My Vampire System Chapter 407

402 Start With A B

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Not a lot of people knew why Silver had suddenly decided to become a teacher. Usually due to the duties of a vampire knight, one was too busy to do such a thing. For some reason though, after learning about the events of her brother, she had decided to become a teacher after coming back from earth.

For her, it was something to take her mind off. She actually realised she quite enjoyed teaching back at the military base and thought she would give it a shot here.

But what was even more surprising for the others, was the fact that Sliver had decided to become a normal teacher. Her rank as vampire knight meant if she really wanted to, she could be teaching the direct descendants of the thirteen families, the next potential leaders. They often got taken out of class and were given special lessons on top of everyone else that the others weren't allowed to access.

So when people found out that Silver was actually going to be teaching normal vampire students, the word had quickly spread around, especially those in class D.

Sitting in the classroom right at the back, Logan was looking at all the students and noticed a stand out thing between them all. That was the fact that all the boys seemed to be in the middle of a daze while looking at the teacher as she spoke. It took Logan a while as he didn't understand quite what was going on, as it seems like the girls weren't doing the same. Most of the girls, at least.

"Okay." Silver said. "Now that my introductions are over its time for me to hear about yours. Please state your name, and your family number. No one cares about what you like doing, or what you like eating. So let's keep it short and sweet and we can get on with this lazy introduction."

She looked around the room and pointed at the boy closest. "You, up here and you can go first." She said, as the boy walked close up and went closer to her. His face then started to turn red. It was also apparent that he was fiddling with something behind his back, and that's when he pulled out what looked like a small little red crystal.

"Teacher! I know you don't know me, but I brought this for you as a gift, hoping we can get on a good start to our relationship." The boy said with his hands held out.

"Thank you." Silver said as she placed the gift on her desk next to her. Silver thought nothing of this. It was normal when visiting other families, and the homes of lesser vampires for them to come bearing gifts like this. Although she wasn't entirely sure if it was normal for students to do so.

Seeing this, Logan finally understood why all the boys were acting the way they were. When looking at Silver it was obvious, it was because she was a beauty, the boys wanted to impress her on the first day. Although Logan wasn't really into relationships and that type of thing, he could at least tell when someone was beautiful or not, and he couldn't deny Silvers with her perfectly symmetrical looks.

'They say the more symmetrical someone's face is the prettier they are.' Logan thought. 'It seems her beauty has had quite an effect on these people. Perhaps there is a chance I can create a robot that's even more symmetrical. One with the perfect square head, a flat nose, and the eyes in the perfect spot. This will surely attract everyone.'

If other people were able to picture what Logan had in his mind as perfect, they would think he was a mad man, or at least crazier than they already thought.

"My name is Tullen Difonde." The boy said. "I belong to the 9th family.. My favourite things are."

"Ermm" Silver cleared her throat, interrupting the boy. "That's enough."

The boy was now even more embarrassed than before and quickly went back to his seat.

The introductions continued as they went around in a row, one after the other, and there seemed to be a similar pattern. All the boys had in one way or another given a gift to Silver. Some of them were red crystals, while others were special plants or items of clothing.

Vorden, watching the whole thing, found it strange as well, that only the boys were presenting gifts and not girls. Perhaps it was a vampire tradition that he didn't know about, and since he would be one of the first boys, being called up before Logan. He would also have been the first boy to have nothing to present to Silver.

"Hey, um... I kind of have no gift for Silver, you think that will be okay?" Vorden whispered to Fred, who was sat to his left.

Fred quickly looked at silver carefully, seeing if she was paying attention to their conversation or not. He didn't want what happened just moments ago to happen again, and that too, to him rather than to Snow.

"You'll be fine." Fred whispered back. "When all the boys found out about who our teacher was, we met up and decided to all go into the forest and try to get a gift for her. You know how well known Silver is and her beauty, and she still yet to find a man."

At that moment, Silver's head twitched a little, and Fred immediately straightened up his body and looked ahead as if he had done nothing wrong.

With this little information, Vorden understood a little of what was going on, and why there were so many vampires rushing towards the school this morning. It was class D. He felt a little safer now knowing he wouldn't get in trouble for bringing a gift. It was a peace in his mind, but soon that peace was ruined.

"Okay, you're next." Silver said as she pointed at Cia.

Although Vorden was the first boy to be called of the group, he wasn't the first one to be called of the group and looking at Cia shaking as she got up from her seat, Vorden was incredibly worried.

'Perhaps Quinn was right, Maybe bringing her to this world wasn't such a good idea after all.' Vorden thought.

As she went up to the front, everyone noticed how much her legs were shaking. It was unusual for one to act like this, sure some of them were nervous but not at this point.

"My name is Bia." She said. Beforehand they expected something like this to happen, so they told everyone to use fake names that Logan had put onto the computer. However, Logan wasn't very creative when it came to the name calling process and decided to just change a single letter of everyone's name to start with the letter B.

Even if they were to use their first names, it was unlikely that the vampires would be able to track them down, as there were many people called Vorden and Logan in the world. Their names were quite popular in today's society. But it was better to be safe than sorry and to leave no clues behind.

Still, Vorden couldn't help but shake his head at the dreaded naming sense that Logan had come up with.

The next part was the more troublesome part for Cia. She remembered back at the facility they had asked a similar thing. The robot had asked Vorden to declare what family he came from, choosing a random number between one and thirteen. Whatever number Cia chose, the others decided that they too would choose the same.

That way, if they were often together, it would make more sense to the rest of the class.

"And I come from the tenth family." She said, picking a random number.

The atmosphere in the room was sudden, and Vorden managed to catch what Fred had said sitting next to him.

"No wonder she was so frightened when she walked up."

This was the first time Fred had said such a thing, and such a strange reaction, and the atmosphere was felt in the room.

"I just want to remind you all." Silver said. "That at this school while I'm your teacher, it doesn't matter what family you come from. To me, you all are considered to be in the Pooling stage. The school is a chance for you to get out of that." She then looked at Cia and placed her hand on her shoulder as if to comfort her. "Work hard in my class, and there's a good chance you will be able to catch the eyes of the other families and make a change."

The Introductions continued and the atmosphere soon turned to normal, with a few people chatting here and there and people clapping once an introduction was complete. Then another vampire boy came up to the front. He declared his gift to Silver like the rest and then stated his number as ten.

All of a sudden it changed once again, and Silver had to remind the others to clap, as he quickly rushed off to head back to his seat. Then finally, it came to the point where it was Vorden's turn.

While walking he started to think about whether or not he should say a different number based on the others' reaction. But they had already decided beforehand.

"My name is B..B...B" for a second Vorden, stuttered at how ridiculous his name sounded, but he had to do it. "My name is Borden and I'm from the tenth family."

He quickly went to his seat before anyone could clap or do such a thing and allowed the introductions to continue.

"Hey don't worry about being in the tenth's family." Fred said. "We'll look after you and make sure nothing happens."

Vorden knew it, something indeed was different about the tenth family compared to all the others, but the question was, what?

Finally, it was time for the last person in the class, Logan. When he came up his introduction was quick and sweet.

"My name is Bogan and I'm from the tenth family."

As he sat down, Silver could finally start her lesson.

"Okay everyone, now that the introductions are over, I thought it would be best if we did something more practical for our first lesson, and something you might all enjoy and find fun."

Silver went ahead to write on the digital board and the words read out

"Lesson 001, how to drink blood."


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