his words. He was so surprised. " I thought you had a thing for Erin?" Quinn said.

"Erin..No that was different, she was a skilful one like a diamond, but there were no feelings." He replied as he grasped his hands and pulled in towards his heart. He was trying to make it seem as if this was a painful conversation for him to have.

"With Layla, it's true love. I know you two are quite close and I didn't know whether you liked her either but the thing is, I don't know how much longer I can stay here, and before I go I want her to at least know my feelings." Fex then turned around so Quinn couldn't see his face. He wanted to make this as dramatic as possible for him.

There was always the chance that Quinn might have been able to see through this type of act.

"I know nothing can ever happen between her you see and me, but I want her to at least know, and I wanted you to know before I asked her, because you're my blood brother right?"

Suddenly, everything was starting to make sense to Quinn. No wonder he had been acting so strangely for the whole day. A confession was always a big deal. With Layla, Quinn didn't really feel like he had any special feelings for her. He did feel protective of her, but didn't know whether or not it was beyond a friendship.

Even if he did like her, Fex was so passionate right now. He could never deny him this chance.

But what he did know was Fex was right. The two of them really were blood brothers.

"Go ahead," Quinn said. "Make sure you tell her exactly how you feel."

After hearing those words, Fex's eyes lit up as he turned back around.

"That's great." He said as he started to push Quinn in the direction of the hotel. "Just head home, and I'll get the others to do the same, I plan to do it as soon as possible."

"You mean now?"

"Yes now, just go," he said as he gave another small shove.

With that, Quinn walked back to the hotel room with a little smile on his face. It would be nice if two of his friends became an item. But it was a shame if Fex did have to go back.

'Good luck, brother.' Quinn thought as he returned to his hotel room.

Seeing Quinn walk off and away like that, the others who were at the coffee table were wondering just what was going on. The two of them seemed to be so dramatic about something and were a little worried that Quinn had disappeared off somewhere.

Still, that quickly changed when they saw Fex walking towards them. He didn't have a face of joy or laughter like he did when talking to Quinn. This was the face of business. With his two hands, he swept back his hair and sat down in one of the seats that was placed around the table and the aura that was coming off him was suffocating them.

It quickly reminded them that Fex was not a human, nor was he a human that had been turned into a vampire, but he was a true vampire.

"Now that Quinn is gone, I have something important to say to you all. I usually joke around, but this time I'm serious. You may have many questions, but I urge you all to listen and hear me out to the end." Fex paused for a moment to see if anyone of them wanted to say something there and then, but they all understood it was an important matter and knew to listen in carefully.

"Good, The vampires have discovered me, and they know about Peter. They don't know about Quinn yet, but it's only a matter of time. I want to first say this is my fault. They only came because of me, but after finding out about Peter, they can't let him live.

"To explain quickly, he is something called an illegal. Vampires do not have permission to create others without notifying their leader. Since Quinn created Peter without a leader's permission, Peter is considered an illegal. Usually, when we discover an illegal, they are executed on the spot, as for the one who created him. They are taken back to the vampire council to be judged for their crime.

"Now, I Have no intention of turning Quinn into them. Ever since I got here, he has done so much for me. But they won't leave until I give them the Vampire that turned Quinn. With that, I have a plan. Luckily Peter knows the transformation skill, if we give him disguised as Quinn that should be able to satisfy them. I will report back saying I have killed the illegal while also giving them a fake Quinn.

"Here is where I need your help. There are a few problems with this. Everything needs to be done today. I have told them I would deal with everything. I will be going to break out Peter and for that, I think Logan you will be the best to help me. The second thing might be an even bigger problem.

"I'm sure we all know if I told Quinn of this plan, he would never agree to sacrifice Peter for himself.

"Even when I spoke to him earlier, he still thinks there is a way to save Peter. The truth is, this might be the only way to save him. The humans will experiment on him to no end, but the vampires will at least give him a quick death. Giving Peter to them is not enough to fool them.

"We can smell our own kind, and Peter himself is not a vampire but a sub class of a vampire. If I handed Peter over, they would be able to tell he was a fake in an instant."

Out from his pocket, Fex placed the flask on the table and put it in front of Vorden.

"During my time here, I have come to the conclusion that Vorden, you are the closest to Quinn. Whatever it takes you must fill up that flask with his own blood, but it's important he does not find out about this. I have a suggestion which I think only you could do, and that's to knock Quinn and force the blood from him. He is a curious one, if you try to come up with an excuse thier is a good chance he will follow you, and it will ruin the whole plan.

"By the time Quinn wakes up, we will have already been gone."

Fex had finished detailing out everything to the others, and they couldn't quite believe it. Both Logan and Vorden had suspected something like this would happen one day; they just didn't expect it to happen in the middle of an event like this. The other thing was they didn't even have time to prepare, they would have to act immediately.

Vorden picked up the flask and placed it in his back pocket.

"We have no choice, we have to do this," Vorden said. "But I have one question. Surely, sooner or later, they will find out that Peter is not the person they are looking for. What happens then? Will they come to look for Quinn again and what will happen to you once they found out you tricked them?"

The serious face on Fex had changed to quite a sad-looking one after hearing this question. It was almost as if he had prepared himself for something. "The vampires are careful ones. It will be a while before they send someone after Quinn. At least this will give him more time. Quinn is special even though I know that, he gets stronger by the day. As for your second question, that is not for you to worry about and for me to deal with."

With everything said and done and with no time to waist, the group split up and proceeded with the plan.


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