My Vampire System Chapter 332

329 The Tenth Sea

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Slowly it seemed like Quinn was coming to. A few grunts were heard here and there as he started to lift himself off the floor. He felt pain in the inside of his body, which was a strange feeling, but the outside of his body had mostly healed from the attack as well.

When he had opened his eyes, he was greeted with several messages that had appeared while he was knocked out.

[50/95 HP]

[Hunger has diminished]

[Transformation has been cancelled]

[Multiple blood types consumed]

[Stat points allocated]

[4 free stat points remaining]

Quinn quickly tried to get his head around what the messages had meant and tried to remember his last moments. Suddenly, he started to remember he was in the middle of a fight, and it was with Vorden. It hadn't lasted for long; the only thing he could guess was that he had been knocked.

'Transformation cancelled I see it's all starting to make sense now. I must have been knocked out in the middle of the fight. I was low on HP in the first place and started to transform. The stat increase and the HP regained must have been from the blood in the flask.'

When Quinn had found out he was getting addicted; he decided to stop consuming blood daily; however, he soon realized that it didn't mean he had to stop collecting blood from different students. After placing one of the students' blood in the flask, he later collected other students' blood and placed it into the container.

When his HP was low enough, he would consume the flask with all the blood in it, giving him a boost in stats as well as helping him get rid of his addiction.

[Status: stats]

[Strength: 26]

[Agility: 27]

[Stamina: 21]

[Charm: 28]

He had also obtained four more free stat points to be used wherever he wished.

'I'll continue to place it into charm for now.' He thought. The reason for this was no student's blood type would directly increase the charm stat like the others. On top of this, currently, he knew of and had found no equipment that did such a thing either. While all the other stats still had the benefit of higher tier equipment.

His plan had significantly worked. As long as he had the flask, he could continue to do this without addiction to blood.

He reached around his side and went to grab the flask. Right now he felt so overjoyed that he wanted to grab it and kiss it.

'Huh, Where's the flask?" Quinn thought as he panicky started to grab around his waist, but could find nothing.

"So you're finally awake," Vorden said, making sure that he was a few feet away. He didn't know how Quinn would react about the whole thing and made sure to keep his distance.

Hearing the voice made Quinn spring up into his feet, and instantly he got into a fighting stance.

"Shadow equ.."

"Wait! Wait! Wait! It's me; I was the one that gave you the blood, Quinn calm down."

"What's your name?" Quinn asked.

"I'm Vorden; it's me Quinn. Remember, we went to the red portal planet together, and you turned into that Bloodsucker? If you want proof, I can even go into detail about how you ate..."

"Stop, stop I believe you." Quinn said, not wanting Vorden to remind of what had happened back then.

"What happened to you, Vorden, was it you that attacked me? Was it Pure? What's going on?" Quinn asked.

"Do you remember a while ago when I said if there were some things you found out about me, I would have to kill you?" Vorden replied. "At the time, it probably seemed like a joke, but I was quite serious. There are some secrets that even I have, Quinn, but that's not important right now."

"What do you mean it's not important right now!" Quinn shouted back. "You, Or Sil, or whoever it was just fried my arse."

"There's something you need to know; it's about Peter and Fex. I promise I'll explain everything."

The trust between the two of them had been partially broken, and Vorden could see that. So he made sure to stay a few feet away from Quinn while explaining the details of what had happened and why. What Fex's part in all of this was and what his part of it was as well.

Once he explained everything, there was silence between the two of them. Vorden had been prepared for a telling-off, a scolding, or even sadness, but there was no reaction at all.

After a few moments, Quinn started to walk towards him, with his head down. Seeing this, Vorden gulped and moved to the side out of the way. However, Quinn continued to move forward until he had eventually reached the door.

"Quinn, aren't you going to say anything?" Vorden asked. He just couldn't stand the silence anymore.

"I'm disappointed, in not just you Vorden, but everyone. Since when could you not trust me to make my own decisions? Even worse. When did you guys start making the decisions for me."

Looking around at the door, Quinn lifted his hand and swung his fist into the door as hard as he could.

"Open the damn door!" He shouted as he slammed his fist into the metal door again.

It was sturdy as it was made out of glathrium and even the strongest people could not do anything to the door. Quinn lifted his hand and proceeded to punch it again, this time the skin from his knuckles ripped, and there was a bloody fist mark left on the door.

[49/95 HP]

Seeing this, Vorden hurried over and inputted the code at the side, allowing the doors to open. As soon as they did, Quinn continued to storm off and away.

"Wait, Quinn! Where are you going? You're not going to try to do anything, are you? They're already gone." Vorden said, afraid that he might go looking for them, which was pointless.

"I know." Said Quinn, "I can no longer feel Peter's presence. It's too far away. I just want to be alone for a bit."

Sometimes one needed space and time to heal. Vorden knew this better than most and decided to let him go for now until he had calmed down.

When outside, Quinn continued to walk around the large platform in a circle. As he went by, he looked and went past each of the military hotels. He was thinking about everything that had happened until he had eventually stopped and started to look over the ledge down into the arena floor.

'I can't blame them, they did what they thought was best for me, and Peter, who knows what would've happened to him. The only person I can blame for being in the situation I'm in is myself. I'm just too weak. Too weak to help Peter, too weak for Fex to even rely on me.

'And Fex, at first I didn't really trust him, but it seemed like he really did keep his word till the end. He didn't give me up to the vampires, and everything he did was to protect me.'

"System, do you know what will happen to Fex and Peter once they find out Peter's real identity?" Quinn asked.

"Honestly, I'm not too sure. It seems like a lot of time has passed, and as the world changes, so do the rules. Although vampires usually stay relatively close to tradition. A trial will be placed where the council shall decide their fate. If you want me to be really honest with you, they will kill Peter.

"They will assume he is something called an illegal since he won't be in their files. What they don't know is that Peter is not an illegal."

"What do you mean by that? Fex said that a vampire that wasn't created by one of the thirteen leaders, or at least didn't have their permission, would be considered an illegal correct."

"Yes, but don't you remember when you created your own family. Peter is part of the Cursed family. Do you also remember when I told you to keep this a secret from other vampires no matter what? Well, I suppose it's time it told you the truth."

"Quinn, when you created that family, you became one of the thirteen leaders. Your family name has taken over the missing tenth seat." The system explained.

"Wait! Does that mean if I tell them who I am, about the family, then Peter will live, and Fex won't get in trouble?" Quinn asked.

"No." The system replied instantly. "Think about it, why do you think the tenth family seat was empty in the first place? I can't stop your destined fate in the future, Quinn, but I can delay it. You inform them of who you are now, and you will become a target of them in an instant."

"Then, explain to me, explain what happened!" Quinn shouted in his mind." Could you explain to me who you are? And explain to me what happened to the tenth family. And don't give me this crap that you can't tell me."

Quinn already had some ideas and guesses of his own who the system was, as slowly everything was starting to be revealed. However, there was no point in overthinking it until he could confirm his guesses.

"I'm afraid I cannot tell."

"You're useless," Quinn said as he continued to storm off back to his hotel room.

Inside the Military Base One hotel. On one of the top floors, an urgent knock was heard at one of the big four's doors.

"Sir, please answer immediately. We have a report from Duke." A man said, desperately trying to get into the room.

Jack immediately answered the door after hearing Duke's name. If it was something in the middle of the night, it couldn't have been good news. "What is it?" Jack asked.

"It's about the student, Peter. He's missing."


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