My Vampire System Chapter 356

353 The Dark Plane

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On a particular planet, when one would look up at the sky, they would discover the fact that they were three moons, two of the moons shined brightly allowing a light glow on the surface. While one of the moons had an important role. It created a permanent eclipse blocking out the sun.

While the other two were naturally made, this one was not. Set up to perfectly move along and shift with the planet's slow rotation to make it so it would always remain in the dark but still would provide enough heat for survival.

This was the planet that the vampires had chosen to call home. It wasn't a very large planet, and most of the place was unpopulated, but in one section there were signs of civilization as life could be seen. Buildings created from a black hard substance crafted in a jagged style, but signs of modern technology could also be seen in use. As lights lit up the streets with a lukewarm glow, not too bright.

Strangely, carriages would be used as a form of transportation, but thier were no horses or animals to man them, as they were powered by a different source of energy.

If one could look closer, they could see that everything was being powered by blue crystals.

It was a mixture of old and new.

The city was surrounded by what looked like a forest that went all around the outside of the buildings, and towards the back of it, a single large mountain. In front of the mountain was a castle that was a quarter of the size of the mountain itself, it was grand in size and had a sleek design. Unlike the other buildings, this one was also made of the black materiel but had been carefully carved out. Creating a perfect castle.

Going around the large central castle, either side were fourteen smaller castles. They equally looked impressive each bearing their own crest on a giant cloth at the front. However, two of these castles looked a little run down compared to the rest and displayed no such crest. There was also no lights or fires lit. Showing no sign of inhabitants in the buildings.

One of the castle's family crests displayed a ring with six strings attached to it, pulling it from above. This was the Sanguinis families castle. Inside on the bottom floor in their private training hall, a portal had suddenly appeared floating in the centre of the room.

Two guards dressed in black clothing with a gold trim going around it stood outside. They too on thier shoulders bore the crest. They turned their heads looking into the room when noises could be heard from behind.

"A return portal has been activated," One of them said.

"Go inform the lord of the knight's return." With that, one of them took off down the hallway.

First to go arrive through the portal was Peter, although he didn't look like his usual self as he was disguised as Quinn. Both of his hands remained tied behind his back, but he was compliant. The one who followed after him was Fex and eventually Silver.

The remaining guard immediately entered the room and got down on one knee in front of Silver. "We welcome your return, young master and Knight Silver."

"No need to be polite to him." Silver said. "Remember, he is to be punished."

"Sorry, a habit Miss."

To remind everyone that Fex was indeed a criminal, she used her own red string, mixed with her blood abilities and wrapped up Fex's arms behind him as well.

"Go inform the lord that we will be meeting him in the main room." Silver commanded.

"As you wish," The man said as he lifted himself up and bowed down to Silver before rushing off again.

"Gosh do they always have to be that uptight and formal, am I right sis?" Fex said in an upbeat tone.

"Shut it you." Silver replied. "Do you know how much trouble you could have been in? The other families and king are unaware of this situation. We managed to keep it under wraps."

"I knew you would!" Fex interrupted.

Silver immediately glared at him back and decided to use even more string wrapping it around his mouth, so he could no longer interrupt her.

"Much better." She said. "Because of this, the punishment you will receive will be dealt with within the family. There is no need for the council to make a decision. Furthermore, we can use this illegal creator to pin the blame on one of the other families. Your father will be pleased and will lighten your punishment."

Fex noticed that, Silver had made the extra effort to call him your father. She never did call him farther herself and always referred to him as the leader or lord.

"I'm glad you bought me the right person." She continued. "The truth was I had already found out who had created the illegal later on. If you were to bring me someone else I wouldn't know what to do."

Fex was glad he knew his sister well, he knew she wouldn't have just stopped to look for the creator after finding out there was an illegal. This was why part of his plan was to make Peter look like Quinn, just in case, and it seems like he was right. However, she was too trusting at times, as well.

Her checks would only go so far, and she wouldn't dream to think Fex would break the rules and lie to her. She had this naive thought that others upheld the rules as much as she did. Bringing in someone who was able to transform, never crossed her mind. In most cases, he would never have gone this far for someone, but he had made a promise.

A short while later, the three of them were now in the main room. They all knelt down on the red rug that led up to a small staircase where a grand chair was centred, in the chair, the family leader, or Vampire lord of the Sanguinis, Lee sat. By his side, a middle-aged man with a small little goatee beard and pointy black hair, his second Vampire knight that held the same position as Silver.

Silver had stood up to give a full report, explaining why the process had taken longer than she had thought and explained the details clearly. Although she altered some trying to show her brother in the best light possible. Saying how he had planned to come back sooner until discovering the so-called illegal. She went even further stating he had killed the illegal and brought back the vampire, the route cause of the problem all on his own. Noting she had next to near no involvement in the matter.

Hearing all of this, Just made Fex feel bad. His dear sister was doing this all for him, so he could take all the glory while it was her hard work all along, and even worse, he had lied about it.

"This is excellent!" Lee said with a smile. "I can't believe one of the other families managed to screw up. Creating an illegal in a time like this. This will greatly cause disfavour to one of the families. Sin, Call the council to have a meeting immediately, we need to find out who this scum belongs to, don't tell them why but just say it's an important matter."

"Yes my lord," Sil said as he bowed down and suddenly seemed to disappear in a cloud of smoke.

"My son, you have always been a trouble maker, and I have hated you for it, sometimes I even thought you might not be right for this seat after my time, but you have made this family proud. Fex, I want you to come to the council meeting with me, I shall inform everyone of your great feat."

Although his father sounded joyful and happy for this matter, this was making Fex extremely anxious. When returning, he had expected punishment, perhaps for Peter to be dealt with before going to the council. Of course, there was always the chance it would still go to the council, but now his father wanted to praise his actions in front of them.

Once they found out the truth, how the vampire that broke the laws is still out there, and Fex had returned with the actual illegal, the whole family would be embarrassed and ashamed.

'Should I just tell the truth now?' Fex thought that way, it would save his family from being embarrassed, but he couldn't. If he was to reveal the information now, there was a chance that only his family would continue to keep this under wraps and send out vampires immediately.

If the whole council was to find out, then it would at least buy Quinn more time. The council had always been cautious when making decisions involving the human world.

"Am I not to be punished for my actions? I went to the human world without permission!" Fex tried to plead.

"Nonsense, we can say I sent you there after our team discovered something suspicious," Lee said.


Silver who was kneeling beside Fex tugged on his sleeve.

"Just take it, brother, I suspected this might happen. Although your actions were wrong, you should accept this, you know what the lord is like." She whispered.

Just then, a smoke of mist reappeared, and by Lee's side, Sin had returned. "The council has agreed to your meeting, as you wished my lord."

"Excellent," Lee said with a smile.

While Fex continued to look down on the ground, hiding the horror showing on his face.


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