My Vampire System Chapter 360

357 The Vampire Trial

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The interrogation process had begun, and there was no need for the vampires to use thier influence powers on Fex. Due to Fex unique position and the strange circumstances, he was first kept in confinement at the castle to be watched over and then would be moved at a later time. This was because the others still did not know that Fex had actually snuck out instead. Instead, they stuck with the story of Fex having being ordered. If they had known the truth, they would have never allowed this as an option.

While in confinement, there were several guards, not just of the Sanguinis family, but also of the other families. They would stay just outside of his room at all times, making sure he didn't escape.

He had come clean about what he had done, and Silver was there to confirm and fill in the details. The method he had used to trick her and the others and even Silver got a small scolding from her father for not thoroughly checking. More questions were asked, but ultimately they were only concerned about what family the Wight had come from.

In the end, the only information they could get from him regarding this was that he didn't know what family the vampire that created the Wight belonged to.

Inside the first room, inside his own castle, was the leader Bryce and the second leader Harold. Thier rooms had a victorian decor to them, and on the back wall up against the bed was the family crest. Several paintings were also displayed on the wall of the previous leaders.

The two of them were sat opposite each other on a sofa. When looking at them the second leader, Harold, although sitting towered in size compared to the first. He was a tall man, he was far taller than any of the other vampires, but he was also incredibly thin. His appearance would often remind people of a stick insect or a large tree. He had entered the first room to deliver all the information that had been gathered from Fex.

"What do you think? The reports say they used the influence skill to get these answers from him, but I don't believe them. Other reports also state that Lee hasn't even been to see his son since they found out." Harold explained.

Bryce continually tapped his cane on top of his bald head as he thought until he stopped to give his answer.

"I think the boy is telling the truth, and the way they are acting confirms that the family had no involvement in the boy's actions. They could be acting, but we have all known Lee for the longest time, he works on pure emotion, and he would never think past being caught.

"The problem is the Wight. Its power depends on its creator power, and if they used the blood of the creator, we all were it in that room. For a vampire, he must be strong. When Silver went to kick the white, I looked carefully to see if anyone flinched to try to protect it, but no one did.

"Of course, it could be something as simple as that the vampire isn't closely connected to the families at all. But I find it hard to believe that one so strong slipped through everyone's fingers during the pool process.

What if the vampire wasn't from here?"

"What do you mean, like an Earth agent, we have them all accounted for, and you know they belong to a mix of families. I doubt that if they did know they all would have kept their mouths shut." Harold replied.

"Exactly, do you remember the tenth seat? The fire has been lit and maybe, whoever he passed his powers onto, is trying to regrow their powers again. If so, we need to plan our next move carefully."

After a few days of confinement, they had eventually made the decision that Fex should be treated like every other criminal that would be in the same situation. He should be placed in the underground dungeon, behind bars with Peter, until his trial was to take place.

They explained that they had given special treatment, out of respect for Lee. However, Lee didn't try to object and allowed the decision to move forward.

In the underground Cellar, not a single person had gone to meet Fex so far, that was until his dear sister had arrived.

"Why.Why..did you do it..why did you do it, Brother?" Silver eventually managed to say, but it was hard for her to get the words out.

"Sis." Fex said as he walked towards the bars and looked at his sister's face. Usually, she carried an expressionless look. A look of iron while walking around the castle. But this face he was seeing now, he had only seen a few times when they were younger.

"Please don't be sad sis, I'm an idiot you know I am. I never followed the rules, and this time I just went one too far!."

"Lies!" Silver said as she banged her hand against the black bars. "You would never hurt the family. You were meant to be the next leader."

"It was a role that never suited me in the first place. It always suited you, but our family states our leader can never be a woman. I mean what a load of crap is that. If I was to become the leader, the first thing I would do is get rid of that rule.." He realised he was starting to trail off. It was always his way of dealing with things. Never confronting the situation at hand. He could see that she was clearly hurt and she deserved to know the reason why. He was done joking around.

"Did father ask you to come here?" Fex asked.

"No, he hasn't said a word about you to anyone. The only reason I was able to come to see your right now is that the council have a trial where a decision will be made."

Fex went back to sit on his bed, he couldn't look at his sister's face any longer, and it was only crushing him more as he looked at her. He then started to think back why he even did everything he had done in the first place.

"I made a promise to him. At first, when I discovered he was a vampire, I really was going to turn him into you guys when you came to get me. But during the time we were together he treated me differentlyPerhaps differently is not the right word. Even at school here, everyone knew me as the heir to the thirteenth seat. I got better treatment than everyone else during school, I scored higher on the exams.

"Sounds great right? But in reality, it was a really lonely life. I had no friends, our father was always busy, and I only had you to annoy. The only thing that got me through school at the time was our grandfather stories about the earth. It gave me hope, a dream to work towards and power through everything knowing it would all be okay.

"When I got there, I realised it wasn't the items or the landscape that was different, but it was the people. There was a lot that acted and thought a lot like vampires, but there was a group of people who thought differently. They thought their own way and the vampire who was part of the group treated me the same as everyone else.

"He saved my life, and in more ways than one. After that, we became blood brothers. My blood with his blood. No matter what we had a bond and I would do anything not to give him in."

The heavy burden that was on Silver's heart seemed to lift. He didn't betray the family for some petty reason. He had made a deep promise. And his principles made him keep to that. She understood now and didn't hate him for his decision, but being blood brothers was a serious thing to promise. Even if one wasn't part of the family, it meant they would treat them like family.

"Who is this vampire?" Silver asked. "And I know you don't know what family he belongs to, but who is he to cause you to go that far?"

Fex thought about it for a while before giving an answer, it was a difficult question for him.

"He's a person who I truly think will be able to change the vampire world one day," Fex mumbled out, but Silver was able to hear it still.

She couldn't help but chuckle. The vampires had stayed the same for thousands of years, and one person was meant to change that who she had never heard or seen before.

"I see you're laughing. Let me ask you, have you ever seen a regular vampire defeat a king tier beast on its own before. And have ever seen a vampire who wasn't at the Nobel level proform skills beyond. On top of that, all this strength seemed to be obtained in a matter of months."

Suddenly, Silver wasn't laughing anymore as she realised what Fex was saying, but it couldn't be possible, right? At the same time, Fex had no reason to Lie.

"He, learnt skills that took me years to perfect in a day, and originally, I was far stronger than him, but now I would be scared to even fight him. His growth in strength is at a monstrous level, and I imagine he's only sped it up even more. I can't wait to see what the others will do when they see him." Fex said with a smile on his face.

But these last words, Silver worried.

Inside the meeting room, the council had just finished their meeting, and a decision had been made.

Bryce stood up to give his final announcements to everyone. "So it's decided, the Wight known as Peter shall be kept in the dungeon, until we find out which family he belongs to. Since this is our only lead at the moment.

As For Fex Sanguinis, he shall be punished for his crimes. We have found that his actions are of his own doing and has nothing to do with the relation of the thirteenth family. So they shall not be dragged into this mess, and their name dragged through the mud. His status as a member of one of the thirteen shall be stripped, meaning he no longer belongs to any of the thirteen families.

"However, as a non-member of any of the thirteen families, he can receive the standard punishment for these types of crimes. The date has been decided, and Fex will be punished, by death."


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