My Vampire System Chapter 359

356 Working Together?

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As soon as Xander's body had hit the floor, Phil, the teacher stood up from the floor and placed both of his hands over his head. The two kids looked around the same age, and Phil was overly confident that his students would succeed. Yet, somehow, this unknown kid had the strength to overpower his best student with just two moves.

Usually, a fight between any student vampires would be close, even with a skill gap. But this fight was different. It was as if they were watching completely different classes of vampires going against each other. Only a vampire Nobel would be able to do such a thing.

"Well, maybe this will be interesting, after all." A female leader said with a smile. She quickly licked her lips as if Peter was looking like a delicious piece of meat.

However, a few moments later, Xander had stood up from the floor and took another fighting stance. His face was covered in blood that had been gushing from his nose and was now all over his school uniform.

"Yes, Xander, stop messing around and kick him, bite him, do whatever you can!" Phil screamed as he was starting to get overly excited. If his top student lost here, perhaps his family position as a teacher would be jeopardized.

Peter, on the other hand, had found a new will to fight. The more blood he would lose, the quicker he would be discovered. As he got injured too much as well, it was harder for him to control his MC cells, which would eventually lead to his transformation giving in.

He would do anything to last a second longer. After seeing how strong just one of the Leaders were, Peter wanted to do anything, any minute, or second to delay them from going after him.

Xander, this time moved in again, not as fast as before due to him being cautious now. Rather than throwing out his punches in rapid succession, he was carefully placed each one directly, but Peter, for the first time in a long time, was using his hands, legs, and speed to block and avoid each one of the strikes.

Usually, Peter's fighting style was not to care if he got hurt, for his body would heal after, but this was different.

"He's toying with the poor kid." A leader said.

"You're right," Bryce replied. "The other person can't even touch him, but there's no doubt about it; he's a vampire though and not a noble one. If one is this strong, he has to be deeply connected to a family. We need someone to push him, someone to push him to the end."

"Come on, hit me!" Xander shouted, getting frustrated that none of his attacks seemed to be working. He now went into desperation mode and started to use some of his blood skills. He performed blood swipes, but if one couldn't hit someone with their fist, it would equally be useless to try to use the blood abilities unless they had a skill that slowed Peter down; other than that, there seemed to be no way for Xander to win this fight.

Peter, however, had decided that he would not strike back, his reason. Delaying the fight. After a while, the others noticed this too and eventually


"Enough, this match is over," Bryce said. "No one can learn anything from this fight anymore."

While Xander went back to tend to his injuries. Bryce was thinking about what to do. Of course, he could beat the kid himself, but that would be too simple.

"Bryce." Lee interrupted. "May I suggest if you could let my son be the one to face him. I believe we will all be able to learn something then, and after all, he was the one who brought him in."

This would be a great way for the thirteenth family to show their strength, and have a one-up on the first family. However, Bryce couldn't turn down such a reasonable and sensible request in front of the other leaders.

"That does make sense, fine, I agree. Go ahead, young boy!"

Even though Fex had been called to the stage, he didn't move from his spot. His father was constantly calling out his name, but his mind was deep in thought. He was trying his best to come up with a solution to get out of this.

Until his sister gave him a small slap on the back of the head from behind, as he went to turn around to complain, he could hear his name being called out by his father.

"Fex, what's the matter with you" Said Lee. "Go up on to the stage and fight, the boy. Everyone is waiting."

"Huh... Me? Fight him?" Fex said, having not heard what the others were talking about before.

"Get up there now!" Lee shouted, and in an instant, Fex was walking to the centre.

'What do I do, what do I do. Should I fight at full strength? The others will know if I try to pull anything, and sooner or later, Peter will be found out anyway, right?' There was no more time to think, as the two were now standing opposite each other.

With sweat running down his face, Phil shouted."Begin!"

This time, the first one to react was Peter; he charged in and threw a punch. On reflex, Fex reacted, moving to the side. Peter's body was now wide open for the perfect punch, but Fex didn't take it and instead jumped back.

