My Vampire System Chapter 329

326 Sil Vs Quinn

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There were two outcomes between the situation with Vorden and Quinn. In Vorden's head, the best outcome would be for him to ask Quinn to put his blood in the flask kindly. If Quinn were to question why, he would simply tell him to trust him, and he would inform him about the details tomorrow.

However, knowing Quinn, he would try to get involved some way or another. On top of that, he would try following him. If the first part of the plan worked, then Vorden would hand the flask to Layla while keeping an eye on Quinn, making sure he didn't leave the room until everything was done. Hopefully, this would all lead to avoiding him fighting with Quinn.

Then again, Vorden was someone who always needed to prepare himself for all of the possible scenarios. There was a good chance that when asking for his blood, Quinn wouldn't do so without saying why, leading him to forcefully take the blood.

In both cases, these would lead to a fight. If this was to happen, Vorden wanted the fight to be over as quickly as possible, which meant he would need to utilise both of the abilities.

The second Vorden had pushed Quinn into the room. He had made the switch with Sil, so if anything were to happen, they would be ready.

"Okay, so remember what we've planned?" Vorden asked, standing right next to him. Sil was currently in the seat and Raten was standing a little bit further away from them with a smile.

"If you think for a second that this will go the way you expect it to go, then you're crazy," Raten said out loud with a little chuckle, waiting for disaster to strike.

"Repeat after me. I need you to trust me Quinn, and I need you to do me a favour. I don't want you to ask why, but I need some of your blood," said Vorden.

However, the words were simply ignored as Sil decided to do his own thing.

"But I'm not Vorden. Did you forget my name? I'm Sil." he said outward, looking at Quinn.

Hearing Vorden speak, it seemed a little strange to Quinn. Although it sounded like him, at the same time, it didn't. The emphasis on certain words, as well as the fluctuations in his voice, were just a tad off.

Not just that, but the way he was currently standing. Everything just felt wrong, and now he was saying his name was Sil?

"What are you doing, Sil?!" Vorden could not help but shout. "He can't find out about you!"

Sil turned his head and looked at Vorden behind him before responding, "Shut up. I can do what I want. It's my body anyway."

Vorden gulped as he took a step back. There was nothing he could do when Sil got like this. So he decided to just wait and see the outcome.

"It's been a while since we've last met." Sil giggled. "Let me ask you something. Are we friends?"

There was a brief pause as Quinn was trying to figure out just what was going on.

"Of course we are, Vorden," Quinn replied.

Sil shook his head rapidly back and forth as he stomped his feet in a peculiar manner. At the same time, flames from his feet rose into the air before dissipating.

"No!" He yelled. "Not Vorden. I already told you. I'm Sil."

Seeing a fire ability appear all of a sudden made Quinn take a few steps back. He knew this power belonged to one of the big four, so he could not help but wonder why Vorden currently had it. Something strange was happening here.

'Sil...why does Vorden keep referring to himself as Sil?' While thinking of this, Quinn started to think about the possibilities.

'Did Pure get to him? Or has someone with a mind control ability taken over Vorden's body? Perhaps, it might have even been a vampire.'

He didn't fully understand the capabilities of the vampires, so he thought this might have been their way to try and get rid of him once they found out.

Whatever the case was, it was clear that the person in front of him right now, wasn't the Vorden he knew.

"Why are you stepping back?" Sil said as he reached out his hand. "Don't be scared. Why are you scared." Suddenly, tears started to flow from his eyes. They ran down his cheek before trickling to the ground.

"Don't be scared Don't be scared" He continued to mumble as he looked at Quinn. "Please don't be scared, Caser. I promise I will never hurt you again."

Although the words spoken were quiet, with Quinn's hearing, he could hear every word. He heard him speak of a name, which he did not know of.

"Please, Sil," Vorden yelled, trying one more time to reach out to him. He knew that if this went on, perhaps Quinn would be seriously hurt. The goal was only to get his blood and nothing more. "Quinn is not Caser, we need him. We are here to help him, right? You don't want him to go, so just ask for the blood"

Making sure to not be too pushy, this was all that he could do while he silently prayed.

The words had gotten through to him, as Sil saw the worried look on his face. He grabbed his hand and placed it towards his chest while wiping his tears away with the other.

"He's right. You are not Caser." Looking up, he gave a smile. "Please remember my name next time. It's Sil. Since we're friends, I need to ask you for a favour."

Sil then went to his side and pulled out the metallic flask that had been given to him by Fex.

"I need you to fill this up with your blood."

Looking at the flask, Quinn noticed it in an instant. That was because it was the same one that he had been gifted with by Fex. This was the deciding factor in his mind.

'The vampires must have gotten to Vorden.' Somehow, they had found out. It was probably the reason why Fex had been acting strangely before. He now felt stupid for believing such an obvious lie.

'Did he betray me?' Quinn pondered. Perhaps, when he asked Quinn to leave that day, the vampires came and surrounded his friends. After that, they forced them to complete this task. He didn't know why they needed his blood, but he still had a lot to learn about vampires in the first place.

Then again, there was the possibility that they couldn't kill him outright due to him actually being one of the leaders. Still, whatever the case was, Quinn wasn't going to go down without a fight.

"I'm sorry. I can't," Quinn replied. "And Vorden, I don't know how, but I promise I'll save you."

With nothing left to say, Quinn activated his Shadow Quip ability. Dark shadows quickly covered his arms and legs, as well his new chest piece in the centre. He then quickly charged forward and left the clouds of shadows behind, but right now, his body was all of his equipment.

"I know how strong you are, Vorden. Hence the reason why I can't go easy on you."

'Activate Wind Walk.'

'Skill Daze.'

[Daze failed.]

"Quick, Sil! Take him out now!" Vorden shouted.

Sil quickly curled up, bringing his arms and head towards his chest. He then gathered the power of the fire energy around the centre. Soon, little flames could be seen on top of all his clothing. Slowly, they started to burn away even at the fire-resistant school uniform. The fire power was too strong.

As Quinn started to get closer, he could sense something was up.

"Shadow Control." Lifting up the shadow in front of him, he made sure to have it ready, prepared as a shield for whatever was to come. Once Vorden attacked, that's when Quinn would strike using his blood abilities.

At the moment, he still hadn't used his blood bank, nor his own flask, so his HP was low. This was another reason for him wanting to finish off the fight fast.

Enough time had passed, and Sil was ready. He suddenly extended his hands and head outward like a spring, causing a dome of fire to be released outward, heading in all directions.

There was nothing Quinn could do but brace himself with his shadow. As the outer edge of the fire dome grew closer, it had finally hit his shadow.

[MC Cells 0]

As soon as the fire had touched Quinn's shadow, it had disappeared in an instant, consuming all of his MC cells. This could have only meant one thing. The attack was just too powerful.

'Who's fire ability did he copy?' Quinn thought.

However, the shadow was able to cause a small crack in the dome, allowing him to pass through and come out of the attack unharmed. But now, with no more MC cells, he could no longer rely on his shadow ability, only leaving him with his blood abilities.

'It seems I have no choice. I have to use my blood bank. I'll just curb my addiction next time.'

But before he could even do that, a blue stream of light flashed before his eyes, and Sil, who was on the other side of the room, was now directly in front of him.

"Go to sleep, my dear Quinn," Sil said as he placed his hand on top of Quinn's head, and unleashed a fury of electricity through his body.

His body shook rapidly back and forth as the electricity passed through. He gritted his teeth, trying to take the pain, but it was too much for him as his vision slowly faded to black.

[1/95 HP]

[You have been knocked out]

As Sil let go of Quinn's head, he allowed his body to drop to the floor.


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