"Seems like your boy is a little scaredy-cat." The leaders said, trying to anger Lee.

"Just you watch!" Lee said.

Charging in again, Peter threw another punch, swinging wide and missing. There was another perfect opportunity for Fex, and knowing the others were watching, he decided to attack.

'I have, I have to use my full power; otherwise, the others will know.' The punch landed directly on Peter's rib cage, but instead of a face full of pain, a smile appeared on Peter's face as he fell to the floor.

'I have to; I'm sorry, Peter.' Fex said as he charged in again.


"Enough!" Bryce shouted.

Immediately, Fex stopped, confused. What was happening? Why had they stopped the fight?

But all of the leaders, even his father, and sister, looked horrified.

'Not enough blood has been spilt, right. So they couldn't have found Peter out yet.'

"Tell me now, are you two working together?" Bryce questioned them.

"Of course we."

"Think before you answer," Bryce said in a demanding straight tone.

Something had obviously happened in the fight that not even Fex had noticed, to make the two of them suspicious.

"It's clear to all of us here, not just you, but both of you were pulling your power. We can gather an idea of his strength from the last fight, but it was too obvious. The student's demeanour completely changed when fighting you, and even you this whole time seemed to be shocked. Even now, your body is shaking." Bryce said, using his cane to point at Fex's legs.

When he looked down, his legs were indeed shaking, and he hadn't even noticed. 'Have I been like this the whole time?'

It seemed Like Fex really couldn't keep a lie.

"So are the 13th family behind it after all?"

"But, then why would they call the meeting?"

The other leaders started to come up with crazy theories of what was happening right now, which began to frustrate not only Lee but Silver as well.

"This is ridiculous; I'll prove to your family that my brother is innocent!" Silver said as she walked on to the stage towards Peter.

Carefully, Peter kept an eye on Silver; he knew he had no chance against the Leaders, but what about her. He still could turn those that he killed into Wights as well. There might be a chance he could do something with her later if that were the case.

He saw her lifting her foot slightly, and the next thing he knew, his whole body was flying through the air. Just like the Leaders attack, he couldn't tell where Silver's attack had come from either.

His Neck had been twisted as his body laid on the floor, but this wasn't enough to kill a Wight. Getting up off the ground, his head started to heal and twist back. However, now everyone could see that the face that was previously on him was no more.

"No...that's the." Silver was about to say something but kept her mouth shut.

Still, Bryce already knew.

"It's a Wight. Now it makes sense why my skills didn't work earlier. You tricked us. The blood that resides in his body is no longer strong. Now, unlike the others, I don't believe that Lee would have called a meeting if he indeed was in charge of this vampire, and Silver, and Fex, just now would have been unable to hit him. This means the vampire belongs to another family, but the question is, Did Fex really betray us or not? Luckily, there's an easy way to find out."

Bryce's eyes started to glow as he took a step forward. Fex knew that he planned to do what he had tried doing to Peter, only it would work on him.

"Stop!" Lee said with his hand out, blocking his Bryce from moving forward.

"I believe in my son, he would never betray the family. Although he is a troublemaker at times. Once he makes a promise, he will keep it. He would never willingly bring harm to the family. If anyone is going to find out the truth, then it will be me."

His father started to walk up to Fex, ready to use his influence skill. As the family leader, it would work even better if Bryce was to use it, but the words his father spoke were unexpected. He never knew his father thought of him this way.

His whole life, while growing up, he had been called an idiot, a troubled child. Yet, now his father thought so highly of him, he couldn't allow his family to face any further embarrassment.

"Father, please.. I admit it; there is no need. I tried to trick you all, and I admit my wrongs."

His father immediately stopped in his footsteps and could no longer look at his son, anger, sadness, or disappointment; he didn't know what he felt right now.

"Well, that decides it. Fex Sanguinis shall be brought in for questioning. The other vampire will be kept in captivity until we find out which family he belongs to. And I shouldn't have to add that but have to remind you that Fex has committed a serious crime. A trial between the leaders shall be conducted, where the decision and fate of Fex shall be decided." Bryce adjourned the meeting.


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